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The 9 Best Quality Night Sight Brands 

In this article, I help you uncover the difference between various types of night sights and recommend the best brands around. I’ll also break down the pros and cons of each option to help you find the best quality night sight for you.

The best quality night sights offer more accuracy, usability, and precision to your shooting experience based on your needs. Brands like Truglo, AmeriGlo, and Trijicon are great for durability, accuracy, and high visibility, while Glock OEM pieces are lightweight, functional, reliable, and affordable.

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9mm semi-auto pistol with tritium sight

How To Choose the Best Night Sight?

The best is relative, but qualities of high visibility, durability, and precision make up the essential features of excellent night sight. 

To choose the best night sight for you, factor in your most important needs. Top considerations often include brightness, target acquisition, size, durability, and price. Be sure to research the basics of its functionality and ability to ensure it offers the services you require.

For example, if you need a device that offers you high visibility, then the brighter your device in low-light conditions, the better.

Remember, price shouldn’t always be your priority, but understandably, it can be a concern. While you need a device that doesn’t dent your wallet, checking the specifications is inevitable to ascertain that you’re getting value for your money.

That includes the functional specifications of the night sight, materials used to manufacture it, and durability. Again, the high price doesn’t always indicate value, so conduct your research on the product before purchase.

9 Best Quality Night Sight Brands

Here are some of the best quality night sight brands and products in the market. The table offers the pros and cons of each, and my reviews follow, below:

Brand (Product)ProsCons
TruGlo (Front and Rear Night Sight)*Supports the use of a holster
*Quality build for maximum durability
*Relatively low price tag
Your rear sight may cause an obstruction 
The front side uses a traditional setting
Meprolight (ML-10222G Glock Tru-Dot Fixed) *Has self-illuminating effects
*Very compact
*Appears fragile
*Not so bright
Trijicon*Products from top-ranking manufacturers
*Resists shocks
*Night Time shots
Poor daytime visibility
XS Sights*Uniquely designed
*Best for optimum precision
Durable due to the CNC-machined technique
*A long-lasting warranty (up to ten years)
*They’re not so popular
*It can take time to get accustomed to using it
Night Fision *Durable
*Premium shots in all light conditions
Company is a new manufacturer
Hi-Viz *Durable
*Long-lasting warranty
*Shooting precision
Brand isn’t as well known
Glock (Gen 1-4 Factory OEM Night Sights)*Light, thin, and easy to install
*Supports daytime visibility
Not so bright
Feyachi (NS16 Night Sights)*Affordable
*Robust casing
The warranty is limited

1. TruGlo

TruGlo excels in creating the best sights for many weaponry items, including shotguns and rifles. They come with a mix of fiber optic and tritium sights, giving you a chance to enjoy the benefits of both techniques.

Fiber optics are often the first replacement that most handgun owners ever make. But, the TruGlo products come with a fiber optics casing that’s strong and difficult to break.

For instance, their Tritium H3 Nighttime model comes with a 12-year warranty and a steel-CNC make, guaranteeing high durability. It doesn’t snag, and it’s relatively cheap, so you don’t need to spend a fortune to get one. 

The alternating front (green) and hind (yellow) colors make it easy to differentiate the two ends and ease your use. The only downside is that it isn’t all that bright.

As another example, Truglo’s entry-level product, the TrugLo Front and Rear Night Sight (available on Amazon), is worth all the attention and mention. Despite being among the first TruGlo productions, this unit still stands out in many ways and offers a wide range of functionality for its price tag. 

For starters, it’s made of some of the best materials, guaranteeing durability and value for our money. It also comes with contrasting front and backlights to ease target acquisition and improve visibility.

2. AmeriGlo

AmeriGlo manufactures top-notch handgun sights that focus on fast target acquisition. Their products come in various styles and are a great fit if you’re looking for more flexibility and variety. 

You can get fiber optic sights, tritium, or enjoy the convenience of a combination of the two techniques. Also, there are options for anyone trying to achieve variety in terms of styles. 

The U-shaped sight is one of their most common models but not the only option they have. Their combat-oriented nature and sharper target acquisition make them great for concealed carry or duty guns.

The AmeriGlo IDOT, for instance, has a name reflective of its functionality and uniqueness. While their front sight doesn’t vary from the rest, the back part comes with a brilliant green dot at the center. To achieve maximum accuracy, you’ll have to arrange the dots in a line.

Are you thinking of getting something more elegant and traditional? AmeriGlo offers amazing old-style glow-only night sights. Their AmeriGlo Night Sight comes with a three-dot arrangement and a pair of radiant rings circulating the triple dots and tritium to quicken the sight picture.

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3. Meprolight

Meprolight offers three different variations of night sights, all powered by tritium, including this Meprolight ML-10222G Glock Tru-Dot Fixed Night Sight Set (available on Amazon). They’re budget-friendly, durable, and resemble Glock 30, making them more compatible with the handgun. They also turn white during the daytime.

However, you’ll need to be more careful when handling Meprolight Night Sights. They’ve polymer-based architecture instead of steel and can easily break on a hard impact. Again, they’re not as bright as their top-line competitors.

4. Trijicon

Trijicon night sights are made with visibility in mind. Thus, they provide excellent eyesight in the dark. Also, they come in various scopes and sights. The U-shaped back and front blade sights make up your night sight combo.

The U-shaped cut and circular aiming point comes in handy when aligning the sights and aiming at your target. The Trijicon HD, for instance, has some of the industry’s best glows under any light situation.

They use a high visibility fiber optic aiming spot that enhances the front sight acquisition, aiding for daylight shooting. The Trijicon glow is bright, adding more clarity, precision, and accuracy to your low-light shots. It’s the favorite of most professional gunfighters.

However, the sights appear darker during the day and may inconvenience your daytime shots.

5. XS Sights

XS Sights are the masters if you’re looking for more durability, visibility, and affordability. Their production focuses on clarity and precision. Thus, investing in an XS Night Sight gives you a clear shot, both in the dark.

These sights have a large front view, boosting target acquisition speed and sharpening your shots. You have to position the white dot on a specific spot on the rear sight light. The rear sight comes with colored light, while the front has a large white ring and a colored dot.

You can use points of reference on your sight to estimate where your shot will land if you’re aiming from various distances. For a closer distance, refer to the front sight’s dot to estimate the impact point. However, you aim using the front sight’s tip if your target is more than 25 feet (7.62 meters).

6. Night Fision

Night Fision (Night Vision) is one of the latest introductions into the industry of night sight manufacturers. Their products are metal-based and come with a wide range of designs and colors, bringing in more variety and greater features to enable every shot. They also offer the benefits of cutting across the fiber optic and tritium sights.

Their fiber optic insert eases the process of finding the front of your sight, even in the lowest light. The Night Fision sights also have a tritium vial that improves light quality even in dark areas and boosts view.

Night Fision offers some of the best market prices and a value for every dollar you spend on their products. The Optic Ready Stealth Series collection comes in a durable CNC-machined model that ensures you get the best out of the investment.

7. Hi-Viz

Hi-Viz Night Sights are your greatest bet if you’re looking for flexibility, durability, and precision on your shots. They combine the benefits of a fiber-optic sight and a tritium-powered device. The Hi-Viz Litewave H3, for instance, offers the best across the different worlds of night sights.

It comes with a fiber-optic insert in its front and rear sights. The fiber-optic rear has different colors, ranging from orange or green. On the other hand, the front pipe contains a green fiber optic, rounded by a tritium dayglow to aid your shooting in darkness.

Even better, Hi-Viz night sights allow room for adjustment and come with up to 12 years of warranty. Thus, you can easily acquire new hardware, change the tritium for longer service, and get real value for your money.

8. Glock OEM Night Sights

Glock goes down in history as one of the best night sight manufacturers. Their OEM model is an excellent pick if you’re looking for an affordable night sight for your handgun. It comes with the industry’s trademark for low-light sights—tritium—to offer you a green ampule glow when aiming shots in the dark.

It’s brighter than most competitor devices and offers the best services in the industry. Being affordable means your pockets won’t feel the burden as much. Again, they’re identical to Glock guns, making them a perfect night sight for your weapon.

While most night sights perform poorly during the day, the Glock’s OEM comes in a divergent white slot to sharpen your visibility during the day. 

The OEM Glock pieces also come with the hard clear enamel (or other) surface. This feature offers the night sights the ability to protect its white dots and prevent them from turning yellow over time. If this is a problem you’ve had with your previous brands, now is the time to change the experience with new Glock OEM sights.

Glock Gen 1-4 Factory OEM Night Sights (available on Amazon) is also metal-based, meaning a single purchase can last you over a decade. They’re reliable, thin, and easy to install, making them a great add-on to your defense, security missions, or hunting endeavors. 

They’re the best fit if you’re concerned about getting value for your money and receiving the best service.

9. Feyachi

Feyachi NS16 Night Sights come out on top of the list for all gun-holders looking for more affordability, reliability, and visibility. They’re compact and come in CNC-machined architecture to ensure that your device serves you for a longer duration.

They’re tritium-powered, enhancing a bright and reliable glow for nighttime shooting. Feyachi night sights, especially the NS16, are among the favorites among professionals. Its reliable glow, size, and ease of use make it an ideal choice to use with your Glock pistol.

Why Are Night Sights Important?

Night sights are an important part of every handgun holder’s purchase because they maximize visibility and improve target acquisition, especially in low lights. You need a weapon that best offers precise, accurate, and high acquisition since, in some situations, your life depends on the efficacy.

Night sights come in handy to make this task more straightforward. While most handguns come with these devices right from the box, night sights are the most common replacements that handgun holders often have to deal with.

Again, what’s the need to put up with less effective equipment if you can afford a fancier, brighter, and better night sight model in the market? 

Here are some of the reasons you may need a night sight for your handgun:

  • To boost accuracy
  • Tritium lights are more durable
  • They offer color, size, and type variety
  • They boost your visibility even in daylight shots
  • Night sights make it easy to locate your gun in the dark; if it slips from your grasp
  • Most of them are easy to install

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