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Body Kit Installation Cost (And Where To Get It Done)

As an insurance adjuster, I’ve looked at a lot of cars that had body kits over the years. Finding the exact cost of installation is sometimes challenging, so I thought I’d write this quick guide.

The cost of a body kit installation can range from $6000 to $18,000. The total cost you’ll pay is the cost of the installation, plus the cost of the kit (between $7000 and $16,000), plus shipping. Shipping depends on the company, but it can add a few hundred dollars to the cost.

In this article, I’ll break down the costs for you and detail how much each element will contribute to the final cost. We’ll see what goes into the price and how you can budget for your body kit. 

What Influences the Cost of Body Kit Installation?

Various Car Parts From a Body Kit Arranged on Ground

Factors that influence the cost of a body kit installation include the type of kit, materials, installation, and shipping. You’ll need to keep them in mind to calculate the final price accurately. 

Let’s break them down and see much you can end up spending on your body kit. 

The Type of Kit

The type of kit is probably the most critical factor you should budget for. The kind of kit is going to influence all other costs, from shipping to installation. The bigger the kit, the more expensive it is to ship and install it. 

There are two types you can choose from:

  • A lip kit. Also known as a ground effects body kit, is the cheapest option. The reason for this is that it consists of fewer parts. It usually comprises bolt-on components that are attached to the front and rear bumper. 
  • A full body kit. As the name suggests, it replaces more parts. It consists of new front and rear bumpers, side skirts, and hood replacements. A full kit can also be a wide-body kit, which is used to make your car wider than it would otherwise be. 

The more complex your desired kit is, the higher the price. You can also choose to buy a whole kit or mix and match parts from different kits to reflect your personal tastes and personality. The possible combinations are almost limitless. 

You will most likely have to spend between $7000 and $16,000, but some luxurious kits can go up to $65,000.

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The Material

The choice of material is the second most crucial factor when you want to install a body kit. Once you’ve settled on the type of kit you need, you’ll need to pick the material. In this case, there is a wide range of options to choose from, and each option has its pros and cons and different prices. 

The materials you can choose from are: 

  • Fiberglass
  • Polyurethane
  • ABS plastic
  • Carbon fiber
  • Composite materials

Fiberglass is the most budget-friendly option on this list. Not only is it quite affordable, but it’s also lightweight, easy to find, and resistant to high temperatures. One big drawback is that it’s really rigid, so it can break easily, especially on impact. If you’re looking for the most durable material, fiberglass may not be for you. 

Polyurethane beats fiberglass when it comes to durability and flexibility. It won’t break easily on impact, so it can withstand more punishment than fiberglass. On the other hand, it’s comparatively expensive, and it tends to get misshapen in high temperatures. It can be valuable for drivers who want more durability and can afford to spend more money on their kit. 

ABS plastic gives you both durability and flexibility, so it’s like a combination of the best characteristics of fiberglass and polyurethane. However, it is considerably heavier than fiberglass, and it also costs more. If you don’t mind these cons, this might be the right option for you. 

Carbon fiber is the best choice for high-performance vehicles. It is lightweight, durable, and heat-resistant. This, however, means that it comes with a pretty hefty price tag, so it’s definitely not the right choice for the average person. 

Composite materials can be a combination of two or more materials with different characteristics of those materials. The most popular material of this type is Duraflex. The biggest downside of these materials is their significant price.


The cost of installation will depend on how much work is needed. The problem is body kits are often handmade or even custom-made. This means that they won’t fit your car perfectly, and some modifications have to be made to your car and kit so everything can be installed. The more stuff that needs to be modified, the more expensive it gets. 

You’ll most likely spend around $6000, up to $18000, for the most challenging jobs.

It also helps if you don’t cheap out on your parts; you’ll save on the parts, but you’ll have to spend more on modifications or fancy paintwork


Shipping a body kit can be costly because body kits, especially if they are full, are pretty big. They’re usually bigger than what most companies ship generally, so they might charge extra for the service. This may add an additional few hundred dollars to your price.

Where To Get a Body Kit Installation Done?

Body tech with car bodykit ready for painting in a body shop

You should not install a body kit on your own. This can be a difficult task, and it should be done by a seasoned professional. Unless you’re a mechanic, don’t attempt to install a body kit. 

A reputable body shop is the best place to get a body kit installation done. Most kits you find, especially the full ones, are too difficult to install if you’re not trained in this job. DIY may seem cheaper, but it’s easy to do something wrong and end up paying more to get your mistakes fixed. 

Final Thoughts

Installing a body kit can be an excellent way to make your car a better fit for you, as it can be a great way to express yourself. However, it can be a costly affair, and you need to budget carefully for it. 

Pay attention to the type of kit you’re buying and the material it’s made from. Don’t overlook the shipping costs, and keep in mind that the installation process can get quite costly. Finally, make sure to find a good body shop to do the job, and don’t take matters into your hands.

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