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7 Best Triple Sec Brands for Quality Mixers

There are many kinds of triple sec available for purchase. Unfortunately, it can be tricky to figure out which ones are the best ones for quality mixers.

Each of the brands listed below makes your mixer taste professionally made. However, some of them work better for certain drinks than others. These are my top picks, and I highly recommend trying all of them before settling on your favorite.

1. Cointreau

Cointreau Bottle With a Pink Background

In my opinion, Cointreau is the best triple sec overall. It is a tasty, well-known brand that has been satisfying customers for years. It has a balanced flavor palate that can add a spicy complexity to any drink it is mixed inside.

The triple sec Cointreau:

  • Originated in France
  • $40 for a bottle

It is an excellent price for the quality that you will get.

Cointreau tastes best in cocktails. It is a versatile triple sec that is sure to pair well with whatever unique flavors reside in your drink.

2. Dekuyper Triple Sec

Dekuyper Triple Sec on a Bar Wall

Dekuyper is on our list because it is an affordable brand of triple sec that still tastes amazing. It is a sweeter triple sec, but it does not overdo it. For those who enjoy a lighter taste, Dekuyper is great in Cosmopolitans and Margaritas.

The triple sec Dekuyper:

  • Originated in the Netherlands
  • $8 for a bottle 

This amount is the lowest price you will find for a good-tasting triple sec. Dekuyper is a fantastic example of a drink that proves that low price does not mean low quality.

If you need something affordable, Dekuyper is sure to satisfy your craving. You can get some excellent sweet flavors while getting more bang for your buck. Though there might be a few elements that are not the same, you will still receive a quality triple sec.

3. Drillaud Triple Sec

Margarita With Flowers in Background

Drillaud is an elegant brand and is also relatively inexpensive. It is packed with powerful flavors that appeal to specific palates. In terms of drinks, Drillaurd works best when it mixes with unique cocktails. Feel free to experiment if you decide to make use of this triple sec.

The triple sec Drillaurd:

  • Originated in France
  • Is $15 a bottle

For a unique and affordable flavor, you should invest in Drillaud. They have grown popular over the years, loved by pro mixologists.

4. Bols Triple Sec

Bols is one of the sweetest options, is crystal clear, and packed with a citrusy flavor. This triple sec is naturally produced, so the flavors are much more crisp and clear than other brands. It is best used in Cocktails due to the crisp flavor that it provides.

The triple sec Bols:

  • Originated in France
  • About $10 a bottle

Bols is an excellent option for any mixer fanatic.

If you love the intense citrus flavors, Bols is for you. The natural taste mixes well into other drinks. It is sure to be refreshing and satisfy any thirst. Bols takes care to ensure that its triple sec is of good quality in every single bottle.

5. Lazzaroni Triplo Triple Sec

Lazzaroni is intense and sweet. It is one of the most versatile brands on this list and works well in anything from Cosmopolitans to Long Islands. It is a staple for anyone who drinks mixers that use triple sec.

The triple sec Lazzaroni Triple:

  • Originated in Italy
  • About $25 a bottle

Laxxaroni Triplo is one of the more expensive choices on this list. However, it is well worth the cost for the versatility that it provides to your drinks. The intense sweetness will shine through in any beverage.

6. Luxardo Triplum Triple Sec

Luxardo is known for the aroma it gives off, achieved by the addition of several floral ingredients. It is one of the last liqueurs that is still achieved through rigorous distillation processes. It is a nice balance of sweet, bitter, and spicy that comes from an ancient 19th-century recipe.

The triple sec Luxardo Triplum:

  • Originated in Italy
  • About $26 a bottle

At this price, it is a great value for the quality you obtain.

Due to its unique creation process, Lucardo is excellent for cocktails that take on a unique flavor palate. Try this if you want to taste an ancient recipe in action today.

7. Grand Marnier

Our final choice is the Grand Marnier. This delicious beverage is often compared to the Cointreau. It is strong in its citrus flavors, silky-smooth but also bitter in the best way possible.

Grand Marnier is not a straight triple sec, but it combines elements of one. It is a potent cognac-based beverage that can even taste good on its own.

The Grand Marnier:

  • Originated in France
  • About $30 a bottle

This is a tremendous orange-flavored alcohol that will be pleasing to just about anyone’s taste. If you are a fan of anything citrus-related, this is a must-have for you.

Pro Tip: Grand Marnier is best mixed as a Margarita. Its silky-smooth taste makes any fruity beverage wonderful to drink. Though it can be quite pricey, it is worth it for the unique flavors that you will experience.

Is There a Good Us-Made Brand of Triple SEC?

Mr. Stack’s Triple Sec is an excellent brand that is made in the US. It has a 30% alcohol content which is a potent amount but not as much as some other brands. It is made with Curacao-grown orange peels and goes great with margaritas, mimosas, and even Long Island iced teas.

Why Is Triple Sec Added to Mixed Drinks?

The reason triple sec is added to alcoholic drinks is that its sweetness can help offset some of the harshness found in many hard liquors. Adding it helps create a more well-balanced beverage.

How Much Alcohol Is in Triple Sec

The alcohol content of triple sec brands ranges from 15% and 40%. Perhaps the most well-known brand is Cointreau, which is known to have 40% alcohol content. However, most triple sec brands are in the 20% to 25% range.

Final Sip

For many types of drinks, triple sec is a must. The elixir is sweet and clear and 15%-40% alcohol by volume. It is made from oranges, so it adds a great flavor to any concoction. By using the brands on my list, you will have a quality drink in your hand instantly.

I hope my article has been helpful. Thanks for stoppin’ by!

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