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How To Prevent Toilet Water From Splashing | The Best Way

It can be gross to get toilet splashback on you, especially if you are using a public bathroom. This article will explain how to prevent splashing toilet water from getting on you or around the room.

The best way to prevent toilet water from splashing when using the toilet is by covering the water with toilet paper before sitting down. The paper changes the water’s surface tension to prevent splashback. You can also sit forward on the seat so that the stool hits the porcelain.

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Best Ways To Prevent Poop Splash

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When your bowel movements hit the water, the water’s surface tension is broken and disrupted. The stool creates a cavity or void of air. Water then rushes in from all sides to fill the newly made air void. It collides together and rises upwards to your unprotected behind. By placing sheets of toilet paper to cover the water, you soften this impact.  

Smarter Every Day on YouTube has a fantastic video that shows how this occurs. They demonstrate how placing toilet paper on the water’s surface prevents gross toilet water from splashing on you. You’ll see that the paper catches air bubbles: 

You’re likely familiar with the concept of when you drop a solid object into water that a column of water shoots upward. Yet, did you know there’s a scientific name for this occurrence? The upwards jet of water is referred to as a “Worthington jet.” 

According to this article via ScienceDirect, a Worthington jet is defined to occur when “a solid object or a liquid droplet impacts the surface of a liquid pool, [and] a jet or a column of fluid forms above the surface of the target liquid.” 

As observed in the video above, by placing toilet paper on the water, you’re changing the water’s surface tension. In addition, the stool has more of a chance of impacting the water at an angle. With both of these principles applied, you’ll get less icky toilet water splattering on you. 

Interestingly, the size of the falling object doesn’t seem to make the most impact in terms of splashback. What matters is how large an air cavity is created in the water. A bigger cavity causes more water to rush in and shoot upward. And small, round pieces can create big air cavities and large backsplash.

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Use Toilet Paper To Prevent Splashback

The simplest method to prevent toilet water from splashing on you is to cover the water with toilet paper before doing your business. You can use as many pieces as you want or think is necessary. Keep in mind, however, that to be successful with this, you must cover all the water in the bowl and use as few layers of paper as possible. 

To protect yourself on the toilet, make certain to cover as much water as possible (or at least cover where you think the excrement will land). Although it’s less common to get much splashback when urinating, you can use this method then, too. 

A potential downside of the paper technique is that it may only work for your first piece of stool. If you’re going for “round two,” then the paper has potentially already sunk into the water. This, your subsequent excretion, may not be cushioned as sufficiently as the first one. If you genuinely hate the idea of any dirty splashback hitting you, you could always drop in a few additional sheets of paper while you’re sitting on the seat.

Using paper is the best and most straightforward way to prevent water from getting on you or around the room. And, should luck be on your side, you’ll likely have some on hand wherever you are, including in public restrooms or other peoples’ houses. 

However, it should be noted that this method works with any kind of paper. If you’re running low on toilet paper, you could drop some paper or hand towels in the bowl instead. Or, you could opt for tissues. Any paper will work to alter the water’s surface tension and cushion your stool’s fall. Anecdotally, some people have commented that they’ve used this technique for decades! It must be an effective means to prevent fecal water sprays. 

If you’re interested in helping to preserve the environment, this may not sound like the most conservative solution. Luckily, you can now purchase bamboo toilet paper as an alternative to conventional toilet paper. For instance, this brand of toilet paper found on Amazon is an eco-friendly option that doesn’t use any plastic packaging and can help you to prevent backsplash without feeling wasteful. 

Amazon also offers toilet paper under its brand called AmazonBasics. Amazon Basics 2-Ply Toilet Paper is affordable, and each roll comes with 5.4x more sheets than a regular toilet paper roll. Pretty convenient if you want to stop toilet spray using paper. 

During the initial reaction to COVID-19, some regions experienced a toilet paper shortage as people were stockpiling it. It may be a good idea to keep some extra rolls stored in your home in case of emergencies or future needs.

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Sit Forward To Prevent Toilet Water Splashback

Another option to stop toilet water splashing on you is to adjust your position on the seat. By sitting forward, your poop is more likely to hit the porcelain rather than the water. 

We know that water shoots upward when a solid object hits it. So, you may be able to prevent this from happening by shifting forward on the seat. Therefore, your poop has a greater chance of landing on the porcelain bowl rather than directly impacting the water. You could also try sitting to one side, so your bowel movement doesn’t drop straight onto the water. 

Keep in mind, though, that this option could result in more cleaning work for you! And it can be tricky to determine exactly how to angle yourself on the seat to make sure your poop hits the right spot. 

Anecdotal evidence from internet users suggests that this method can significantly help in your fight against fecal spray.

How To Prevent Toilet Water Splashing When Flushing

When you flush, did you know that water sprays around the bathroom? Not only can it land on you but also on rugs, walls, and just about anywhere. It’s disgusting if you think of all the places dirty toilet water could be lingering around your bathroom. 

Thankfully, there are some simple solutions to fix this issue. You can: 

  • Put the lid down before flushing. Also, it’s important to remember to clean the lid on occasion for hygiene purposes. 
  • Lower the toilet bowl’s water level. High levels can lead to bigger splashes around your bathroom. Lowering the water levels can stop water from spraying on you when you’re sitting on the toilet, too. 


We all know that disgusting sensation of dirty toilet water splashing back onto us. And it can be incredibly distasteful if you’re using a less-than-hygienic public bathroom. Thankfully, by following the straightforward tips in this article, you can save yourself from future backsplash issues. 

To prevent toilet water from spraying up at you or around the room: 

  • Lay toilet paper on the water’s surface. 
  • Sit forward, so your stool potentially hits the bowl’s side rather than the water. 
  • Place the toilet lid down before flushing. 
  • Lower your toilet’s water level to help stop water from flying around the room.

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