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The 10 Best Chasers For Grey Goose

Although Grey Goose is a top-shelf vodka, it can still be enjoyed neat or in the form of a shot. If you opt for sipping or shooting Grey Goose rather than adding it to a cocktail, there are several chaser options to choose from.

Continue reading for the 10 best chasers for Grey Goose. Grey Goose is as smooth and flavorful as it gets when it comes to vodka options, but you might still be looking to mask the slight sting after a shot. There are ways to both cover and compliment the tasty kick of Grey Goose Vodka.

A small bottle of grey goose vodka with a glass of ice nearby

1. Lemonade

Lemonade is an often underrated choice for a chaser. Many people choose it for mixing, but it works just as well as a chaser. With lemonade, you can cover the sting of Grey Goose Vodka with the sweetness that follows.

While the combination does mask the kick, Grey Goose Vodka and lemonade also taste great together. If you want to enjoy your Grey Goose with a chaser, lemonade is a great option.

2. Pineapple Juice

Pineapple Juice is a familiar favorite as a chaser for Grey Goose Vodka. The sweet and sour hints of pineapple juice cover any unpleasantness after a sip of Grey Goose as well as add a burst of refreshment.

Chilled pineapple juice as a chaser for Grey Goose Vodka makes drinking Grey Goose even better. Pineapple juice supplements the taste of Grey Goose while diluting the sting.

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3. Lemon-Lime Soda

Although Grey Goose is about as smooth of a vodka option as you can find, it is no secret that all vodka has its fair share of a kick. For a different type of spice, lemon-lime soda is a top option. Instead of the harshness of the Grey Goose, lemon-lime soda provides a flavorful punch.

The carbonation in lemon-lime soda – and all soda options, for that matter – may not be favored by those looking to keep their drink smooth, but it will certainly assist those who have trouble drinking liquor straight.

Generic lemon soda drink in metal can

4. Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice adds a bit of flavor to Grey Goose Vodka. It is not so strong that it will cover the great taste of the vodka, but it is also noticeable enough to compliment your first sip. Cranberry juice may not cover the sting of Grey Goose Vodka as much as other options, but it will dilute it to an extent.

Cranberry juice is one of the healthiest chaser options as it contains many vitamins and other nutrients. It can aid in keeping you more hydrated than usual during a night of drinking.

5. Lime Juice Or Lemon Juice

If you want to add excitement to your night while not having to carry around another bottle as a chaser, lime juice or lemon juice might be the chaser for you. The sour rush from the juice of a lemon or lime will help keep your mind off of the bite of Grey Goose that comes before.

Lime juice and lemon juice are more of an extreme chaser in the sense that they are not the best compliments to vodka; they simply add a different sting that is likely more pleasant than straight vodka. Though, many people are not put off by the sweet and sour taste of fresh citrus juice.

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6. Pickle Juice

If you want to chase your Grey Goose Vodka like you never have before, pickle juice is a great place to start. In truth, pickle juice is not for everyone; some people will do whatever it takes to not use it as a chaser. However, if you like pickles, you should try pickle juice for a chaser.

The flavor of pickle juice will immediately overcome the Grey Goose Vodka, so if you do not care much about the taste of the vodka itself, pickle juice is a good chaser. The salty flavor helps take away from unpleasantness, making pickle juice a go-to option for people who do not enjoy shooting vodka straight.

7. Cola

Cola is a solid choice if you need something on hand to chase your Grey Goose Vodka. Any type of soda that you might already have at home makes hosting a get-together that much easier. Cola also tastes great with Grey Goose Vodka.

Some people prefer clear sodas or other chasers and save the cola for something like whiskey, but cola works great with Grey Goose Vodka. It masks the sting of Grey Goose but allows the taste to remain.

8. Iced Tea

Iced Tea is an undervalued chaser, although it is certainly not everyone’s favorite. If you enjoy iced tea – sweet or unsweet – it makes an excellent chaser for Grey Goose Vodka. Truthfully, the two tastes may not mix as well as some options, but the combination is definitely manageable.

Iced tea helps dilute Grey Goose, but you will still get a bit of a kick from the vodka. The iced tea leaves a lasting taste, however, so it can help prevent any after-burn.

Small bottle of pure leaf sweet tea

9. Fruit Punch

If you want as much flavor as possible, fruit punch is the way to go. A fruit punch medley as a chaser packs as much taste into your drink as you can get. If you want to keep your mind off of the physical effects of liquor, try chasing Grey Goose Vodka with fruit punch.

Some people might think fruit punch is too over-the-top as a chaser because it offers such a flavorful taste. However, if your goal is to cover up the bite of vodka, it can work well.

10. Orange Juice

Orange juice is a classic chaser option for all liquors. When paired with Grey Goose Vodka, orange juice maintains a refreshing taste. If you are drinking Grey Goose Vodka outside on a sunny day, there are fewer chaser options nearly as fitting as orange juice.

Orange juice is not so sweet that it will cover up the entire flavor experience of Grey Goose, and it will instead compliment the smoothness by helping to offset any unpleasantness.

Final Sip

You can chase Grey Goose Vodka with theoretically any other drink, but those above are going to provide you with the best experience. Whether you are looking to conceal the sting of Grey Goose Vodka or supplement that smooth taste, consider the options listed.

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