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10 Best Options for SUV Gun Storage

The Bureau of Justice released some statistics that showed that over 1.4 million firearms were stolen between 2005-2010. Most of those guns were stolen from cars. That makes it essential to store your firearms in a safe and secure place when traveling. 

When considering SUV gun storage, you can find options like a locked safe box, a concealed container that is fixed to the interior, under the SUV, big sky racks, or get a micro vault. All these locations can keep your firearms safe. 

There are other creative ways to store your gun in an SUV. Read on to find out some more options for gun storage in an SUV. 

Back of SUV With Gun Over a Box with a Question Mark

Big Sky Racks

Big sky racks are an excellent way to store your firearms in your SUV. They come with a telescoping tube and square tube construction that makes it simple for you to fit it into a vehicle. You can tighten the brackets with set screws to ensure they stay in place. 

Some racks have padded foam inside the firearm brackets, and that prevents your firearm from being scratched. While this option doesn’t lock, it’s an economical and convenient way to transport your guns to ensure that they don’t take lots of space. You can opt for single or double-firearm configurations. 

Locked Safe Box

If you’d rather not install a custom concealed compartment in your SUV, you can opt for a locked safe box for storing a revolver or pistol. Although getting a safe box is detectable in case your vehicle is broken into, the intruder will take time to get that safe out. 

The best thing about a locked safe box is that you can safely store your gun when you need to go where firearms are forbidden, like postal offices or courthouses. 

You can use the compartments to store quick-loaders for revolvers or backup pistol magazines. 

When getting a locked safe box, the best thing is to mount it in a safe place and do your best to conceal it. A gun safe with a biometric lock is ideal as it’s accessible with the touch of your fingers. Here is one that I highly recommend, found on Amazon. It has fingerprint identification for extra safety and protection against prying fingers.

Some companies specialize in custom design concealed compartments that you need to open by mechanical means. When closed, the safes look like any other facet of the vehicle. That doesn’t alert the thieves of any firearm storage. 

These companies work with vehicle models to ensure that the compartment is compatible with the other panels. You’ll need a secret code or button to open these compartments.  

Under the Steering Column Holster

If you’re looking for something simple to install, a holster under the steering column is an excellent option. The holster is designed to fit your pistol, and it comes with two clips with a hook and loop strap. The strap adjusts to the sides and the panel below the steering column. The holster holds the gun discreetly and safely while giving you a natural draw when you are in a seated position. 

Console Vault

A console vault is a fantastic way to transport your firearms. These vaults have 12-gauge cold-rolled plate steel vaults with a 5-point locking system. There are high-security barrel locks to secure your guns. The best part is that the vault fits into your SUV’s existing console easily.

Once you close the lid, the vault is invisible, which reduces unwanted attention to your SUV while also allowing quick access to your gun in the event of an emergency.

You can find a vault that fits your specific vehicle model. With a console vault, you can enjoy high-level security and quick access to your guns and safe.

Handgun Holster

You can mount the gear handgun holster to the vehicle directly. Some manufacturers use steel-frame to construct holsters that make it challenging for thieves to steal your gun. It also provides quick access to you as the driver.

The holster comes with a quick-flip bale lock to prevent the gun from being drawn. A key lock enables you to open the bale when you need quick access to your firearm. 

You can mount the handgun holster in various positions like the airbox system, under the vehicle, or at the gear place. The interior has a lining to protect your guns from interior damage. 

Here is a model that is “quickdraw” and is great for concealing in center consoles.

Titan Handgun Vault

Another option for SUV gun storage is the Titan Handgun Vault. These vaults have an aircraft-grade 14-gauge hardened steel construction to protect your firearm from external elements and quick access to the gun by a burglar. 

When you open the unit, the holster and firearm move out thanks to the springs that allow instant access. You can also remove the entire unit from the mounting bracket using a lever inside the vault. This type of vault uses a battery-less mechanical lock system with multiple combinations.

The Armloc Secure Case

The Armloc Secure Case provides a convenient way to carry your gun in an SUV. It locks with a three-number combination lock, or you can opt for the key. The best part is that you can program the combination to any number you like. 

There’s an inbuilt light that illuminates the combination lock for night-time access. Unlike other gun storage cases, the Armloc has a unique design that allows it to lock the whole safe, including the bracket. That makes it impossible for any thief to steal your gun. The hardened kevlar on the exterior makes the case durable and stronger than steel. 

Car Rifle Bag

The car rifle bag has straps that you attach to the back of your SUV’s front seats. That gives you easy access to scoped hunting rifles, carbines, and AR pistols. You’ll only need to unbuckle the restraining straps and get your firearm out. 

On the downside, the car rifle bag isn’t a secure way to store your gun in a vehicle. In some states, you can use the car rifle go bag with the AR pistols loaded in the car. 

TruckVault Customizable Vault

The other option to consider for SUV gun storage is TruckVault’s customizable vaults. You can get one for an SUV or truck. These vaults are made from a medium-density overlay, similar to what you find on signboards. That construction makes it challenging for burglars to get into the vault. 

The custom fit also gives you plenty of options, which means you can choose to place it on the spare tire. All you’ll need to do is to lower the spare tire. You can place the vault inside the rim and crank the tire back. That acts as a convenient storage area. 

You can also opt to have it on the tailgate if you have bolts and screws that hold it together. The interiors of the TruckVault maximize space as they provide you with ample room to safely store all your ammo and firearms. The manufacturer includes all the hardware and directions needed for installation. 

Stack-On Portable Locking Case

The Stack-on Portable Locking Case offers a compact way of transporting a handgun in your SUV. Apart from being a TSA-approved case, the portable and lightweight case also provides a convenient place to store your licenses, credit cards, keys, and more.


Transporting firearms in your SUV can be a pain, to say the least. However, with the SUV gun storage options above, you should have an easier time moving your gun from one point to another.

Just make sure you know the state laws, unload and case firearms before transporting them, separate the ammo from the handgun, and observe gun safety measures. We will not be held responsible if any of these options or products violate laws in your area or if the products are used incorrectly.

I hope this article has been helpful. Thanks for reading!

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