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How to Fix Runny Tuna Salad (And Avoid It)

When trying a new recipe, it can be easy for it to not turn out right, which can result in you needing to find a way to salvage it. This is something that can be very stressful for people who are just learning how to cook. So, how can you fix runny tuna salad, and what are some things you can do to avoid making runny tuna salad?

To fix runny tuna salad, drain off excess liquid with a sieve. This gives room for someone to add more to the tuna salad to get it to the right consistency. For many, adding mayonnaise after draining off the extra liquid can easily get it to be the right consistency.

It can be overwhelming when a beginner needs to figure out a way to salvage a recipe that didn’t turn out how it should have. There are many tips and suggestions that can be found online, which can make it difficult for people to find what method will work best for them. After conducting research pertaining to ways to fix runny tuna salad, the following information has been compiled below to help people fix their tuna salad and avoid making it runny in the future.

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Reasons Tuna Salad Turns Out Runny

A common mistake that is made by people who are making tuna salad for the first time is that they don’t drain off all of the liquid that canned tuna is stored in. If you drain off all of the liquid, you ensure that the tuna salad isn’t starting with too much liquid before adding any other ingredients. When the tuna isn’t fully drained, it makes it really easy to accidentally make the tuna salad runny.

Another reason, that tuna salad turns out runny is because too much liquid is being added to the mixture. There are a lot of options to be used when making tuna salad. However, adding too much of any liquid ingredients can result in a runny tuna salad.

Before attempting to fix tuna salad that turned out too runny, it is important to figure out what could have been the cause for it being so runny. The cause for this wrong consistency can determine which method is best to salvage the tuna salad.

Understanding what caused the tuna salad to be runny can help you avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

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Why Drain off Excess Liquid?

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When tuna salad is made, and it is too runny, the first step to salvaging it is simply draining off the excess liquid. Many have come to learn that using a sieve to drain off this excess water is the easiest option. This allows people to get off as much liquid without having to worry about losing any of the other ingredients in the tuna salad.

Most people have learned that it is easier to drain the liquid off rather than trying to add things in an attempt to thicken runny tuna salad. This gives them the chance to be able to fix the tuna salad that they made without adding more ingredients.

Why add Mayonnaise to Thicken Tuna Salad?

Many tuna salad recipes call for mayonnaise. This ingredient can also be used as a way to thicken tuna salad. If a batch of tuna salad only has a little bit of extra liquid, adding more mayonnaise can thicken it without changing the texture.

When thickening a recipe, it can be challenging to find a way to thicken it without changing the texture or taste of the dish. Luckily for people needing to thicken their tuna salad, adding a little bit more mayonnaise at a time helps to thicken runny tuna salad without adding so much mayonnaise that it changes the overall taste of the tuna salad. However, keep in mind that many people don’t like an excessive amount of mayonnaise in their tuna salad.

Alternatives to Mayonnaise

There are a few alternatives to mayonnaise when putting it in tuna salad. These alternatives can also be used as a way to thicken tuna salad that is just slightly runny.

The most common substitution for mayonnaise in tuna salad is plain Greek yogurt. This type of yogurt has a similar consistency to mayonnaise, which allows it to be a substitution without changing the consistency or texture of the tuna salad.

While using plain Greek yogurt as a substitution for mayonnaise is the healthier option, the biggest drawback is the change in flavor. Most people who use Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise often find themselves adding more seasonings or lemon juice to their tuna salad in an attempt to make the tuna salad taste like it usually does.

Another used alternative to mayonnaise in tuna salad is avocado. While this substitution does change the flavor of the tuna salad, it has a similar texture to mayonnaise when mashed.

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Doubling the Batch

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If a batch of tuna salad has a lot of excess liquid, some people find it easy to simply drain another can of tuna and mix it into the runny tuna salad. This can allow you to quickly salvage runny tuna salad without having to spend too much time trying to figure out what the best method for fixing this particular batch is.

The biggest drawback to simply doubling a batch to lessen the excess liquid is that there is twice as much tuna salad to be eaten. This is the main reason that most people decide not to use this method unless they have a family large enough to eat that much tuna salad before it goes bad.

Ways to Avoid Runny Tuna Salad

For some, it is easier to know ways to avoid making runny tuna salad rather than having to try and salvage the tuna salad they have made. The easiest way to avoid runny tuna salad is to ensure as much liquid is drained off from the canned tuna as possible.

In addition to thoroughly draining the tuna, measuring out all the ingredients for the tuna salad can help ensure that there is not too much liquid being added. By closely following the instructions on the tuna salad recipe, people are able to ensure that their tuna salad turns out exactly how it is supposed to.

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