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Can You Mail Something With a Different Return Address?

Mail delivery services use return addresses to return packages and mail whenever there is an issue with the intended delivery. A return address is required on certain types of mail. But what exactly are the rules on putting a different return address than your shipping address on a letter or package?

Using a different return address than the mailer’s address is allowed when mailing letters or packages. Ensure that the return address listed on the delivery is easy to read and accurate. If there is an issue with delivery, the return address listed is where the delivery will be returned to.

Here are the reasons behind using a different return address for shipping purposes.

A vintage looking envelope that says return to sender

Is Using a Different Return Address Possible?

It is possible to use a different return address for mailing purposes. Just ensure that it is a valid mailing address. Otherwise, the package could end up lost if it is deemed undeliverable at the final destination.

Can I Use the Post Office Location as a Return Address?

It is not recommended to use the post office as the return address. If the mail needed to be returned, it would be returned to the post office from the shipper but would likely never make its way back to you. It will end up at the mail recovery center and stay there for a certain period of time. Letter mail would eventually be recycled or destroyed.

If you ever choose to book shipping services with other courier companies, it is important to use your address as the return address due to the fact that the courier driver will come to collect the mail at the address that was specified.

Is it Illegal to Put a Different Return Address on the Mail?

It is not illegal to put a different return address on mail, but it is preferred by the shipping companies that you add the correct return address to make sure the packages will be delivered accurately and safely.

Failed delivery attempts of mail are more common than they may seem. If you left the mailing address blank or used a fake return address, you are taking a chance that it will be gone forever.

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Mail Services

A box truck with the side removed full of packages to be shipped

It is important to check the policies of individual mailing services around the world. Here is info on each of them and what they do. These are the leading shipping companies located in the US that include package and container services.

Euro Sender

Envelope Courier Service

This mail service provides urgent documents to be shipped internationally. Companies and other individuals can send important letters and documents in the fastest way.

What can you send?

  • Contracts, logistics, and other commercial documents.
  • Passports, visa applications, and personal documents.
  • Price tickets, business cards, catalogs, bank forms, computer printouts, and schedules.
  • Photos for business reports.
  • Diaries, calendars, and personal family or friend letters.

Details for Shipping Internationally

  • The shipper is responsible for printing the shipping label, as well as attaching the envelope to the label that is sent through email.
  • This courier service is available at any address, private companies, residential addresses, public institutions, and embassies.
  • The Urgent Documentary Service needs to be fully registered with proof of delivery through electronic signatures.
  • Extended liability is available within the booking process.

Express Courier Service

The Express Courier Service is a perfect provider for urgent mail, is available both locally and worldwide, great control over tracking.

Items to Consider

  • You are required to fill out information during the order process for a proforma invoice.
  • You will receive an email with a tracking number assigned to your shipment and a shipping label.
  • Remove any old labels to keep the shipment with a flat surface that is clean and ready for the waybill.

Freight Shipping

Freight shipping is a way to transport goods and services of any shape or size. This option allows for immediate prices on a variety of different shipping services, solutions for special shipping requirements, and a warehouse available for cargo to be stored when needed.

Road Freight Transport Services

  • Pallet delivery

Transporting bulky or heavier items.

  • Van delivery

A van that is able to transport through Europe.

  • Shared Truck (LTL)

Transports cargo that fills only a part of the truck.

  • Full Truck (FTL)

An entire truck that can fit your cargo.


  • Provide exact dimensions
  • Pack your freight shipment appropriately.
  • Inform the company of any questions
  • The van or truck driver will contact you before delivery.
  • Prices of the services are based on the capacity and season.

Air Freight

Air Freight is a shipping option that ships urgent packages using air freight transportation services. This way is a fast solution for shipments that are time-sensitive. Service for extensive coverage all over the world, and tailor-made offers available for complex requirements for shipment.


What products are mostly transported by air?

The types of products that can be transported by air are items of high value, items that require more time-critical deliveries, and transport cargo that delivers medical equipment, expensive items, and documents.

Can I receive instant rates online for shipping smaller items?

With Euro sender, you can receive immediate rates for international freight shipping by using Express or document Services with the booking tool. Either of these services will provide air freight delivery over a period of 24-72 hours, as well as same day if that is available.

International Shipping

Arc’s Best’s international services provide solutions to domestic and global logistics to move freight more efficiently. This company guarantees its customers to receive routes, manage shipments, and navigate customs worldwide.

How do I change the delivery address on a shipment in transit?

Use the Dynamic Rerouting Tool to change the delivery address in transit. If you are unable to do this, call 800-610-5544 for any assistance.

In order to do this, the shipping address has to be changed by the paying party. The information has to be sent to

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