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How Much Does Bulletproof Glass Cost? (Based on Your Needs)

Bulletproof glass costs between $25 and $100 per square foot on average, but can reach up to $1,000 for higher-level variants. The cost depends on the glass’s size, type, and level of protection.

The rest of this article will provide an in-depth look at the cost of bulletproof glass for different applications and will explain critical factors influencing the cost. I will also cover the cost of professional installation and address a few frequently asked questions about bulletproof glass.


Cost of Bulletproof Glass for Different Applications

Bulletproof glass can be used in many applications, such as: 

  • Financial institutions
  • Government buildings
  • Residential homes
  • Commercial buildings 
  • Vehicles

Each application requires different materials for varying levels of protection, which will impact the cost. For this reason, bulletproof glasses are typically priced according to their level of protection. 

Levels of Protection Provided by Bulletproof Glass

The Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL), a leading safety certification organization, has developed a classification system for bullet-resistant glass.

The levels of protection range from UL Level 1 to UL Level 8, with each level providing different levels of security. 


Here’s a rundown of the levels and what kind of protection they offer:

  • Level 1 provides the least protection from handguns and other small arms. The glass can stop at least three rounds of 9mm bullets. However, it does not protect from armor-piercing or larger rounds that may be used in rifles. 
  • Level 2 should stop at least three rounds equivalent to .357 magnum handgun slugs. Level 3, on the other hand, should protect against three rounds (or more) of .44 magnum or its equivalent. 
  • Levels 4-8 provide the most advanced levels of protection available for bulletproof glass. These are the highest levels of protection from armor piercing, high-powered rifles, and military-grade weapons.

The table below summarizes the different levels of protection you can get from bulletproof glass, including what force they can withstand:

LevelWeapon TypeCaliber & WeightAmmo# of shotsRecommended Application
1Handgun9mm124 GrainFMCJ LC3Gas stations
Retail stores
Pawn shops
Credit unions
2Handgun.357 Magnum158 GrainJLSP3Large financial institutions
3Handgun.44 Magnum240 GrainLSW GC3Utility offices
Police stations
Federal government buildings
.30-06 Rifle.30 Caliber180 GrainLCSP1High-risk areas & military installations
5AK – 477.62 Rifle.308150 GrainLC FMCJMilitary Ball1High-risk areas & military installations
69 mm Uzi9mm124 GrainLC FMCJ5High-risk areas & military installations
7AR-155.56 Rifle.22355 GrainLC FMCJ5High-risk areas & military installations
8AK-477.62 Rifle.308150 GrainLC FMCJMilitary Ball5High-risk areas & military installations
Test Range 4.6 m

As you can see, from Level 4 to Level 8, the cost of bulletproof glass increases significantly, making it prohibitively expensive for most applications. 

The Cost of Residential Bulletproof Glass

Safety is a top priority for many homeowners, and the cost of security can be worth it. Bulletproof glass is one of the most effective security solutions for homes and can prevent weapons from causing damage to your windows and doors. 


If you want to install residential bulletproof glass, you can expect to shell out anywhere between $3,000 to $25,000. That said, the cost of a complete system for an entire home, including doors and windows, can be upwards of $100,000.

The range of costs for bulletproof glass will depend on the following factors: 

  • How large the window is.
  • How much protection is needed.
  • Type of frame installed. 

Custom designs incorporating additional security measures, such as ballistic curtains or blinds, can further increase the cost of bulletproof glass for residential applications

Level 2-3 bulletproof glass is the most common option for homes, with acrylic and polycarbonate being the most suitable options due to their lightweight nature and ease of installation while still being able to protect against handguns and other small firearms.

Homes that require a higher level of protection should consider investing in Level 4-8 bulletproof glass such as clad polycarbonate. The enhanced protection offered can make a huge difference in keeping intruders and other threats out. Additionally, the sleek appearance of clad polycarbonate bulletproof glass makes it an aesthetically pleasing option for residential applications.

The Cost of Bulletproof Glass for Commercial Buildings

Bulletproof glass is also popular in commercial buildings such as banks, government facilities, and retail stores. These applications require higher levels of protection and enhanced security measures than what is typically used in residential applications. Therefore, high-end bulletproofing is needed to achieve the desired level of security.

Bulletproof glass for commercial buildings costs between $10,000 – $50,000, depending on the size, type, and level of protection needed. Level 3 bulletproof glass is typically used in commercial applications as it provides protection from most high-powered rifles. 

Custom designs, such as bulletproof glass walls or doors incorporating additional security measures, can further increase the cost of bulletproof glass for commercial applications. The cost, therefore, can vary significantly depending on the building’s requirements. 

Some commercial applications, such as transaction windows for banks, may require mid-level security measures, and you may pay a lot less than expected.

Level 3 bulletproof glass is the most popular option for commercial installations due to its cost-effectiveness and the amount of protection it offers. It provides adequate protection for most commercial applications and is more affordable than higher-level bulletproof glass.

Level 4-8 bulletproof glass can also be used in commercial applications, depending on the level of protection desired. It is more expensive than Level 3 bulletproof glass and can significantly increase the cost of the security solution. 

Ultimately, the cost of bulletproof glass will depend on your specific needs and the complexity of the application. It is essential to factor in all costs, considering the protection level needed to meet your security needs.

Cost of Bulletproof Glass for Cars

Bulletproof glass for cars is usually specially designed to protect from ballistic attacks and vehicle explosions. These windows are made of unique ballistic-resistant materials designed to fit into a car’s existing frames.

Bulletproof glass for cars can cost between $3,000 – $20,000, depending on the desired size and level of protection. The cost can vary depending on the thickness of the glass, the type of frame, and any additional security features included. 

Civilian vehicles usually require Level 2 bulletproof glass as it provides the most cost-effective solution for protection from handguns and small arms. 

On the other hand, police cars and armored vehicles that require protection from high-powered rifles and military-grade weapons usually require Level 3 – 8 bulletproof glass. These provide superior protection from armor-piercing rounds and other military-grade weapons. 

Note that bulletproof glass is not a one-size-fits-all solution and that cost-effectiveness should be considered when selecting the right level of protection for your needs.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Bulletproof Glass 

To ensure that you get the best value for money, it is essential to consider the following factors:

Level of Protection

Bulletproof glass comes in different levels of protection, each providing an extra level of security. The thickness of the glass varies depending on the level of protection required, with higher levels resulting in thicker and heavier glass, resulting in a more expensive cost.

Different rifles and handguns require different levels of protection to be stopped, so considering the type of weapon you are defending against is important when deciding on the level of security needed and the associated cost.

Area of Coverage

Bulletproof glass is usually sold in panels or frames that come in a range of sizes. Depending on the size of the area that needs to be covered, you may require multiple panels or frames.

The larger the area, the more panels or frames will be required. This will result in a higher cost due to the increased material needed to cover the entire area.

Type of Glass 

The type of glass used can affect the cost of bulletproof glass. For example, some forms of bulletproof glass are made from a combination of different materials to provide the highest level of protection. These bulletproof glass panels can be more expensive than those made from standard tempered glass.

The five most common types are: 

  • laminated glass 
  • polycarbonate 
  • insulated ballistic glass 
  • acrylics 
  • glass-clad polycarbonate 

Laminated glass and polycarbonate are the most common types of bulletproof glass. 

Each type of glass has different characteristics that affect its performance and cost. Understanding what kind of protection is required and being aware of the cost implications will help you make an informed decision.

Custom Design

Customizing the bulletproof glass to fit your needs can add to the cost. This could include additional security features such as: 

  • Anti-shatter film
  • Reinforced frames
  • Bulletproof shutters 

These additional features can significantly increase the cost but may be necessary depending on the application. 

How Much Does It Cost to Install Bulletproof Glass?

Manufacturing costs are only one factor in the total cost of bulletproof glass. Installation costs must also be considered, particularly for large or complex applications. Installing bulletproof glass can be a complicated process, so it’s essential to work with experienced professionals who understand the challenges of the job.

The installation cost for bulletproof glass will vary depending on the size, complexity, and level of protection required. It can range from $500 to $5,000 for a single window or panel, while larger projects with multiple panels or frames can cost upwards of $10,000.

Depending on the manufacturer, installation costs may be included in the total cost of the bulletproof glass, so it’s important to check with your supplier. However, if the supplier does not include installation, it is recommended that you use an experienced professional to ensure the job is completed correctly and at the highest safety standards.

FAQs About Bulletproof Glass

Here are a few frequently asked questions about bulletproof glass:

Can a Civilian Own Bulletproof Glass?

A civilian can own bulletproof glass. However, the level of protection required for their own vehicle will usually be much lower than that needed for a police or military vehicle as they do not typically face the same threat level. 

How Can I Purchase Bullet Proof Glass?

You can purchase bulletproof glass from several suppliers specializing in installing and maintaining ballistic protection products. Most reputable suppliers will be able to provide advice and guidance on the most cost-effective solution for your specific needs.

Do I Need Professional Installation?

Hiring a professional to install your bulletproof glass is highly recommended. The installation process is complex, and any mistakes can significantly reduce the product’s effectiveness. Professional installation also ensures that it is appropriately fitted for optimal performance. 

Can Bulletproof Windows Roll Down?

Bulletproof windows can roll down. Certain types of bulletproof glass can be fitted into roll-down windows to provide enhanced protection without compromising aesthetics or natural light. However, this installation is usually more expensive than standard bulletproof glass. 

What is the Difference Between Bulletproof and Bullet Resistant Glass?

Bulletproof and bullet-resistant glass are terms used interchangeably to describe glass that can stop bullets. There are no materials that are actually “bulletproof,” just those that can resist damage from bullets with varying degrees of effectiveness.   


Bulletproof glass is essential for various applications, including vehicles and buildings. The cost of bulletproof glass should be weighed against its protection level.

Professional assistance is highly recommended to ensure that the bulletproof glass is installed correctly and performs optimally. However, most reputable suppliers provide installation services to ensure the job is done correctly.

By understanding the various types of bulletproof glass available, the level of protection they provide, and their associated costs, you can make an informed decision about outfitting your vehicle or building with this essential form of protection.

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