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10 Best Types Of Crackers For Brie And Jam

Brie is a versatile cheese that goes well with sweet or savory accompaniments and is most excellent served with jam.

Most folks will enjoy this type of cracker with brie and jam. Traditionally, most preferred plainer crackers that would not override the taste of the brie, which is supposed to be the star in this combination.

Here are ten more types of crackers to pair with them. Choose the one that best matches your individual taste.

1. Sesame or Seeded Crackers

Sesame or seeded crackers are an excellent accompaniment for brie and jam. Nuts and seeds add dimension and complexity that is sheer pleasure for your palate. Moreover, they match the intention of the jam, which is heated fruits that complement the cheese and the cracker completely.

They are a perfect combination for the jam and pair well with the cheese. Balance is key when using sesame or seeded crackers, so use the correct amount of brie and jam to get an exciting combination.

Many people prepare these crackers at home, making them freshly from scratch. If you prepare them correctly, the combination of brie and jam is out of this world.

2. Whole Wheat Crackers

These are a healthier alternative to crackers because they are made of whole wheat, as the name says it. In addition, these types of crackers are rich in fiber and many things, such as vitamins, antioxidants, magnesium, and potassium.

At the same time, they are amazingly delicious and match brie and jam perfectly. They often come in a rounded, squared, or even rectangular shape. They will bring even a little more sweetness to your mouth when combined with brie and jam.

3. Grissini Sticks

Also known as Grissini breadsticks. These are frequently spotted on cheese boards or charcuterie boards because of their long shape and incredible taste. They are easy to serve, and you can quickly dip them in cheese or jam bowls and mix them with no issue.

Grissini sticks can bring a unique taste. In addition, they are aesthetically pleasing when presenting these snacks on a table full of other foods.

4. Nut and Rice Crackers

Many people describe these as salty —in a good way— and perfectly seasoned. They have a great texture that works surprisingly well with brie and jam.

As you might know, brie is highly fluffy on the inside. On the other side, jam is naturally sweet, making an irreplaceable combination of salty, sweet, and crunchy with the perfect balance between these three things: nut and rice crackers, jam, and brie.

Some variations contain almonds, which give a lighter and sweeter (but healthy) touch to everything.

5. Sea Salt Crackers

As you can see from the name, these crackers are rich in a salty flavor compared to many others. Yet, not everyone loves them. It all depends on how much you like salt on your crackers (or even in general).

However, in my experience, the sweet and salty mix rarely misses, and a variety of people discover that they enjoy this combo.

If you already know that you like this blend of tastes in your mouth, you will probably love sea salt crackers with brie and jam. Regarding appearance, they tend to be square or round-shaped, like most crackers on the market.

6. Rosemary Raisin Pecan Crackers

These crackers can step up your brie and jam. Rosemary, raisins, and pecans are a unique combination that might sound crazy to some, but it is actually pretty good. To get out of the ordinary plain water or the regular whole wheat crackers, try to introduce rosemary raisin pecan crackers to your cheese, charcuterie, or whichever board you serve with snacks containing crackers, brie, and jam. The fantastic taste is due to the dried fruit and the hit of sweet and salty flavors. Besides this, they also have a luxurious and outstanding look that makes them stand out from others.

If you want to step out of the ordinary plain water or the regular whole wheat crackers, this is the cracker for you.

7. Artisan Crackers

The magic behind these crackers is the taste. Every single artisan cracker is made differently compared to other plain old regular varieties. It all comes down to how artisan crackers are made and then baked. This process requires the hard work of craftworkers that prepare the food and make it “artisanal.” They are a match made in heaven for brie and jam.

Artisan cracks come in many flavors, like natural, roasted garlic, toasted sesame, rosemary, and many more.

Pro Tip: Try brie and jam on wheat and gluten-free artisan crackers like these, shown on Amazon. I always make sure I include some digestive-friendly options.

8. Plain White Crackers

These are often called water crackers because of their primary and tasteless flavor. This might sound less exciting, but they are perfect for brie and jam.

The combination of brie and jam is solid and firm because it mixes the stand-out taste of the cheese and the sweet touch of the jam. When you take those flavors and bring them to a plain white/water cracker, it transforms it from plain to something entirely different. It brings everything together and adds crunchiness to the whole thing.

9. Herb Crackers

The majority of herb crackers are homemade. But they can be found at certain groceries and whole food stores. They are often made with olive oil and whole wheat pastry. The herbs complement the brie and jam because they give more flavor to the cracker. If you do not like tasteless crackers, this is your best “safe” option.

If you decide to make them yourself, you will need a small variety of different herbs to complement your crackers. Here is an excellent and easy-to-make recipe that I recommend.

10. Sourdough Crackers

The main difference between herb and sourdough crackers is the way they are made. Herb crackers can be made in multiple ways; however, sourdough is made by mixing bacteria and yeast, and as a result, it keeps growing after being mixed with water and flour. However, suppose you want to make homemade sourdough crackers. In that case, there are also ways of preparing sourdough without the starter (the mix of bacteria and yeast). These crackers are perfect for brie and jam.

Here is a delicious recipe that you will want to try asap. These crackers are perfect for brie and jam.

Why Do Brie, Jam, And Crackers Go So Well Together?

People believe that this combination is excellent proof that you can mix sweet with salty or sweet with brie’s strong taste. But, at the same time, crackers bring crunchiness and texture and conclude making a bomb snack (or even dinner) that people enjoy worldwide.

Are Brie, Crackers, And Jam A Healthy And Good Snack?

Brie and crackers can be a relatively healthy snack. Brie has a lot of protein, and small portions can give you the feeling of being full or even losing your appetite (partially or temporarily). However, if paired with healthy homemade jam, you can have a satisfying meal with numerous vitamins and minerals.

Are Homemade Crackers Better Than Premade Crackers?

Well-made homemade crackers are always better than premade store-bought versions. Mass-produced crackers often lack optimal freshness because they are usually stored in a supermarket or your kitchen cabinets for months.

Final thoughts

In summary, the best types of crackers to serve with brie and jam are:

  1. Sesame or seeded crackers
  2. Whole wheat crackers
  3. Grissini sticks
  4. Nut and rice crackers
  5. Sea salt crackers
  6. Rosemary raisin pecan crackers
  7. Artisan crackers
  8. Plain white crackers
  9. Herb crackers
  10. Sourdough crackers

Brie and jam can match with many different types of crackers. As you already saw, you have a wide list of options you can choose from the next time you think of serving it to your guests or eating them by yourself.

Check out my video on choosing the best jam or jelly to go with brie!

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