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2 Best Lawn Mower Engine Brands (Based on Consumer Ratings)

It can be challenging to decide which brand of lawnmower engine is the best. Many things need to be taken into consideration. These things include durability, price efficiency, how easy they are to use, quality, etc. You should be able to trust your mower for many years. Luckily, there are two brands that manufacture great engines.

The two best lawn mower engine brands are Honda and Kohler. These brands ensure quality and price efficiency. They are known for their durability and can last for multiple years without maintenance. Honda and Kohler have excellent reviews from their customers and guarantee satisfaction.

The rest of the article will help you decide which one is best for you.

1. Honda

The best brand for lawn mower engines is Honda. Honda lawn mowers engines have a fantastic reputation, which is why they are the #1 brand. They are loved by all who use them, and they have won over many fans due to their sturdy build.

Honda lawn mower engines are durable, and you do not have to worry about them breaking anytime soon. After purchasing a lawnmower engine from Honda, you won’t regret it! Lots of other brands make good engines, but Honda stands away from the pack.

Best Honda Lawn Mower Engines:


The GCV160/190 engine is built to be as strong as possible while making sure there is as little noise as possible. This easy-to-use engine will make you wonder why you have never used one of Honda’s engines before. There are many options available when purchasing this engine, such as a blade brake clutch and a variety of other controls. The possibilities are endless!

Man Fixing Lawn Mower Engine

The lightweight engine is relatively quiet (for a lawnmower), and compared to its counterparts, it makes very little noise. This is partly due to the design of the timing belt, which is guaranteed to last the duration of the engine’s lifetime. The durability of the engine is one of the many reasons customers rave about the GVC160/190. With how it has been designed, you will not need to replace it very often. It is sure to last, and you are sure to love it!

There are many things to love about the GCV160/190. However, below is a list of some of the engine’s best features:

  • Powerful torque
  • The lightest engine in its class
  • Uses the first general-purpose engine internal timing belt
  • Quiet yet powerful
  • Low vibration

This mower, found on Amazon, uses the GCV 160 engine.


The GX50 is another Honda engine that is sure to deliver. The engine is full of features that will exceed your expectations.

“Featuring a compact and lightweight design, the GX50 is the first Honda four-stroke model in the two-horsepower class that is 360 degrees inclinable during operation and storage.”

Honda Engines 

This engine is equipped with technology like no other. There is a higher output engine, and it is possible to use it in any position. It does not matter which side is up as long as it can connect to the other important pieces.

Similar to the GVC160/190, the GX50 is lightweight and has low vibration. In addition, this engine does not need any fuel or oil mixing! Many lawn mower engines on the market today still require fuel and oil mixing, which makes the engine a hassle and more difficult to use. However, with this engine, you do not need to worry about that. The engine requires no mixing and is, therefore, very simple to use.

Below is a list of the GX50’s best features that have not been mentioned above:

  • Great stability
  • A timing belt that is guaranteed to last a lifetime
  • Designed for low inertia
  • Fast acceleration
  • Reliable as it uses high-quality materials


The GXV50 is another excellent option if you are considering a Honda lawn mower engine. They are not difficult to use, and just like every other Honda engine, are incredibly durable. Not only are they easy to use, but they are easy to maintain as well. Everything about this engine is easy, and that is just how we like it. They have low vibration due to their high precision and also greater stability due to their crankshaft.

Do not worry about reliability when purchasing this engine, as it was designed to be as reliable and long-lasting as possible. In addition, it is made with high-quality materials, and the engine comes with an air filter to ensure that no unclean air enters the engine.

Honda puts in extra effort to make their engines reliable, as they know it is extremely important to their customers. They never want to provide their customers with anything less than their best, and this model definitely does not disappoint.

Below is a list of the GXV50’s best features that have not been mentioned above:

  • Has materials that reduce the amount of noise the engine makes
  • Has a large fuel capacity
  • The spark plug can be easily accessed

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Honda Lawn Mower Customer ratings:

Although most customers are very satisfied with their engines, one common issue regarding Honda lawn mower engines is that they sometimes come without manuals. This can be an issue because it makes it difficult to know how to operate the motor.

If you open the box with your engine and you cannot find a manual, send it back to the store you got it from. Then, they can replace it with one that does have an instruction manual. Although it is not extremely common for the manufacturing company to forget a manual, it has happened on more than one occasion.

Many reviews comment saying that they have been using their Honda engine for over twenty years. Very few motors can last this long, and it is impressive that Honda has created such a durable mechanism. These customers bought their engines back in the 1980s, and they are still working. If engines from the 80s could last that long, just imagine how long the current engines can last as they have even more advanced technology.

2. Kohler

Red Lawn Mower Cutting Grass

The second best brand for lawn mower engines is Kohler. You have probably heard of it, as it is a top-of-the-line manufacturer. Kohler is a beloved brand for engines, and it has earned this status for many valid reasons. Customers love these engines due to their durability, price efficiency, and their ability to be used even in extreme weather conditions. Below you will find out everything you need to know about the engines.

Best Kohler Lawn Mower Engines


The ECV940-3015 is one of Kohler’s best engines. It is easy to use and is dependable. Like all of Kohler’s engines, this one guarantees a smooth performance. In addition, this engine is clean and low-mess. You no longer have to worry about a ton of cleanup while trying to remove the oil filter.

The maintenance cost of the ECV940-3015 is relatively minimal because there is almost no carbon buildup. Although the engine costs just over $3,000, this is still less than other engines in the long run since you will not have to constantly pay to have it be repaired.

In addition, you will not have to refill the fuel as often, which will also reduce the cost. Most engines are not this expensive. However, they do not provide the same amenities as this one. You are sure to be pleased with this engine and will realize why it comes with a premium price tag attached.

Thankfully, the engine will start easily, even in extreme cases. Oftentimes, lawn mower engines will not start when the weather is either too hot or cold or when it has not been used in a while. However, this engine guarantees that it will start even in these conditions. This is just one of the reasons why the CV940-3015 is so dependable.

Below is a list of the CV940-3015’s best features that have not been mentioned above:

  • Extremely efficient
  • Powerful
  • The valve train is guaranteed not to need maintenance
  • 50.9 lbs./ft. of peak torque


The CH270-3152 is all about maximizing its lifespan. This is great for customers, as it means that it will be less expensive since it will not need to be replaced frequently. One way Kohler does this is by making sure there is no unclean air entering the engine. By ensuring only pure air enters, a longer lifetime is guaranteed. In addition, there is extra protection and special features added that make it last longer than other engines.

Similar to the engine mentioned above, the CH270-3152 can start regardless of the weather. It does not matter if the weather is hot or cold, the engine recycles heat which allows it to start no matter what.

This engine is significantly less expensive than the previous one, as it is only priced in the mid $300s. Although it does not provide the same kind of perks as the ECV940-3015, it is still a great option and should be highly considered.

It is a perfect mix of being high quality and inexpensive. The engine is currently a #1 seller, which comes as no surprise. This engine is sure to satisfy you and your needs. Do not hesitate to purchase this lawnmower engine!

Below is a list of the CH270-3152’s best features that have not been mentioned above:

  • Holds over one gallon of fuel
  • 10.5 lbs./ft. of peak torque
  • Less than forty pounds
  • Can hold twenty ounces of oil
  • It has a three-year warranty
  • It has an oversized muffler that comes with a spark arrestor as well as a heat shield

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The RH265-3103 is an excellent lawnmower engine. It is inexpensive, yet, it is still made with high-quality materials. Many customers fear that when they purchase a lawnmower engine as affordable as this one, that it will not last a long time and will break easily. However, this Kohler engine will surprise you. Despite being only in the mid $200’s, it is durable and long-lasting. Don’t let the low price tag fool you; you will not have to replace this engine model very often/at all.

Of course, the more expensive engines come with things that this one does not. However, the RH265-3103 has everything that an engine could need. It provides all of the necessary features and more! It comes with an air cleaner, an alloy crankcase that makes the engine quieter, and it does not make noise when the air enters the engine. Customers love this engine because it is price efficient and all-around a perfect option for those who do not care about the other amenities of the more expensive engines.

Below is a list of the RH265-3103’s best features that have not been mentioned above:

  • Dual drains
  • A flywheel designed to have high inertia
  • A fuel tank that does not allow for corrosion
  • Designed to have a cool-running OHV, which makes the engine last longer

Kohler Lawn Mower Customer ratings

Red Lawn Mower Cutting Grass

According to customer ratings, Kohler engines are of excellent quality. This is not a surprise, as one of the things they advertise is that they use high-quality materials and are incredibly durable. All of the reviews rave about the quality of Kohler engines, and this seems to be a universal belief. Kohler engines seem to have few problems and virtually none regarding their durability. Kohlers last for years and do not have to be replaced often.

However, even the best of engines are prone to a few problems, and the Kohler engines are no exception. One issue regarding Kohler engines is they sometimes run hot. This is likely not dangerous. However, it can lead the lawnmower to shut down until it has cooled off. Unfortunately, Kohler engine overheating is a common issue, and it seems as though little has been done about it.

Another common problem is a lack of instructions on how to operate the engine. The manual is primarily safety notes, and the website provides little information. This causes customers to become frustrated as they start to fear that they purchased an engine that they cannot figure out how to use. Thankfully, these engines are pretty intuitive, and customers don’t need a lot of help figuring them out. Otherwise, it may be impossible for customers to operate them with the few instructions provided.

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