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How to Fix Runny Apple Crisp (And Avoid It)

When trying a new or old recipe, there is always the possibility that it won’t turn out as expected. It can be overwhelming for inexperienced bakers to know how to fix a recipe that isn’t turning out correctly. So, how can someone fix runny apple crisp, and what are some ways to avoid it?

Adding a bit of flour or cornstarch to the filling can fix apple crisp that is too runny. Before baking apple crisp, use apples that have less water can reduce the amount of liquid produced while it bakes in order to keep it from getting runny.

After many years of trial and error on the ways to avoid (and fix) runny apple crisp, the following information has been compiled below to help people eliminate the worry of their dessert not turning out right.

1. Add Flour


The easiest way to thicken apple crisp filling that turned out too runny is by simply adding some flour to the mixture. Flour is often used by bakers to thicken fillings that are too runny.

It is important to add the flour a little bit at a time. This can help an individual achieve the wanted consistency without worrying about changing the overall texture of the mixture. Many bakers add only a teaspoon of flour at a time, mixing in more until the desired consistency is reached. This helps you avoid making the mixture grainy rather than just thickening it.

Not only is this a rather simple way to thicken the filling, but it can easily be done because you will likely have the flour near you as you make the apple crisp filling, as it is an ingredient in most apple crips recipes.

2. Add Cornstarch

A bowl with corn starch

Similar to adding flour, a little bit of cornstarch can be used to thicken the filling mixture of a runny apple crisp. Cornstarch is another commonly used thickener in the baking world.

The cornstarch will absorb some of the excess liquid in the apple crisp filling, which will make it less runny.

Similar to flour, it is important that a baker doesn’t add the cornstarch too quickly. It can be easy to cause the apple crisp to become grainy when using cornstarch as a thickener. This is why many simply add a teaspoon at a time and regularly check the texture of the filling.

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Avoiding Runny Apple Crisp

Warm Baked Apple Crisp or Apple Crumble Dessert in a Bowl with a Spoon

There are many other ways that allow a person to thicken their apple crisp. Unlike flour and cornstarch, many of these other methods are used before baking the apple crisp and allow someone the chance to avoid having a runny apple crisp.

Each of these methods for avoiding runny apple crisps can help you achieve the desired consistency for the apple mixture. Each of these methods has a few things that should be considered before an individual decides to add it to their apple crisp recipe.

Switching the Type of Apples

The easiest way to avoid baking a runny apple crisp is by finding a type of apple that doesn’t have as much water as other types of apples, which means there isn’t a lot of liquid to be cooked out during the baking process, which allows the apple crisp to maintain the correct consistency.

The two best types of apples for apple crisp are Granny Smith and Golden Delicious. Neither of these types of apples contain a lot of water or juice, which makes them perfect for when someone is trying to avoid a runny filling when baking.

While there are types of apples that are great to use while baking, there are certain types of apples that are not recommended for apple crisps. Gala, Fuji, or Red Delicious apples tend to result in a runnier filling because these apples tend to be mushier and contain more water than Granny Smith or Golden Delicious apples.

Adding Dried Apples to the Filling

When baking an apple crisp, some people opt to add unsweetened dried apples to the filling. Dried apples are able to absorb some of the excess liquid that is rendered out when the dessert is being baked, which is why they are great to add to an apple filling that you don’t want to be very runny.

The biggest reason that some people decide to not add dried apples to their apple filling is the fact that some notice the difference in the apples that have been rehydrated by the rendered liquids. Some have noticed that these rehydrated apples tend to have more of a crunch than the normal apples used in the filling.

Homemade dried organic apple slices

Including Tapioca in the Filling

Another way people avoid baking runny apple crisps is by adding a small amount of tapioca to the filling mixture before baking. This allows the filling to become thicker while being baked without needing to add more to the mixture after baking.

A small amount of tapioca can go a long way in an apple crisp recipe. Many recommend adding only about 1/4 to 1/3 cup of tapioca for every 8 apples being used in a recipe.

Some people decide they are not a fan of this method because adding too much tapioca can change the texture of the apple crisp. However, if the right amount of tapioca is used, most don’t even notice the added ingredient.

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Reducing Filling on Stove Top

Rather than simply adding the filling straight to the apple crisp, some have noticed that it is beneficial to allow the filling to cook and reduce on the stovetop before mixing it with the remaining ingredients and baking.

This allows the filling to thicken without needing to add any extra ingredients to help with the thickening process.

Overall, there are many things that you can do to thicken an apple crisp filling that is too runny.