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Do Flip Phones Have GPS? (For Tracking and Navigation)

There has been some backlash against modern smartphones. Older generations, myself included, often prefer a much simpler design. It’s coming to wonder if flip phones are still a viable option and if any can be used for GPS purposes.

Some flip phones are manufactured with GPS tracking to make it easy to locate the phone or person carrying it in the event of an emergency. Additionally, some carriers provide add-on features for select flip phones, which allow GPS tracking.

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In this article, I’ll explain GPS functionality and provide a list of the available flip phones in the market that support it. I’ll also discuss some of the key features that make these the best options for you to consider.

Flip Phone in Hand With GPS Navigation

Flip Phones and GPS Functionality

GPS, or Global Positioning System, is a system of satellite networks around the earth that make it possible to pinpoint the location of a person or an object. Mobile phones with GPS-tracking capabilities are fitted with a GPS tracker to allow easy tracking and accurate positioning.

In recent years, GPS technology has expanded and has found wide usage in mobile technology. Accordingly, most modern smartphones feature GPS technology, making it easy to quickly locate them or their owner.

Unfortunately, while there are many flip phones in the market, most of them are harder to trace because they don’t have a GPS module. Additionally, most flip phones don’t have a data plan, which means they can only be located through triangulation from the tower to which they’re connected.

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8 Reliable Flip Phones That Support GPS

Despite the limitations, there are several options available in the market with GPS tracking. Below, I’ve listed some of the best flip phones available that support GPS technology. I’ve also included handsets with A-GPS, a form of GPS technology that helps determine a phone’s location. Most options are available for purchase at

1. The NUU F4L Flip Phone

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The NUU F4L flip phone is one of the few flip phones in the market with GPS technology. It runs on a Quad-Core processor for reliable performance and features 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage. It also has a 2.8-inch (7.11 cm) QVGA display for easy reading.

This flip phone supports Bluetooth 4.2 technology and Wi-Fi connectivity and also features a vibrator sensor, GPS tracker, and proximity sensor. This makes it one of the best options in the market if you are looking for a flip phone with GPS.

2. The Boonnapa Jitterbug Flip

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The Jitterbug flip phone is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a simple-to-use flip phone. It has an easy-to-navigate menu, a clear display, and is recommended for seniors. 

The Jitterbug Flip also has a backlit keyboard and a very good battery life. It features both Wi-Fi and GPS technology, making it easy to locate the phone or owner in the event of an emergency. 

3. The Alcatel GO FLIP

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Also an excellent option for seniors or your young ones, this flip phone combines the features of the traditional flip phone with some elements of a smartphone. It has a 2.8-inch (7.11 cm) display, making it easy to read text messages, phone numbers, and emails. It is also internet-enabled if you are looking for a simple phone but with internet connectivity. 

The Alcatel Go Flip is also compatible with Google Assistant for intuitive operation and has large, easy-to-read buttons. It supports WLAN, GPS, Bluetooth, and FM functionalities. 

4. Tracfone Alcatel MyFlip and MyFlip 2

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The Alcatel MyFlip and MyFlip 2 flip phones are perfect for children and adults tired of smartphones. They feature 4G LTE connectivity for internet access and also boasts a large display and keypad for comfortable reading and typing. 

The Alcatel MyFlip/Flip 2 is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled and has a 2.8-inch (7.11 cm) QVGA display for crisp visuals. A removable battery will give you about eight hours of talk time before recharging is needed. 

Although the Alcatel MyFlip flip phone features A-GPS technology to help determine location when it comes to location and tracking, the Alcatel MyFlip 2 has built-in GPS.  I would therefore recommend the MyFlip 2 version.

5. Jethro LG Revere 3 Flip Phone

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If you are looking for simplicity and functionality in a beautiful design, then the LG Revere 3 flip phone is worth considering. This model features A-GPS technology to help with tracking and location, ensuring that you always have an idea where your young ones or senior relatives are.

The LG Revere 3 flip phone is also a functional personal phone if you want to move to a simpler device. It features a 2.2-inch (5.58 cm) LCD, which is easy to read. It also has a decent 256MB internal storage and a 1.3 MP camera in-built. 

6. The LG Exalt 2 Flip Phone

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The LG Exalt 2 flip phone is an excellent option for Verizon users who want a functional yet straightforward flip phone. This flip phone features 4GB of internal storage to provide ample room for your music and files, especially compared to other flip phones. 

With a 3.2-inch (8.12 cm) display, this flip phone is easy to read, and 3G wireless functionality ensures you have quick access to emails if need be. Save for web access capabilities; this flip phone is also fitted with A-GPS navigation, making it easy to locate. It also has a dotted display on the front which displays caller information and indicates the time when the phone is closed. 

7. TracFone LG Classic Flip Phone

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This flip phone boasts a 2.8-inch (7.11 cm) QVGA touchscreen display for vivid visuals and delivers powerful performance thanks to a Quad-Core processor. It has an internal memory of 8GB for plenty of storage room and supports memory expansion up to 32GB via a Micro SD memory card.

This flip phone supports 4G LTE connectivity for easy access to the internet and is also Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi enabled. With an included Li-ion battery, this flip phone delivers up to 6 hours of talk time on a single charge

Like other options in this list, this flip phone features built-in GPS technology for easy location and navigation. It’s a perfect option for users looking to get a simple flip phone but still want quick access to the internet or emails. 

8. The Samsung Convoy Flip Phone

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The Samsung Convoy is a sturdy flip phone that meets military-grade durability standards. It is also a highly functional phone featuring Bluetooth connectivity, a memory card slot, and a music player. It also supports text-to-speech functionality and voice-dialing, making it an excellent option for children and the elder ones in your home.

This flip phone also features A-GPS technology to help you track location. In addition, it also supports LBS technology, which ensures easy navigation. Boasting a 1.3-inch (3.3 cm) display, you can rest assured that this flip phone offers easy visibility. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for tracking and location capabilities on a flip phone, then the above options feature either a GPS tracker or an A-GPS tracker, which will help you track or locate your phone in case of an emergency. 

The best phone for you will depend on your preferences. However, the flip phones outlined here have been tried and tested and provide the best value for money if you want the simplicity of a flip phone but don’t want to sacrifice GPS tracking.

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