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Can Sweet Potatoes Be Eaten Raw? | Is It Safe?

Raw sweet potatoes have a fresh, sweeter taste while offering plenty of fiber and nutrients. However, many people prefer to cook their sweet potatoes first; there’s a variety of recipes for you to try. If you want to eat a raw sweet potato, is it safe?

It’s safe to eat a raw sweet potato. You receive plenty of fiber and anti-inflammatory benefits from eating them raw. Plus, there are plenty of vitamins for immune support. However, you might encounter side effects, such as bloating or gas. While sweet potatoes are safe raw, yams aren’t.

In this article, I made sure to include everything you need to know about enjoying a raw sweet potato. You’ll want to see if it poses any hazards and what the possible benefits are. Let’s get started!

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Is Eating Raw Sweet Potato Good for You?

There are quite a few of different ways to enjoy a sweet potato. You can even eat them raw, as long as you’re confident that it’s not a yam. These two tuber vegetables are different types of plants, with the yam containing toxic elements that you need to remove.

Raw sweet potatoes are good for you. They’re low in calories, contain a lot of water, and offer some protein and fiber. They also have barely any fat or carbs. If you leave the skin on, you also get almost four times your daily recommended dose of Vitamin A. The root has more nutrients to offer too.

Vitamin A supports your vision and immune system health. You must get enough of this nutrient in your diet each day. Simply adding one raw sweet potato as a snack is more than enough to give you all the Vitamin A that you need.

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Can You Get Sick From Eating Raw Sweet Potatoes?

It’s safe to eat raw sweet potatoes. Many people don’t get sick, while some do experience mild stomach upset. They can make your pets sick, so make sure you don’t share with them.

The content of raw sweet potatoes can be hard for you to digest, which is why we usually cook them. However, this often only leads to a bloated feeling or some gas—it’s nothing to worry about. You’ll be fine if you only eat one at a time.

Overall, it’s improbable that you’ll get sick from eating raw sweet potatoes. I recommend washing them thoroughly before eating them. Also, make sure they’re very fresh.

Is Sweet Potato Healthier Raw or Cooked?

Now that you know it’s safe to eat a raw sweet potato, you might wonder which way is healthier. It’s straightforward to bake a sweet potato, but would it offer more health benefits if raw? It depends on if you’re watching your sugar intake.

Cooking a sweet potato causes the starches to convert into sugar. The heat from your oven breaks down the starch, so you can easily digest it. While it tastes amazing, it can cause your blood sugar to spike. Using a microwave helps avoid this conversion. Raw sweet potatoes have less sugar content.

The longer the sweet potato is in the heat, the more starch converts to sugar. That’s why it’s best for those tracking their sugar intake to eat it raw or use a microwave. With the microwave, sweet potatoes only cook for a few minutes- instead of almost an hour, like it would in the oven.

Are Sweet Potatoes Healthier Than Regular Potatoes?

If you eat a lot of white potatoes, you’ll want to make the switch to sweet potatoes. The sweet potato is perfect for a healthy diet. It also comes with plenty of health benefits.

Sweet potatoes contain lots of Vitamin A and are lower on the glycemic index than regular potatoes. The sweet potato also has more antioxidants and fiber. However, the number of calories, carbs, and protein are very similar between the two veggies.

So, if you eat a lot of potatoes during the week, you can benefit from swapping them out with sweet potatoes. They offer more nutrients and work in many similar, delicious recipes. You’ll want to experiment with them and discover all the healthy dishes that you can make.

How Do You Eat Sweet Potatoes on a Raw Diet?

There are plenty of ways to eat sweet potatoes while on a raw food diet. Many people use their sweet potatoes in simple recipes or eat them without cooking them. So, you have plenty of options.

The best way to enjoy your sweet potatoes on a raw diet is to put them in a smoothie. You can add bananas, some water or ice, and other fruits or vegetables. Plus, smoothies are easy to make and help you get all your needed nutrition for the day.

You can also chop up the sweet potato and have a healthy snack that way. However, if you’re already hungry and don’t want to wait, clean the sweet potato and eat it raw. It doesn’t take much time, works with the raw diet, and allows you to have a healthy snack quickly.

If you want to make a simple sweet potato smoothie, be sure to check out this quick YouTube video:

Should I Eat the Skin of a Sweet Potato?

When preparing your sweet potato dish, you shouldn’t remove the skin. We often want to peel off the skins on our fruits and veggies, but there are plenty of reasons we shouldn’t. You can eat the skin for health benefits.

Sweet potato skin is safe to eat and rich in fiber and nutrients. Eating the skin supports the health of your gut and can help prevent some chronic diseases. Plus, the skin contains the most fiber, which makes you feel full. In short, eat the skin of the sweet potato.

Overall, you get the most health benefits out of the skin. Since you’re probably eating the sweet potato for health reasons, you should leave the skin on. You can also leave it on when cooking the sweet potato in other recipes. 

What Is the Healthiest Way To Cook Sweet Potatoes?


There are plenty of ways to cook sweet potatoes, but you want to make sure you choose a healthy method. Cooking the root in specific ways can remove a lot of the nutritional content. You’ll also want to ensure you don’t overcook them too.

The healthiest way to cook sweet potatoes is by boiling them so that the nutrients are easier for your body to absorb. Plus, frying or baking them can destroy a lot of the nutrients. You’ll want to limit the cooking time, too. Only boil until the sweet potatoes are soft enough to eat.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Start by boiling a pot of water.
  2. Add the sweet potatoes for about twenty minutes.
  3. Remove them immediately from the water to cool.

Then enjoy!

If you’re looking for a reliable pot, I recommend the Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Saucepan (available on Amazon). It’s made using stainless steel and is excellent for preparing boiled food. It even comes with a lid, which you should use while boiling your sweet potatoes to help trap the nutrients.

Are Sweet Potatoes High in Sugar?

It’s essential to know the sugar levels in food items so that you don’t accidentally overeat them. Sweet potatoes have a good amount of carbohydrates and starch, which turn into sugar. However, you don’t need to worry too much if you eat one.

The carbs in sweet potatoes are what cause a spike in your blood sugar. However, they also have plenty of fiber, which slows down how quickly your blood sugar levels rise. As long as you boil them, you shouldn’t eat high amounts of sugar.

Sweet potatoes don’t contain much sugar, but they do have carbs. As long as you eat the tuber in moderation, you shouldn’t have to worry about intense blood sugar spikes.

If you want a real treat for a special occasion, check out this video of me making sweet potato pie:

Final Bite

In short, it’s safe to eat raw sweet potatoes. They come with plenty of nutrition and health benefits. Eating one from time to time provides you with more than enough Vitamin A for the day, as well as a good amount of fiber.

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