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Tom Walters

I love to SUP. I share this through my articles.

My articles are designed to help beginners discover the awesome sport of stand-up paddleboarding by discussing helpful tips on how to get started, as well as tips on finding and purchasing the right SUP equipment for them.

I also delve into the fantastic health benefits of paddleboarding, with posts on SUP Yoga, Cardio, Strength Training, and much more.

Tom Walters

Of course, stand-up paddleboarding is not just for fitness. That’s why we have lots of articles on the different ways you can have fun with a paddleboard. These include SUP Fishing, SUP Camping, or just exploring your local waters.

Tom Walters Doing an Insta Mount Trick on a SUP

Speaking of exploring, Tom Walters, (Fit Fun SUP founder), also travels with his SUP seeking out new and fantastic places to SUP. You can find out all about these discoveries on this site as well.

If That isn’t enough for you, Fit Fun SUP has created a YouTube channel called “The Old Man and the SUP” You’ll want to check that out too because sometimes you need a video to help learn or to be inspired.

Please enjoy my articles!

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