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Glock vs. Sig Sauer: Which Should You Choose?

The aim of this article is to take a close look at the two most popular handguns available. I’ll look at all the features as well as the pros and cons and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

The Glock is perfect for those seeking accuracy and reliability. The Sig Sauer is relatively more aesthetically pleasing and durable. If you’re looking for a smaller, lighter, and less expensive firearm, go for the Glock. While the Sig is as accurate and durable, it commands a higher price tag. 

In this article, we’ll compare the Glock and Sig Sauer on a number of factors, including weight, accuracy, ergonomics, reliability, and price. Read on if you’re conflicted about which firearm is ideal for you. 

What Is the Glock Pistol?

The Glock pistol is a handgun manufactured by Glock, an Austrian weapons manufacturer founded in the 1980s. This firearm’s frame, magazine body, and other parts are made from a high-grade, nylon-based polymer known as polymer 2. This material is known for its strength and durability. 

The polymer 2 material is also more resilient when compared to other firearm materials such as steel alloys and carbon steel. Accordingly, the Glock is more resistant to acidic liquids and extreme temperatures.

The Glock pistol has grown in popularity, becoming the weapon of choice for law enforcement agencies in the United States. As explained by, this firearm is also popular among criminals for its reliability. 

The Glock pistol made its foray into the United States in 1988, getting an edge over other gun manufacturers due to its lighter frame and larger capacity. 

At the time of introduction into the police departments in the United States, Glock even provided significant discounts to ensure its popularity.

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What Is the Sig Sauer Pistol?

Sig Sauer P320 on White Background

The Sig Sauer pistol is a German handgun manufactured by the Sig Sauer company established in 1976. While the Glock is considered the weapon of choice by police departments in the United States, the Sig Sauer was selected as the official weapon of choice for the US army in 2017.

The Sig Sauer is also widely used by the Houston and New York City police departments, the Texas Rangers, the USAir Marshals and Navy Seals, and the US secret service. The Sig Sauer and the Glock have dominated the United States military and police sectors respectively. But how do these firearms compare to each other?

Let’s find out by taking a more in-depth look at their specs. 

Differences Between the Sig Sauer and Glock 

To compare these two handguns, this article will explore the following factors:

  • Weight
  • Accuracy
  • Durability
  • Reliability 
  • Size
  • Aesthetics
  • Ergonomics
  • Price

We will discuss how the two firearms match up to each other under each criterion.


The Sig Sauer is heavier than the Glock and features a steel frame and a body made from serialized steel. On the other hand, the Glock is made from a lightweight polymer material. However, this weight difference is too small for the ordinary gun owner to notice.

The Glock’s lightweight construction makes it less favorable to the heavier Sig Sauer when handling higher caliber rounds as the Sig can withstand recoil better.

Accordingly, the Sig is preferable when you need to make rapid follow-up shots as you can expect less motion to affect your accuracy and throw you off target. However, this factor probably isn’t important to the everyday gun user.

According to The National Interest, although the Sig is heavier than the Glock, the weight difference is so small that the average person probably wouldn’t notice it. Only a regular user or firearm expert can discern the differences in weight. 

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As previously discussed, the impact of recoil on the lighter weapon may contribute to lower accuracy for follow-up shots. So does this mean that the Sig Sauer beats the Glock in terms of accuracy?

While the Sig Sauer is heavier, there’s no evidence that this gun is more accurate than the Glock. Most expert evaluations of the two firearms have revealed that both the Glock and the Sig Sauer are arguably at par in terms of accuracy. 

This statistic is supported by Dustin Gladwell from SOFREP, who explains how the Glock and the Sig Sauer are equally accurate. According to Gladwell, while the new Gen 5 Glocks feature a match-grade barrel, which would provide an edge in terms of accuracy, it’s unlikely that this would make much of a difference during an engagement. 

However, experts believe that the Sig is better in terms of accuracy, but this has more to do with the shooting trajectory. In a study on the differences in terms of casing ejections, researchers Ian Pepper and Steve Bloomer found that while the Glock produces an angular trendline from the shooting direction, the Sig Sauer’s trend line was parallel to the shooting direction.

The Sig Sauer is therefore considered more of a straight shooter when casing ejections are used as a criterion. However, there is no concrete evidence that this provides a significant difference in terms of accuracy between the two firearms.


Considering that both firearms are made from significantly different materials that lead to weight differences, do these materials have an impact on the durability of the gun? 

The Glock is made from a sturdy polymer that is a relatively new construction material for firearms. The Sig Sauer, on the other hand, is made predominantly from steel. And while the construction materials differ significantly, both firearms are highly durable.

In their review of the Glock, gun experts at Popular Mechanics explain how the material used to make this firearm helped it quickly gain popularity. As previously discussed, the polymer material makes this gun lighter but doesn’t compromise its durability.

However, the all-metal construction of the Sig Sauer, coupled with the sturdy build and protective coating, means that this gun will serve you for years to come. 

While it may seem like steel is more durable, both firearms are relatively the same in terms of durability, and you can rest assured that either choice will last you a long time. 


What makes a gun reliable? A reliable gun is expected to fire accurately and properly every time its owner pulls the trigger. So how do these two firearms compare in terms of reliability?

Both the Glock and the Sig Sauer shoot properly when loaded with various ammo and users rarely experience malfunctions with either firearm. As such, there’s a worldwide consensus from users and experts that the Glock and the Sig Sauer are equally reliable. 

Gladwell takes this comparison a step further, stating that any reliability issue with either weapon is typically due to the magazine or ammo used, and not the gun itself.

However, both guns differ in terms of trigger mechanisms. According to The National Interest, the Sig Sauer has a relatively harder trigger pull when compared to the Glock. However, this source explains that both have excellent trigger responses despite the difference in the trigger mechanisms. 

Man Test Firing a Glock 19 at a Range


When it comes to comparing firearms, size is an essential factor, as it’s best to have a weapon that’s sleek and easy to conceal. 

Both the Sig Sauer and the Glock are designed with smaller frames in mind so they can be easily concealed if required. However, the Sig Sauer is a little larger when compared to the Glock. 

The table below compares the Glock 17 and the Sig P320, highlighting that the Sig Sauer is marginally heavier and bigger in terms of length, grip width, and slide width. 

FeatureGlock 17Sig P320
Weight with no mag (ounces)22.226.2
Length (inches)7.447.8
Grip width (inches)1.181.33
Slide width (inches)1.011.06

Richard Douglas from 1945 corroborates this, noting that the slight difference in size means that the Sig has a larger cartridge capacity than the Glock. So if you’re looking for a smaller firearm, it’s pretty easy to select the Glock 17 or Glock 19 over the Sig Sauer P320.

If your primary goal is to carry a smaller firearm that can be easily concealed, the Glock is your best bet. However, the size difference and portability is subjective and will depend on whether you feel that a length difference of 0.4 inches is significant.



The aesthetic appeal of a gun is another major factor gun owners consider when selecting a firearm. 

The Sig Sauer has the edge over the Glock in terms of aesthetics. Although these two firearms are arguably similar from a functional standpoint, most experts will agree that the Sig gets the edge on the aesthetic front. 

Sig Sauer is a manufacturer that has placed a premium on aesthetics. In comparing the Sig P938 and the Glock 43, Michael from Lynx Defense explains that the Sig is beautifully made for a gun. It features a compact build but with very evident lines to showcase the manufacturer’s focus on fashion.

The Sig P938 also has a rounded edge, attractive black accents, and a clean, greenish-tan-colored look – a testament to a firearm built for aesthetics. In comparison, Michael explains that the Glock 43 has a rather squarish shape. Michael also goes on to say that the Glock looks like a tool built to fulfill its purpose, with little focus placed on aesthetics.


The Glock and the Sig Sauer have a few significant differences in terms of ergonomics, as shown in the table below.

FeatureGlock 43Sig P938Winner
Weight Lightweight constructionLightweight constructionSubjective
MaterialPolymer (polymer feel)All-metal (metallic feel)Subjective: Depends on whether you like the polymer or all-metal feel
Frame Relatively thin for comfortable handling but larger than the P938Relatively thin metal frameThe Glock is for those with smaller hands, while the Sig is preferred by those with larger hands
ShapeSquared for a solid feelMore aesthetic lookSubjective
Grip lengthSame as the P938Same as the Glock 43Similar 
TextureNo removable grip panels and a more abrasive gripHas removable grip panels and a less abrasive gripWhile the Sig has a better texture, your preference will depend on the grip you’re used to

Although the Glock and the Sig Sauer have a few important differences in ergonomics, your preference will depend on the size of your arm, your preferred finish, and the types of grip or texture to which you are accustomed.

In terms of material and finish, fans of the all-metal finish and feel will lean towards the Sig, while those who prefer the polymer finish or dislike the metallic feel will prefer the Glock.

The Sig has a relatively larger frame, making it ideal for those with bigger hands, while the Glock offers more comfortable handling for those with smaller hands.

While neither firearm takes the lead in terms of grip length, the Sig has a more textured feel when compared to the Glock. However, your choice will be influenced by your previous firearm as those accustomed to the Glock may not have the same appreciation for the Sig’s textured and abrasive grip.

As such, your choice of firearm is subjective and will depend significantly on your preferences.


The Sig Sauer pistols are typically more expensive than those manufactured by Glock. Additionally,  the standard Glock pistol is priced within a more reasonable range than most Sig firearms.

The table below compares the prices of some of the popular Sig Sauer and Glock models.

Glock ModelPrice Sig ModelPrice
Glock 17 Gen 4$599Sig P938$797.78
Glock 19 Gen 3$505.99 to $884Sig  P320$752.61
Glock 43$448 to $449.99Sig P226$3,328
Glock 42$399 to $399.99Sig P220$2,228.53
Glock 21$543.36Sig P365$620.36

It’s pretty evident from the table above that the popular Sig Sauer models are typically more expensive than the popular Glock models on the market. One reason for the difference in price is that the Glock adopts a more squared, simple look while the Sig places a premium on aesthetics. 

The price difference can also be attributed to the different materials used in construction, with the all-metal design being arguably pricier than polymer.

Ultimately, if you want a functional firearm that won’t require significant investment, the Glock is the way to go. However, if money isn’t much of a factor when selecting a firearm, your choice will depend on the other factors mentioned above.


Final Thoughts

The Sig Sauer and Glock firearms are popular for their durability, reliability, and accuracy. Therefore it’s no surprise that these weapons have dominated the US firearm market for years.

The choice of which firearm to pick will depend on your preferences. If you’re looking for a small, no-frills firearm that‘s light, inexpensive, and easy to conceal, I recommend the Glock. However, if you have bigger hands and are looking for a larger gun with an all-metal feel and outstanding aesthetics, the Sig Sauer is for you.

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