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Can You Microwave Taco Bell Wrappers? | What You Should Know

You can microwave Taco Bell wrappers. Taco Bell now uses sustainable packaging like wax paper and paper bags, making their packaging microwave-safe. You should only microwave them for short intervals, as they may still contain harmful chemicals that could affect your food.

Note: Taco bell has publicly vowed to phase out any potentially toxic chemicals in their package by 2025. This includes PFAS, BPA, and phthalates.

This article will help you better understand whether you can microwave Taco Bell wrappers. I will also explore the materials used for packaging Taco Bell products, the possible hazards of reheating their food in its original packaging, and the recommended procedure for reheating your Taco Bell food.

Taco Bell Wrappers Were Not Suitable for Microwaves in the Past

In the past, Taco Bell wrappers for burritos contained aluminum foil that reacted in microwave ovens. Once you placed the wrappers inside the microwave, the foil generated sparks, resulting in a fire.

Furthermore, any wrapper that is soaked with oil may cause the wrapper to burn inside the microwave. Because of this, Taco Bell wrappers came in with a warning against reheating with the package in a microwave. 

In recent years, however, Taco Bell has reportedly switched to more sustainable packaging like wax paper and paper bags, which allow their packaging to be microwaveable.

Close up of taco bell taco and fries

Taco Bell Wrappers with Toxic Chemicals are Being Phased Out

A Consumer Reports probe found that Taco Bell’s bag for tortilla chips has 145 parts per million organic fluorine. It has also been found that packaging from other fast-food chains contains harmful chemicals.

In 2020, the global fast-food chain promised to shift to sustainable packaging commitments, aiming to phase out chemicals like PFAS, phthalates, and BPA from their packaging materials by 2025.

Here are some of the chemicals found on their wrappers:

  • PFAS: These chemicals prevent food from sticking to cooking wares or food packaging. Adverse health effects from exposure to these chemicals include liver damage, thyroid disease, hormone suppression, and cancer, among other conditions.
  • Phthalates: This chemical is being used in food packaging materials and fast food production. It is also used to soften plastics. Exposure to these chemicals can result in long-term effects on growth and development in young children and adolescents. 
  • Bisphenol A (BPA): This chemical is used in manufacturing hard plastic items. Humans are exposed to this chemical through food containers that contain BPA. It may cause adverse developmental effects on infants.

As a fast food chain, Taco Bell’s wrappers also likely contain these chemicals. While you cannot avoid complete exposure to them when you order from chains, you can limit your exposure – and this includes avoiding microwaving your food in their wrappers. 

At high temperatures, there is a risk that chemicals in food wrappers can leach into your food, increasing your exposure exponentially. Instead, transfer the food item to a microwave-safe dish before heating it up. The risk of chemical exposure is also why you should avoid using paper towels in the microwave as far as possible.

How to Microwave Taco Bell Wrappers

Many people have reported that they could microwave their leftover food from Taco Bell, like burritos and tacos, without encountering any issues, which may lead you to wonder if you could do the same. 

As mentioned above, you can. Taco Bell wrappers are made with heat-resistant materials that can withstand high temperatures. 

However, as mentioned above, you should still transfer the food to a microwave-safe container where possible as it reduces the risk of chemical leaching. It’s also a good idea if you have kids, as it ensures that your children won’t get into the habit of microwaving all fast food in the wrapper without first checking if the wrappers are microwave-safe. 

If you do decide to microwave Taco Bell food in the original wrapper, we recommend setting the microwave timer to 30-60 seconds. This will reduce the risk of chemical leaching and prevent the food from being burned.

Taco Bell Food in on Wrappers in Box

Can You Microwave a Taco Bell Burrito in the Wrapper?

You can microwave a Taco Bell burrito in the wrapper. However, ideally, you should first transfer it to a plate or microwave-safe container before putting it inside a microwave.

Avoid wrapping the burrito with a paper towel or paper cloth, and place it directly on the plate. Set the heating time to a minute. Reheating it for any more time may burn your food.

Can You Microwave a Taco Bell Taco in the Wrapper?

You can microwave a Taco Bell taco in the wrapper. However, you should first remove the cold ingredients and place them inside the microwave. As with a Taco Bell burrito, you should ideally transfer your Taco Bell taco to a microwave-safe container. 

Can You Microwave Taco Bell Mini Skillet Bowls?

You can microwave Taco Bell mini skillet bowls. You place the bowl directly in the microwave without changing the container. The bowl is made of plastic, making it microwave-safe.

It is also dishwasher safe, so you can wash it and reuse it in the future.


You can microwave Taco Bell wrappers, but proceed with caution. Since fast food wrappers contain harmful chemicals, they may not be as microwave-safe as we expect them to be, and using microwave-safe containers is always the best practice. If the wrapper has a foil, you should always remove it because it leads to fires when placed inside a microwave.

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