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About Christian Monson

Christian Monson is a seasoned writer and an outdoor survivalist expert with over two decades of experience. Growing up in the Ozarks, Christian spent his formative years on his grandparents’ homestead, learning and becoming an expert in all types of firearms while honing his skills and also becoming an expert in hunting and traditional bowhunting.

Christian has extensive experience in all things outdoors and adventure, not to mention living off the land and off the grid and all that entails, from decentralized finance to sharpening broadheads. As a result, his work has been featured in publications ranging from TargetCrazy to the Foundation for Economic Education

After getting his degree from the University of Arkansas, Christian was a Fulbright Fellow in Germany. Fluent in Spanish, Catalan, and German, his adventures have led him to Havana’s streets, Canton’s harbors, and remote peaks of the Andes. He is even a member of the Paititi Research Organization that hopes to find the lost Incan city deep in the Amazon jungle. An avid mountaineer, diver, and motorcyclist, his wealth of experience and his love for research brings a well-rounded perspective to his writing.

An avid traditional bowhunter, much of his writing covers this and other similar topics, but he also covers just about everything from history and economics to motorcycles.

For more on his work and expertise, visit or his LinkedIn Profile. Additionally, he runs his own independent press, Gelbes Elend, dedicated to producing books and games that value quality and accuracy over the politicization of mainstream publishing. You’re also welcome to follow him on Twitter if you can stomach aggressive economic commentary.

Christian Monson