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How Much Does a Dozen of Roses Typically Cost?

If you have ever been in the market for roses for a friend or family member, you may have noticed that the prices can be all over the place. It’s hard to know whether you are getting a reasonable price or getting significantly overcharged. So, I did quite a bit of research, and this article is the result of my findings.

The price of roses can change throughout the year, but costs average out at around $35. The amount will depend on the time of year, length of the stems, arrangement type, and retailer. Some grocery chains will sell roses at much lower prices than boutique florists, but the quality will likely be significantly diminished.

Please read on for further details where I explore the variables that figure into the cost of roses, and I’ll give you some recommendations on where you should and shouldn’t shop when it’s time to buy.

How Much Does a Dozen of Roses Typically Cost?

The price of a dozen roses will often depend on the time of year. Many retailers will increase the price of roses closer to Valentine’s day, and supermarkets will often sell roses cheaper than boutiques and florists.

On average, a dozen high-quality roses will usually cost around $35, but this price can vary extensively. It’s advised to “shop around” before deciding which roses to buy, as the price of roses often reflects their quality.

How Much Does a Single Rose Typically Cost?

A single rose can typically cost between $1 and $4, depending on the time of year.

Rose bouquets and arrangements will often cost more as the florist often adds extra flowers, decorations, and wrapping for presentation purposes. This can often mean that it would be much cheaper to buy 12 single roses and have them cost much less than a traditional arrangement of a dozen roses!

What Affects the Price of Roses?

Several variables can affect the price of roses:

  1. Time of Year- Retailers often mark up their prices closer to Valentine’s day, and roses are usually a lot cheaper in the summer months.
  2. Stem Size- Rose prices will also vary depending on the size of the stem. At wholesale prices, a 60cm stem will cost roughly 95 cents. However, 75cm stems can cost up to a dollar each.
  3. Retailers Vary- Where you’re shopping also makes a big difference. Supermarkets and wholesale retailers such as Costco will most likely have the lowest prices, whereas florists and boutiques will be more expensive. Online retailers are often the most costly, as their prices also incorporate delivery fees that can sometimes amount to $20.
  4. Freshness Matters- Also affecting the price of roses is freshness. If the roses cost more, they are more likely to last longer, smell more potent, and require a little more care to keep them looking their best.

Does Higher Price Mean Better Quality?

While higher price does not always mean better quality, with roses, this sentiment often rings true. Longer stems mean that the roses are going to look more presentable, and the arrangement is going to be able to look more cohesive. However, longer stems are more expensive than short stems, meaning that you will have to pay more for your roses to look better. If a bouquet of a dozen roses costs less than $25, it might not be the best quality.

Buying Roses Online vs. at the Store

While shopping for roses, it is usually wisest to buy at the store. This is not only so you can see the arrangement before you purchase it, but also because rose delivery prices can often be costly. However, if you are buying for someone who lives far away, online is a decent option. I have used The Flower Factory a few times over the years, and mom has been happy every time.

Online retailers frequently have the highest rose prices and, although the quality is usually superb, you can never be sure that your roses will look like they do online. When shopping in-store, you can examine the roses for yourself before purchasing, and often purchase them for a much lower price.

Where Is the Cheapest Place to Buy Roses?

The cheapest place to buy roses is a wholesale retailer such as Costco, or a supermarket. It could be beneficial to you to ask your local florists as well, as they may have specials on, or maybe selling roses for cheaper than retailers. Buying roses online will almost always end up costing a lot more than they would at the store, so it is recommended that you shop in-person instead.

What Are the Typical Rose Prices at Walmart?

A dozen red roses, with a vase, at Walmart, will cost you about $32 plus tax.

There are many different rose types sold at Walmart, including rainbow tie-dye roses for about $40, and traditional colors like pink, yellow, and white for prices between $29 and $36.

Grocery stores are always an excellent, inexpensive option. For example, Kroger owned stores across the US sell a dozen red roses for only about $10 in-store or delivery.


After doing all this research and checking into the prices of roses, I have decided that I will just go to the grocery store the vast majority of the time. Of course, for mom, I will just continue shopping online at The Flower Factory.

I don’t mind paying the extra rate for the additional quality and large selection. After all, she is worth it after putting up with me all these years.

Thanks for stopping by!