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About Jim James Jr.

Jim James is a published author and expert on the outdoors and survivalism. Through avid research and hands-on experience, he has gained expertise on a wide variety of topics. His time spent at college taught him to become really good at figuring out answers to common problems. Often through extensive trial and error, Jim has continued to learn and increase his knowledge of a vast array of topics related to firearms, hunting, fishing, medical topics, cooking, games/gaming, and other subjects too numerous to name.


After doing college jobs ranging from a YMCA counselor, to a Domino’s Pizza driver, to an insurance adjuster, I graduated in 2000 with a degree in History, Anthropology, and Music.

I did what typical 20-somethings do and bummed around for a while, doing a lot of gaming, and a lot of recreational things (like Golf and playing chess). Eventually, I got a bit more serious and decided to go back into the insurance game and started back working as an insurance adjuster in 2002. I moved to the Charlotte, NC area and have been here ever since.

Along the way, I took up Poker and got pretty serious about it over the last 10 years. I even wrote a best-selling book on the subject called Automatic Poker. I now run a training site and teach dozens of students how to improve their poker game with the least amount of study and effort.

In early 2019, due to me and my wife’s love of the outdoors, I decided it would be fun to teach others about the subject. Since I also enjoy building websites, I decided to start so that I can share with the world what I learn while I learn it.

Due to my background and history degree, I know how to research to fill in any gaps that exist in order to build a body of knowledge about a wide variety of topics. I love pouring through books, articles, and Google in order to find answers to interesting questions that I, and hopefully the readers of this website, will as well.

When he isn’t watching survival shows, or reading post-apocalyptic books, Jim enjoys coaching his daughters’ soccer teams and spending time with his family.

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Graduate of The University of Southern Mississippi

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