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Can You Connect Two Expandable Hoses Together?

Expandable hoses are some of the most convenient tools to keep in your tool shed – they expand up to three times their length when they’re filled with water, making them a great way to save space but still be able to reach your garden or car for watering and washing. Because of their space efficiency and ease of use, at some point, you will likely want to connect two expandable hoses together. Is this even possible?

You can connect two expandable hoses together. There are a couple of technicalities, however. The two hoses need to have the same diameter at their opening and must have opposing male or female ends to be able to connect. If either of these issues is present, you’ll have to use an adaptor.

Most of the time, a single-piece adaptor like this one found on Amazon will connect two hoses together.

Expandable hoses make your outdoor tasks way easier, and being able to connect two of them can revolutionize the way you water your garden or hose off your car in the summer. For more information on how to connect two expandable hoses and what you’ll need, read on.

Garden Hose Connectors

How to Connect Your Two Expandable Hoses

You will need to start the process of connecting two expandable hoses by seeing if they will screw into one another with a male-end to female-end connection. Almost all hoses have a male and female end, so it’s possible that you won’t need a connector.

However, for some expandable hoses, they won’t already be equipped with the proper sized male and female ends, or you’ve bought two different styles of expandable hose, and they don’t thread into one another. If this is the case, you will have to purchase connectors that will easily link two expandable hoses.

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Types of Hose Connectors

Two major varieties of connectors can be used for joining two expandable hoses together. Both of these connectors have their own purposes and can be used under different circumstances, but both can allow you to connect two expandable hoses with ease.

If you have two expandable hoses that you need to connect that have the same end measurements as standard garden hoses but the same style of ends (female to female or male to male), you will need a double-ended adapter to connect the two hoses.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to use a single-piece adaptor, like this aluminum fitting connector. This single-piece adaptor is helpful because it allows you to connect two hoses at the same style of end. You can choose a connector that’s double male or double female, according to what kind you need.

The second way to connect your two expandable hoses is to use a double-piece adaptor set. This style of connector will help you deal with a broken end on one of your expandable hoses, or you simply want to turn one end of the hose into the opposing “gender” or style.

One of the easiest kits to use for switching up the end of your expandable hose is the SPEQUIX Garden Hose Repair Kit. This kit comes with everything needed to install new endings onto your expandable hoses, so all you’ll need is a little time and patience. 

Make Sure You Get the Right Parts

Though connecting two expandable hoses is easy, you will need a few tools to help you get the job done effectively. Once you have determined the style of each of the ends of the hoses you are trying to connect, you can determine which of the previously mentioned adaptors is right for you.

If you are connecting two of the same style of end, you will need one of the adaptors mentioned above. Before buying, double-check that you have the correct style of end. If you’re working with hoses with two female ends, make sure to get a double male adaptor and vice versa. Nothing is more frustrating than going to the hardware store and coming home with the wrong pieces and parts.

If you are connecting two hoses with the opposite style of end but want to strengthen the connection between the two, consider purchasing something like this SANCEON Garden Hose Quick Connector. This will help you make sure that there are no leaks when you join your two expandable hoses.

Another tool that is useful to have, aside from the connector, is a large wrench. Even though most of these garden hose adaptors and connectors are designed to be installed by hand without tools, if you are looking for the best fit possible, you’ll want to use a wrench when installing them. Look for a wrench with a wide mouth that is easily adjustable.

On Connecting Two Different Sized Expandable Hoses

You should be aware that while most garden hoses have the same diameter at the mouth, generally ¾ inch, some hoses may have a smaller mouth, around ½ inch.

If you encounter this issue when you are trying to connect two different styles of expandable hose, you will have to purchase an adapter that specifically sizes hoses up or down in diameter. Luckily, these are affordable and just as easy (if not easier) to install as the previously mentioned connectors and adaptors.

One of the simplest adaptors you can buy to turn a ¾ inch diameter hose into a ½ inch diameter hose is the Hourleey 3/4″ GHT Male x 1/2″ NPT Male Connector. This adaptor will help if you’re looking to connect your hose to one with either a larger or smaller diameter.

After you’ve installed this little gadget, if necessary, you can install any of the previously mentioned devices to secure the connection between your two expandable hoses. 

The Most Common Problem When Connecting Expandable Hose

The biggest issue you may encounter when you’re trying to connect two expandable hoses is leakage. While standard garden hoses are designed to be connected to one another with ease and with minimal leakage, expandable hoses aren’t designed the same way.

Though they’re useful for light home use, expandable hoses aren’t designed for intense wear and tear, so they’re more likely than standard hoses to leak, especially at the point of connection with another hose.

To prevent this annoying leakage, you first need to determine where the leak is coming from. The most common of these locations is at the point of connection, so at the point where the two hoses meet. If this is the case, you should install a rubber washer at the point of connection to seal up any open spots or gaps in the threading. 

Summing Up

Connecting two expandable hoses is possible and can be as easy as screwing together two opposing ends of two hoses. However, if you’re working with two different diameters of hoses or two ends of the same style (male/male or female/female), you’ll have to use a couple of tools.

If you’re looking to connect two hoses of different diameters, all you need is an adaptor. This little gadget screws into one end of a hose and creates a smaller or larger diameter on the other end.

If you’re trying to connect one hose end to another of the same style, you’ll need an adapter that turns that style into the other. Installing this kind of adaptor is as easy as screwing it into both ends and calling it a day.

Expandable hoses are a helpful and easy-to-use addition to your garden, and with these tips, life becomes even easier.

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