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The 5 Best Hunting Clothing Brands

With a seemingly limited number of clothing brands out there claiming to be the best, it can be difficult to know which ones actually offer quality hunting clothes that hold up well in the field. To help you cut through the noise, I compiled this list of the best quality brands available.

The 5 best hunting clothing brands are SITKA, King’s Camo, Kryptek, Killik, and Kuiu. These brands are known to leverage the latest technology to create durable apparel that protects hunters from harsh environments and allows them to blend into their surroundings.

My top choice for hunting clothes is this brand, which can be found on Amazon.

Let’s review each brand in greater detail and tackle the most relevant FAQs about what to wear when hunting.

Man shopping for hunting clothing


SITKA often ranks at the top of hunting gear lists, and for good reason. This brand made its mark by creating innovative solutions for big game hunting. Their clothes can withstand extreme conditions due to the layering system they use. 

The layering system used to manufacture SITKA hunting gear ensures you’ll be protected in harsh environments by managing moisture and regulating temperature. SITKA clothes are made up of three layers: the base layer, the insulation layer, and the outer layer.

Here’s what each does:

  • The base layer. This layer is in direct contact with your skin. It’s made from lightweight, comfortable material that wicks away sweat and moisture. 
  • The insulation layer. The second layer traps heat to keep you warm.
  • The outer layer: The last layer protects you from environmental elements like strong winds, rain, and snow. This layer is made from wind-and-water-resistant materials to ensure you stay dry and comfortable. 

SITKA’s layering system provides a solution for challenging environments and caters to every type of hunter. If you’re a waterfowl hunter, you’ll like their seamless and waterproof gear. If you prefer hunting deer, you can benefit from their designs that conceal scent and reduce noise.

They’ve also got different clothing types to accommodate various hunting needs. Whether you’re looking for shirts, hoodies, pants, or jackets, SITKA’s got the gear to cover you in any hunting season. 

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2. King’s Camo

Kings Camo is the ultimate hunting gear brand for those who demand the best performance. Their five-layer system is designed by hunters, for hunters. It incorporates high-tech, terrain-specific patterns that will keep you camouflaged in any environment. 

Whether you’re scouting the desert plains or snowy peaks, Kings Camo’s got you covered. The brand truly values durability and effectiveness. No wonder they’re one of the top deer-hunting clothing brands and are always coming up with new and innovative designs.

Kings understand that a one-pattern-fits-all approach doesn’t cut it when it comes to hunting gear. They know that every terrain is unique and requires specific colors and shapes for effective camouflage. That’s why they ensure the depth of patterns and camo shades are just right for the environment you’re heading to. 

You can mix and match separate pieces like pants, hoodies, and jackets, or check out their Hunter, Classic, or XKG series that bring together items in the same pattern and style. They’ve got everything you can need to create terrain-specific hunting outfits.

To see the latest Kings Camo hunting clothes available on Amazon, click here.

3. Kryptek

This brand saw a gap in the market for high-quality hunting gear that won’t break the bank and stepped up to the challenge by creating affordable and functional apparel. 

Man trying on a hunting jacket

Kryptek offers hunting apparel that will fit into any hunter’s lifestyle. The brand boasts impressive camouflage base layers and outerwear. You can choose between jackets, pants, tops, gloves, headwear, and more!

If you spend a lot of time in the great outdoors, you’ll like how rugged, waterproof, and windproof these designs are. The camo patterns blend perfectly into desert, wood, and mountain terrains, and the apparel material is breathable for comfort.

Kryptek ensures you feel confident and well-hidden from prey. Their clothes are hunter-inspired and do not skimp on the details. The military tactical attributes built into their clothes make this brand truly stand out in the hunting apparel industry. Each available piece has been put to some of the harshest tests to ensure you get reliable gear.

To see the latest Kryptek hunting clothes available on Amazon, click here.

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4. Killik

Killik gear provides quality hunting clothing with maximum performance and excellent concealment at an affordable price. This has a lot to do with the fact that it was explicitly designed for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. 

The brand offers a complete apparel system for all weather conditions. With four different layering options, you can easily adapt your clothing to the time of year and weather. 

Here’s a rundown of the various layering options.


This layer is the foundation of Killik gear. You can find a range of tops and hoodies designed for ultimate comfort and performance. Made from soft polyester and bamboo rayon, these pieces will keep moisture away and provide heat in cooler weather. 


The vital layer includes pants, shirts, headgear, and gloves. All pieces are made with heavier material to trap warmth. They’re also durable and comfortable. 

You’ll get added protection against environmental conditions and concealment from prey. The rubberized gloves in this range ensure a better grip, and the apparel is water-resistant.


The nexus system provides excellent protection on tougher terrain. You can find pants, vests, and jackets in this range. All pieces are made from two-way stretch fabric. 

The vests are anatomically shaped with offset seams to prevent backpack straps from pressing into your shoulders and help shed rainwater. The nexus jacket is the perfect companion on cold days with a windproof softshell lining, adjustable hood, and full-lined collar.


The axiom layer is perfect for anyone looking to stay dry and comfortable when hunting in rain or snow. The material used for this layer is completely waterproof. It has a breathable membrane that allows moisture to escape while keeping water out.  

The pants in this range are lightweight. They feature an elastic waistband and two waterproof slash pockets. When wearing them, you’re assured of protection from snow, wet grass, and high water.

To see the latest Killik hunting clothes available on Amazon, click here.

5. Kuiu

Kuiu is a popular brand that offers a wide range of high-quality tactical gear for hunters. Their clothes hold up against extreme weather conditions and provide comfort and insulation.

Man looking at a hunting shirt

Kuiu prioritizes comfort and camouflage. Their clothes feature nature-inspired shades to ensure complete coverage, as well as waterproof technology to protect you regardless of weather conditions.

You can pair different items from this brand’s apparel range. Each clothing piece is practical and versatile. 

Kuiu jackets are lightweight and provide unbelievable warmth, and hunting pants are available in waterproof and insulated options. They also sell gloves, headwear, and face masks to ensure every part of your body is protected from the elements. 

Whether you need cold weather or lightweight backcountry gear, Kuiu has it! This brand ensures you get a snug fit that allows for easy movement and protects you against any environmental elements you might face.

To see the latest Kuiu hunting clothes available on Amazon, click here.

What Clothes Hunters Typically Wear

Hunters typically wear camouflage clothing to help them blend into their surroundings and remain concealed from prey. Depending on their hunting conditions, they may also wear insulated rain gear, a hat, a face mask, boots, and a vest.

Why You Need the Correct Hunting Clothes

The correct hunting clothes will help you blend in with your surroundings, shield you from bad weather, protect you from insects, and keep you comfortable. Wearing the right hunting clothes also allows you to move quietly and freely. 

The Best Material for Hunting Clothes

The best materials for hunting clothes are cotton, polyester, and Gore-Tex. Cotton is comfy and breathable, while polyester is lightweight and quick-drying. Gore-tex offers protection in the cold or rain because it’s waterproof. You should choose hunting clothes based on your hunting environment. 

What You Should Not Wear When Hunting

You should not wear noisy materials or clothes with a strong scent when hunting. These items can scare away your prey. You should also avoid tight or restrictive clothes. This type of material can impede movement and make navigating rugged terrain difficult. 

What Is the Warmest Material To Wear When Hunting?

Materials like wool and fleece are great options when picking the warmest clothes for a hunting trip. These will offer insulation in cold weather. Merino wool is naturally insulating and moisture-wicking. Synthetic materials, like Thinsulate, also retain warmth. 

How to Stay Warm When Hunting

The best way to stay warm while hunting is to wear well-fitting clothes designed to retain heat. Staying active by performing light physical activity can also help you maintain a normal body temperature, and so can resting in warm sheltered areas whenever possible. 

Should I Dress in Layers When Hunting?

Dressing in layers when hunting is highly recommended, as it allows you to adjust your clothes as needed to maintain comfort and warmth. You can easily add or remove clothing for better insulation and temperature regulation.

There are a few rules you should observe when layering up your hunting apparel:

  • Your base layer should always be made of moisture-wicking material to avoid sweat buildup, which can be uncomfortable.
  • Your mid-layer should be insulating material like fleece or down to help you stay warm in cold conditions. 
  • The outer layer should be waterproof for protection against wind and precipitation.

What Are the Most Important Hunting Clothes?

The most important hunting clothes are those that provide protection and camouflage. This includes insulated jackets, waterproof pants and tops, hunting boots, gloves, and head coverings. You should choose your hunting apparel based on the weather conditions you’ll face when hunting. 

Does It Matter What Camo I Wear?

The camo you wear when hunting matters a lot. The effectiveness of camo depends on the patterns and colors used and how they blend into your hunting environment. If the colors and patterns of your camo stand out in your surroundings, your chances of spooking prey increase drastically. 

What Color Is Best for Hunting?

The best color to wear depends on the hunting conditions and legal requirements. Wearing beige and light orange is a legal requirement in some areas. Greens and browns work better in heavily forested areas, while white camo is most effective in the snow.

Preparing Clothes for Hunting?

You should wash your clothes in scent-free detergent before hunting. You could also use a detergent specially made for hunting. The goal is to remove any odors or scents that may attract wildlife or deter prey. It is also essential to store your hunting clothes in a scent-free container or bag. 

How to Not Smell When Hunting

To reduce your scent while hunting, follow these tips:

  • Shower with a scent-free soap before your hunting trip.
  • Avoid using scented personal care products.
  • Store your hunting clothes in scent-free containers.
  • Use a scent-eliminating spray, like this kind found on Amazon.
  • Avoid smoking or consuming strong-smelling foods and drinks.

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What Main Factors to Consider When Buying Hunting Clothes

The most important factors to consider when buying hunting clothes include quality, comfort, camouflage, sizing, price, and warranty. Depending on your hunting environment, you may also want to consider how weather resistant the clothes are.

I hope this article has been helpful.

Thanks for reading!