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The 4 Best .300 Win Mag Rifles (For Any Budget)

The .300 Winchester Magnum cartridge was developed in the early 1960s as a long-range round. The range on a .300 Win Mag weapon typically reaches around 1,200 yards (1,097.28 meters), making it perfect for the type of shooting it was designed for. It’s a favorite among hunters and is even used by the U.S. Military as their go-to sniper munition.

Keep reading to learn more about what makes these .300 Win Mag rifles stand out from the rest, as well as some details on what makes the .300 Winchester Magnum such an excellent cartridge.

1. Best .300 Win Mag Rifle Under $1,000: Remington Model 700


The Remington Model 700 is an affordable, bolt-action, center-fire rifle with a fantastic weight-to-size ratio. The barrel measures 26 inches (66.04 cm), with the gun itself reaching 47 inches (119.38cm). The rifle weighs about 9 pounds (4.08 kg), which is reasonably lightweight considering its caliber.

The magazine is fixed with a three-round capacity. Some variants can hold four rounds, with one in the chamber. There are a number of finishes available, with either standard polymer or M40 Tactical stocks.

This rifle has found extensive use as a long-range rifle for law enforcement agencies, with some models even being used for sharpshooters in the U.S. Military. All Remington Model 700 variants come with Remington’s patented X-Mark Pro trigger system, giving them a light pull for better accuracy and ease of use.

One of the main draws of the Remington Model 700 is the price. Most outlets sell the rifle for under $1000, making it much more affordable than many comparable alternatives. This model is also very durable and accurate, making it an excellent middle-of-the-road option for hunters who don’t want to break the bank.

The different variants of the Remington Model 700 come in a wide range of materials and finishes. You can also get your rifle chambered for a number of different calibers, which means you’ll even have options if you want to go with something lighter than the .300 Winchester Magnum.

However, there are some drawbacks to the Remington Model 700. Back in February of 2017, these rifles were actually part of a large-scale recall from the manufacturer. The recall was related to unsafe trigger mechanisms that had been manufactured on some Model 700s and Model Sevens from Remington.

Therefore, if you get a used model, there’s a chance you may be purchasing one of these improperly manufactured rifles. However, if you have a Model 700 manufactured between 2006 and 2014, you can send the gun in to Remington for them to inspect, clean, test it, and return it for free.

Overall, if you want to use an iconic gun with a classical design without breaking the bank, the Remington Model 700 is a great option. The many variants allow you to grab one that suits your particular needs, and the gun is accurate and durable to boot.

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2. Best .300 Win Mag Rifle Out of the Box: Winchester Model 70


The Winchester Model 70 Super Grade is another classic rifle chambered for the .300 Winchester Magnum. In fact, it’s one of the most iconic rifles designed to fire the round. The stock is made with walnut wood, with a tip made from ebony at the front end.

Aside from being a very aesthetic rifle, the standard configuration makes it very effective out-of-the-box. The recoil lug is forged in between the barrel and receiver, making it a solid construction that retains the original Winchester feel.

Hunters are fond of the safety design of the Winchester Model 70 Super Grade due to its robust nature. The three-point safety allows the shooter to recognize whether or not it’s engaged at a glance while also allowing for easy operation with the thumb of the dominant arm.

The Rifle is 46 inches (116.84 cm) long, with a weight of 8.5 pounds (3.85 kg). The weight-to-size ratio is actually a bit better than the Remington Model 700, making it an excellent choice for hunters that don’t want to lug around a heavy rifle all day while they’re tracking game.

One of the main disadvantages of the Winchester Model 70 Super Grade is its price. The rifle itself is of exceptional quality and features a classic design along with the unparalleled quality that comes with it. However, it’s typically priced much higher than other options on this list to compensate for the difference in quality.

One notable factor in selecting a Winchester Model 70 Super Grade is that the rifle design was altered in 1964 to compete with the Remington Model 700. For this reason, the quality of the rifles declined with time for them to be able to match the price of the Remington.

Accordingly, pre-1964 models of the Model 70 Super Grade are rarer and more expensive than newer models.

Overall, the Winchester Model 70 Super Grade is an excellent choice if you want a classic rifle design that’s accurate and durable right out of the box. The price is a bit steeper, but it’s well worth it if you want an effective hunting or target shooting rifle that is fantastic to use as-is.

3. Best Lightweight .300 Win Mag Rifle: Weatherby Mark V


The Weatherby Mark V Sporter is one of the best options offered by Weatherby. The main draw of this rifle is that it’s extremely lightweight, as the name would suggest. The barrel measures at 24 inches (60.96 cm) long, with the rifle weighing in at 8 pounds.

In addition to being lightweight, the rifle is also quite accurate and high-quality. The fixed magazine can hold three rounds. These qualities make the rifle an excellent choice for hunting, although target shooters might also be satisfied with this model.

The hand-lapped barrel and LXX trigger make the gun quite accurate while retaining a lightweight and smooth action. The trigger itself is also wider, allowing for greater contact between the mechanism and your trigger finger.

The trigger mechanism can be adjusted down to 2.5 pounds (1.13 kg), making it an excellent alternative to use in a variety of circumstances. Considering this quality along with the rifle’s composite stock and elegant design, you’ll be able to understand how the firearm manages to be so lightweight while retaining functionality and accuracy.

Of course, the weapon being smaller also has its drawbacks. The magazine capacity is relatively limited at three rounds, and the smaller grip may be a detriment to shooters who are used to larger weapons. The price is also typically higher than other options on this list.

Another drawback of the Weatherby Mark V Ultra Lightweight is that lightweight rifles tend to absorb recoil less efficiently compared to heavier alternatives. Although this remains true in the case of the Weatherby Mark V, it’s still one of the most accurate rifles with this kind of size-to-weight ratio.

Weatherby guarantees a .99 inch (2.51 cm) grouping when using their proprietary ammunition with this rifle. That’s an impressive guarantee, and tests performed on the weapon seem to reaffirm this claim. If you want an accurate, high-quality rifle that also boasts one of the lightest constructions for this caliber, the Weatherby Mark V Ultra Lightweight is an excellent choice for you.

4. Most Accurate .300 Win Mag Rifle: Browning X-Bolt


The Browning X-Bolt comes in many different variations. You can find specific models made for target shooting, long-range shooting, and hunting, meaning that you’ll be able to find a design that’s best suited to your needs.

The standard variant has a 26 inch (66.04 cm) barrel and weighs in at 7 pounds (3.17 kg). This makes it relatively lightweight and with an excellent size-to-weight ratio. The barrel, bolt, and receiver are all stainless steel, and the standard variation has a composite stock.

The construction of the rifle makes it very durable while still retaining accuracy. The trigger is also adjustable, allowing for an easier pull for those who need a more accurate shot.

The Western Hunter Long Range variant also features a height-adjustable cheekpiece that allows you to customize for better eye alignment with the sights on the rifle. This also allows you to compensate for the different shooting angles when hunting.

The increased accuracy of these rifles comes mainly from the barrel design. Specifically, all Browning X-Bolt variants are button-rifled, air-gauged, and hand-chambered. These mechanisms all add to the overall accuracy of the rifle itself. The bolt action also has a bolt unlock button, allowing the weapon to be cycled while the safety is engaged.

Like the Weatherby Mark V, the magazine on the Browning-Bolt is somewhat limited at three rounds. Some variants allow for an extra round in the chamber in addition to the previous three in the magazine. The price for these rifles can vary greatly depending on which variant you choose, but they generally fall in the mid-range compared to other options on this list.

Overall, if you’re looking for an exceptionally accurate rifle with a reasonable price and many different variations to choose from, the Browning X-Bolt is an excellent option. Many of them are also easily fitted with accessories such as scopes for shooting longer-range targets.

How To Choose the Right Rifle?

Man Aims a Rifle at Gun Counter in a Shop

According to Union Sportsmen’s Alliance, choosing the right .300 Win Mag rifle will heavily depend on your needs. For example, depending on whether you’re looking to hunt or target shoot, the ideal firearm for you could widely differ. Generally, however, there are a few standard factors you’d need to consider when picking a .300 Win Mag rifle.

To choose the right rifle, you’ll need to find a balance between cost, accuracy, weight, and durability. Some additional factors that can affect your choice include accessories, action type, and aesthetic appeal. 

If you’re looking for a rifle for target shooting, then consistent accuracy will likely be the most important selling point. However, if you’re into hunting, it might be worth it to go with something more durable and reliable in different weather conditions.

For both hunting and target shooting, bolt-action rifles are generally preferred due to their reliability and accuracy. However, some hunters may prefer semi-automatic options due to their ease of use and faster action.

The .300 Win mag is designed primarily for accuracy and range. That’s why all the rifles on the list above are bolt-action.

What Shoots a .300 Win Mag?

Many guns shoot .300 Winchester Magnum rounds. The round is most commonly used in rifles for target shooting and hunting. However, you can find some handguns chambered to use the round as well.

The .300 Win Mag is particularly popular for long-range target shooters and hunters. Accordingly, many of the most popular .300 Win Mag rifles fall into one of these two categories. 

Target shooters will prefer more accurate rifles such as the Weatherby Mark V Ultra Lightweight. In comparison, hunters typically go for something more robust, such as the Browning X-Bolt Stalker.

Is .300 Win Mag Too Big for Deer?

Loaded cartridges 300 Win Mag

Some hunters who try using a .300 Win Mag rifle for hunting deer may find that the caliber is more powerful than necessary. Leaving a massive wound in your kill is less than optimal but the effective range of most .300 Win Mag rifles still makes them a popular choice for deer hunting.

The .300 Win Mag is considered too big for deer by many hunters. However, there are many hunters that don’t mind using a .300 Win Mag on deer, as the firearm’s advantages far outweigh the messy kill. 

One of the most attractive qualities of this model is its affordability. Additionally, there’s a large number of weapons available to consumers that are chambered for the .300 Win Mag. The ammunition has been in constant production since its introduction in 1963. The round is also popular for reloading due to the availability of projectiles and brass for this caliber.