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Concealed Carry Insurance Comparison Chart


Security is likely one of your top priorities if you carry a firearm concealed with a permit or through constitutional carry. However, security extends beyond the weapon itself and to the legal and financial support you have to confidently stand your ground and defend yourself, your family, and your property. That means choosing the right concealed carry insurance plan from the growing market of providers.

CCW Safe is the best concealed carry insurance provider because it provides extensive coverage that protects you in a wide range of situations. Other good options include the US Concealed Carry Association, Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network, Second Call Defense, and Right to Bear.

As an avid shooter for decades and practitioner of constitutional carry in my home state of Arkansas, I’ve spent plenty of long nights researching the right concealed carry insurance company to put me at ease in our complex legal system. I’ve included below a helpful comparison chart so you can quickly see how my top five picks stack up side by side. I’ve included more in-depth reviews of the best five, as well. 

Comparison Chart of the 5 Best Concealed Carry Insurance Providers

Before we start, please remember that this chart is based on one specific plan and its corresponding monthly rate. (When applicable, I name the particular plan in the more detailed reviews below.)

Several of these companies offer various plans and add-ons that may change these coverages, but they would also change the monthly fee.

Also, because insurance companies regularly change their rates, visiting their websites is the best way to get up-to-date information.

CCW SafeUSCCAArmed Citizens’ Legal Defense NetworkSecond Call DefenseRight to Bear
Monthly Cost$19$29$12$15$15
Civil Defense LimitUnlimitedUnlimitedUp to half of fund$500,000Unlimited
Criminal Defense LimitUnlimitedUnlimitedUp to half of fund$100,000Unlimited
Bond Coverage$1 million$100,000$25,000$25,000$100,000
Per Diem During Trial$750$750None$500None
Choose Your Own Attorney?Yes, but approval requiredYesYesYesYes
Civil Liability Coverage $1 million$2 millionNone$50,000None
State RestrictionsNY, NJ, WANY, NJ, WAWANY, NJ, WANY, NJ, WA
Funeral Expenses Coverage$15,000NoneNoneNoneNone
Psychological Support40 sessions NoneNone40 sessionsYes
Spouse add-on$9/month$15/monthNone$5/month$11/month

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CCW Safe 

As mentioned, CCW Safe is my first choice for concealed carry insurance. Let’s take a look at why. 

Pros and Cons

Unlimited upfront coverageAttorney approval required
High bail bond coverageMore expensive than most other options
Funeral expense reimbursement


As well as being my personal recommendation, CCW Safe is a big fan favorite in the concealed carry world. They offer comprehensive coverage for individuals who legally carry concealed weapons via a concealed carry permit or constitutional carry.

The main reason it’s so popular is that the coverage is some of the most extensive. 

For instance, CCW Safe pays criminal and civil defense fees with no limit. They also offer an add-on that covers up to $1 million if you’re found civilly liable. They even provide $15,000 for funeral reimbursement and have add-ons for spousal coverage and increased bail bond coverage.

One of my favorite aspects is the $750 per diem. If you end up in a lengthy trial, they compensate you for lost wages up to $750 per day, which covers the majority of salaries in the United States. This way, you can avoid ending up financially ruined. This feature helps put my mind at ease.

My only problem with CCW Safe is that you must get their approval when choosing your own attorney. Admittedly this is better than some insurance providers that pick your attorney for you, but you’ll find that most of the others on my list give you total control. 

Frankly, this isn’t that big an issue because it helps ensure you’re using a competent defense lawyer, and given their extensive coverage, I understand why they do it.

For this review, I’ve specifically considered the “Defender Plan.” Just remember that this is for people with a concealed carry permit. If you need the Constitutional Carry Plan, prices are a bit higher. 

Like most CCW insurance companies, CCW Safe doesn’t cover New York, New Jersey, or Washington State.

CCW Safe is one of the pricier plans on the list, but it’s worth the money if you ask me. It’s the only company or plan offering such extensive coverage in many different areas. In fact, CCW Safe has some coverages, like funeral expense coverage, that you won’t find anywhere else.  


  • Monthly cost: $19
  • Civil defense limit: unlimited
  • Criminal defense limit: unlimited
  • Bond coverage: $1 million
  • Per diem during trial: up to $750

United States Concealed Carry Association

 Now, let’s take a look at USCCA, my second choice for concealed carry insurance. 

Pros and Cons

Unlimited upfront coverageExpensive
Civil liability includedLittle customization
Extensive training resources


USCCA stands for United States Concealed Carry Association. If you pay the $29/month fee, you’re a member of this association. One perk of being a member of USCCA is Delta Defense insurance through the Universal Fire & Casualty Insurance Company. This setup has its pros and cons.

The biggest pro is that USCCA membership is more than just an insurance plan. You get many other perks, too, like a subscription to Concealed Carry Magazine, a free tactical backpack and survival kit, and access to the online community and training courses and videos.

The insurance itself is one of the most comprehensive options but also one of the most expensive, with no room for customization. Of course, the payouts for most things are so high that you don’t necessarily need much customization.

For example, although USCCA is $29/month, it automatically provides $2 million in civil liability coverage – the most of any company on this list. CCW Safe is only $19 but comes with no civil liability coverage. To add $1 million in coverage, you’d have to pay $39/month. 

Like CCW Safe, USCCA offers a high per diem of $750 per day while in a trial. If you have a high salary and per diem is important to you, I’d stick with one of these two plans.

In other words, USCCA is excellent if you feel you need high coverage rates. Otherwise, it may be overly pricey. Like CCW Safe, it’s unavailable in New York, New Jersey, or Washington State.


  • Monthly cost: $29
  • Civil defense limit: unlimited
  • Criminal defense limit: unlimited
  • Bond coverage: $100,000
  • Per diem during trial: up to $750

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Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network 

Next on our list is the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network. 

Pros and Cons

Upfront legal fundsNo per diem
Low costCoverage limited to fund
Extra resourcesFunds require approval


The Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network isn’t an insurance company, something they’re adamant about. 

Instead, it’s merely a fund consisting of 25% of the roughly 20,000 members’ dues in addition to 100% of corporate sponsorships. Currently, this puts the fund at over $3,750,000. At any given time, half of this is available for any member’s legal defense.

This is great in a lot of ways. Namely, it’s cheap. You potentially get millions in coverage for half the cost of most insurance plans. 

However, there are a couple of issues. 

First, you have no way of knowing that the fund will always be full, and if it drops, you will have less coverage. 

Aside from an initial amount to start your defense,  the network reviews your case extensively before dispensing funds. They do this to protect the fund, but things like arranging bail may go slower than with full-fledged insurance companies.

I love the grassroots idea behind the ACLDN, and if you want a low-cost option, it’s a great go-to. Plus, if you live in New York or New Jersey, it’s the only plan on this list you can use, though those in Washington State are still out of luck.

My biggest problem with ACLDN is the lack of per diem during your trial. Having your legal fees covered is great, but you could still be ruined if you miss work for a trial lasting months.  


  • Monthly cost: $12
  • Civil defense limit: Up to half of fund
  • Criminal defense limit: Up to half of fund
  • Bond coverage: $25,000
  • Per diem during trial: None

Second Call Defense 

Let’s look at Second Call Defense next. 

Pros and Cons

Civil liability coverage includedLimited coverage
Low cost
Great customer service


Second Call Defense is arguably the most versatile and customizable insurance provider on this list. There are four available plans. For this review, I’ve considered the Defender Plan because it’s the most basic option, including criminal and civil defense. 

You can get the even cheaper Basic Plan for $10/month, though, if you aren’t interested in civil defense coverage. Conversely, you can pay $45/month to get unlimited civil defense coverage on the high end. 

Interestingly, though, nothing else changes over the various tiers. Bail bond coverage is still $25,000, which is a bit low these days in my opinion, and criminal defense remains capped at $100,000.

Many people like Second Call Defense for its excellent customer service and quick response times. If you’ve had trouble contacting your insurance company in the past, check them out. No one wants to sit in the county jail waiting for bail, so a quick response is invaluable.


  • Monthly cost: $15
  • Civil defense limit: $500,000
  • Criminal defense limit: $100,000
  • Bond coverage: $25,000
  • Per diem during trial: $500

Right To Bear Insurance

Right to Bear insurance is the final option on our list. Let’s check out its pros and cons. 

Pros and Cons

Unlimited upfront coverageExtra fee for bail bond coverage
Lots of customizationNo per diem
Good value


I was tempted to put “cool name” on the pros list because, seriously, isn’t that just a fantastic name for a concealed carry insurance provider? 

All joking aside, it’s clear that Right to Bear cares about protecting people exercising their natural right to bear arms. And they do so at a great value.

I’ve based this review on a plan with a $4 bond coverage add-on that I would highly recommend, but if you want the most basic plan, it’s only $11/month, putting it among the lowest on the list. Even with that plan, you get unlimited upfront legal defense for both criminal and civil trials.

In fact, my biggest problem with Right to Bear isn’t that you have to add on bail bond coverage. Just $4 more per month is still a pretty good deal, after all. 

Right to Bear isn’t my top choice because they don’t provide any per diem during a trial, which is unusual for full-fledged insurance companies. 

As someone self-employed for a decade, I know how disruptive it can be to go days without pay. It threatens not only your and your family’s livelihood but the future trajectory of your career. I definitely prefer insurance plans with a per diem.


  • Monthly cost: $15
  • Civil defense limit: Unlimited
  • Criminal defense limit: Unlimited
  • Bond coverage: $100,000 (with add-on)
  • Per diem during trial: None

Final Thoughts

Everyone’s concealed carry situation is different, so you must review all the plans carefully and consider how the various types of coverage apply to your needs. Similarly, check your state’s laws to see how a self-defense trial’s legal complications could affect you.

My recommendation for concealed carry insurance is CCW Safe. They offer extensive coverage in various areas so you can carry confidently, knowing you’ll have a competent legal team and per diem income if you must use your weapon in self-defense. If you’re not convinced, look at the comparison chart and see which plan stands out to you.

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