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9 Ways to Make Cheerios Taste Better

Cheerios are a staple in the cereal industry and are known for their many healthy properties, including improving heart health and being a large source of whole grains. However, they are not necessarily known for being the tastiest cereal on the market.

Here are nine ways to make Cheerios taste better.

A Bowl of Whole Grain Cheerios Cereal with Blueberries and Yogurt

1. Add Fruit

There is a good reason that there are so many cereal advertisements that show fresh-cut strawberries in the mix!

With the neutral flavor of Cheerios, there is no way that a person would be able to create a flavor profile clash. It is also incredibly simple to achieve. The first step is to pick the kind of fruit that a person enjoys eating. Fan favorites include fruits like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and bananas. Other fun additions can include fruits like peaches, mango, and other tropical varieties. The best fruit choices are those that are not going to become soggy in milk.

After selecting the fruit, the next step is to prepare it in bite-size pieces. For the small berries, that just means cleaning them in cold water. For strawberries, slices are preferred. For other larger fruits, it would be best to cube them. After the fruit is prepared, make a bowl of Cheerios and add fruit liberally. This fresh twist is sure to please even picky eaters.

2. Add Cheerios to Yogurt

With prices rising, many people are looking for an alternative to granola for their yogurt parfaits and bowls. Look no further than Cheerios! Unlike other cereals, Cheerios have a decent amount of nutritional value and don’t often become squishy in yogurt. Adding your cheerios to a cup of flavored yogurt or greek yogurt can give the cheerios a yummy taste and serve as a delicious and nutritious breakfast packed full of textures.

There are two easy ways to add Cheerios as a granola substitute: as a layer in a parfait or sprinkled on top of a yogurt bowl. My personal favorite combination is layering cheerios with vanilla yogurt, banana slices, and honey. I used to do this as a young adult, and it made me feel a little less broke and a little more nutritious, while still being able to indulge in a sweet treat.

Yogurt parfait with cheerios a banana and maple syrup

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3. Toast Cheerios with Nuts

This is a simple process that can give Cheerios a little more of a kick. They can be roasted alongside many nuts, including almonds, walnuts, pine nuts, and pecans. Roasting the nuts on their own changes the flavor profile of each of them. Almonds gain more flavor, walnuts become less bitter, and pecans become aromatic.

Oftentimes, people roast nuts with oil, dry, or with seasonings. Adding Cheerios to the mix would allow the cereal to pick up a nuttier flavor. If caramelized with sugar or other seasonings, the cereal will taste much like what they were caramelized with. The Cheerios could also add more substance to a mix of nuts and seeds.

4. Add a Scoop of Nut Butter

Something you can try doing to spruce up your otherwise plain bowl of cheerios is to add a scoop of nut butter. This will not only add extra flavor to your breakfast, whether your nut butter is sweet or savory, but it will also add a punch of protein to the meal to provide you with the energy you need to get through your day.

There are a variety of nut butters to choose from, from the classic peanut butter, to almond or cashew butter, to a sweet cocoa and hazelnut spread.

5. Drizzle Some Honey

If you’re looking to sweeten your cheerios, the more obvious choice would be to sprinkle a spoonful of white sugar to your cereal, but did you know that you can also sweeten your cheerios with a drizzle of honey?

Honey is also a more nutritional sweetener and alternative to sugar, especially if you choose an organic jar of honey from your local farmer’s market. Save the bees, support your local beekeepers, and have a sweet breakfast with your honey-drizzled cheerios!

6. Add Chocolate Chips

You can sweeten up and add some flavor to a bowl of cheerios by adding a small handful of chocolate chips. Whether you want to add sweetened milk chocolate chips or pure dark chocolate chips to your cereal is up to you, and your personal health preferences. If you’re team dark chocolate, this will add antioxidants to your cereal while also hitting that morning sweet tooth craving.

7. Mix Cheerios with Granola

Another option to turn your breakfast cereal into something new, or to create a whole new snack out of your cheerios, is to mix your cheerios with granola.

Depending on the type of granola you have, this can add sweetness to your cheerios as a whole, providing an even distribution of that hint of sweetness in the granola. This will also add some texture to your cereal, providing a more enjoyable eating experience. You combine the two in a bowl of milk or combine a 1-to-1 ratio of the two in a sandwich bag for an easy on-the-go snack.

This combination is also versatile in that you can choose from a variety of granola that varies in sweetness, and you can add other tasty components to add flavor and texture. Those can range anywhere from dried fruit, to nuts, to quick-cook oats.

8. Sprinkle Some Brown Sugar

Another sweetener for cheerios that’s an alternative to white sugar is brown sugar. If you’ve ever tried cookies with brown sugar as opposed to white sugar, you probably noticed the difference in both taste and texture. Brown sugar has a bit more minerals than white sugar does, but it doesn’t provide any health benefits that regular white sugar does not.

So, while brown sugar isn’t necessarily healthier than white sugar, you can get away with using less of it than you would if you were to sweeten your cheerios with white sugar. This is because brown sugar has more of a potent sweet taste than white sugar, and brown sugar tends to stick not only to itself but to other substances.

With that, you’ll get a more even distribution of sugar to each scoop of cheerios, and it won’t all sink to the bottom of the bowl like white sugar would. Because white sugar tends to sink to the bottom instead of coating the cheerios more evenly, those enjoying a bowl of cheerios will tend to add way more sugar than necessary, only to be left with an empty bowl that is coated with a thick layer of wet sugar at the bottom.

Brown sugar may be more expensive, but you won’t be using quite as much of it to sweeten your bowl of cheerios.

Brown cane sugar pile isolated on white background

9. Add Butter and Seasoned Salt

If you’re looking for a sweet and tangy snack that will help you use up your cheerios without having them for breakfast, you can add a few things to your cheerios, including butter and seasoned salt. This is done by following a recipe for Sweet and Salty Hot Buttered Cheerios Snack Mix. It’s a quick and easy recipe, and you’ll likely have all the ingredients at home, or you can easily find all the ingredients at your local grocery store.

  • White Granulated Sugar
  • Seasoned Salt
  • Butter
  • Worcestershire Sauce
  • Plain Cheerios
  • Honey Nut Cheerios

Simply add the ingredients (enough to coat each cheerio evenly, we recommend combining the cheerios in a mixing bowl) to a large buttered skillet over medium heat.

You’ll want to first add the Worcestershire sauce and seasoned salt to the buttered skillet, then turn it down to medium-low and stir in your cheerios. Once the cheerios have been coated, you can sprinkle the sugar over the cereal and heat for a few minutes.

Lastly, you’ll want to add the mix to a baking sheet and bake them in the oven at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes.


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