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The 2 Best Storage Containers for RVs | You Only Need These

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Traveling in an RV is one of the best ways to go camping. There’s so much space, but the cabinets and dresser drawers are often far too small. The good news is that you can use storage containers to bring more belongings with you on every trip. So, what are the best storage containers for RV travel?

The Sterilite 64-Quart Tote is excellent for large areas, while the Sterilite 66-quart Ultra Storage Box is better for sliding it underneath the bed. If you have extra room in the side compartments, then you can throw the tote inside. Otherwise, get the under-the-bed boxes.

Throughout this article, you’ll also learn about the following information:

  • Details about both storage containers
  • Figure out which one you should choose
  • What to look for when you’re buying storage containers

The Best Container for RV Side Compartments

Storage containers are often a necessity for RVers, especially if they haven’t had to deal with the minimalist transition. Most RVs simply don’t have enough space to store additional items. They’re usually composed of a handful of cabinets and two to four drawers for clothing. By using the Sterilite 64-Quart Tote, you can greatly expand your storage options.

With 64-quarts per container, you’ll be able to store kitchen supplies, additional bathroom tissue, blankets, clothing, food, and more. They’re spacious and easy to slide around, thanks to the smooth underside. The top is also designed to stack with other containers of the same type, saving even more space.

The lids on these containers are one of the main reasons that most people end up buying this kind over any other. They latch underneath the lip of the top of the container, providing a tight seal, so nothing falls out. All you have to do is place the lid on top, fold the clips around, and they latch immediately. To remove the latches, simply pull them upward.

Another benefit of using these tubs is that they’re clear, so you can see everything inside without having to dig through its contents, even if in storage bags. Clearly mark the supplies with a market on the white lid, or simply look right inside to find the items that you need.

Made out of heavy-duty plastic, these storage containers don’t call for any extra support or protection. They can bend slightly without breaking, and they’re not going to break from being frozen. They’re also designed to be dropped, lifted, and pushed around without showing signs of wear and tear.

The Best Storage Box for Underneath RV Beds

Unfortunately, not all RVs come with enough storage options. Some of them have places that are too small for 64-quart containers, while others don’t have anything at all. However, something that all RVs have in common in the space underneath the bed. The Sterilite 66-Quart Ultra Storage Box is the best container to slide under.

Whether you have an elevated bed that sits on a frame or a bed that has to be lifted for storage access, these boxes will work. They come with four wheels, one in each corner. Slide it right under and pull it out in seconds without having to lift the container every time you want to use it.

Much like the previous storage box by Sterilite in the section above, these ultra boxes have latches that fold under to secure the lid in place. They’re also indented to help you carry it easier without it slowly falling out of your hands. When it comes to ease of use, nothing beats these storage containers for RV owners.

Since the container is long in length but short in height, the company added a folding lid. You’ll be able to open the lid halfway, so you don’t have to unlatch both sides. When you’re done using it, simply close the lid and fold the latch closed again.

The clear plastic used in these storage bins is the same material as the containers mentioned in the first section. It’s designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures to prevent it from cracking or melting when it’s in your RV. They’re also incredibly durable compared to the thin, cheap plastic used in low-budget storage boxes.

What Should You Look For?

Buying storage containers for your motorhome might seem easy enough, but there are all sorts of options to look out for if you can. Instead of settling for the first one that you come across, you might be able to find bigger, better, longer-lasting bins that you’ll have for countless years to come. Let’s check out the five things to consider before you buy storage containers for your RV.

  1. First and foremost, think about how much storage you need. The containers mentioned in this post are 64 quarts and 66 quarts, respectively. If you need less, you can still benefit from having extra space for other items. They both come in sets with varying quantities, so you can get, however many you need.
  2. Do you need a tall, short-in-length container or a long, short-in-height container? The dimensions are crucial since you’re the only one who knows where they’ll be going. Make sure you take measurements of your RV to figure out where you can put the containers before you buy them.
  3. Are wheels a necessity? Whether you have back or wrist problems or simply prefer the luxury of sliding a container around with ease, wheels are an excellent addition. They don’t add too much to the cost total, but they definitely add quite a bit of convenience when you need it.
  4. Will you be stacking the containers? If so, consider getting a set that’s meant to stack. Look at the grooves on top of the boxes to see if they’re notched for another box to go on top. For reference, view the two Sterilite containers reviewed in this article. They’re both made to be stacked.
  5. What’s it made out of? This might seem like a pointless question since most containers are made from plastic but check the thickness. Most storage bins that have a price that seems too good to be true are made with fragile, thin plastic. The purchase might be nice on your wallet, but you’ll have to keep buying more when they break.

Do You Need Additional Storage Containers in an RV?

Storage bins aren’t always a necessity if you have enough room in your RV. The problem is that most of us aren’t used to having to reduce the belongings that we have when it’s time to go on a vacation. RVs are known for offering a slice of home wherever you go, but they’re just that; A slice. If you need the whole space, bring a set of containers.

When it’s time to load up your containers, always try to have them on a dolly or in the RV before you pile in your belongings. There’s no point in having to lug around a filled box if you don’t have to, and some of them include wheels or latches to carry around easily.

Final Thoughts

Once you get the best storage container for your RV, you’ll be able to carry many more items than ever before. Review the capacity, check out the additional features mentioned throughout this article, and pick the one that works for your situation.

Here’s a quick recap:

  • Not all storage bins are made the same. Check out the materials and size before buying one.
  • Keep an eye out for wheels, latches, and notches.
  • If your RV doesn’t have enough storage, don’t suffer. Get a storage container.

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