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The 9 Best Substitutions for Pear Brandy

The best substitutions for pear brandy include juices such as pear or apple juice or liquors like whisky or rum. You could also use various kinds of extracts or make your own homemade pear brandy substitutions. It all depends on the objective you are trying to achieve with a specific recipe.

This article will provide more information on the above, plus other pear brandy substitutes. Keep reading to find out more.

A large bottle of pear juice

1. Pear Juice

When looking for a good substitute for pear brandy, consider whether you aim to achieve a pear flavor from a specific recipe more so than the brandy taste itself. If your focus is on pear flavoring, then an excellent non-alcoholic substitution is pear juice.  

Pear juice is an easy substitution for pear brandy in cocktails, as it can be mixed with other types of liquors. Plenty of cocktail recipes use pear juice, making it a great substitution if your ultimate goal is to create a pear-flavored concoction.

You can purchase pear juice at your local grocery store or make it fresh at home to use as a substitute for pear brandy. Pear juice makes for an excellent pear brandy replacement if you want to use the ingredient for either cocktails or baking.

2. Apple Juice

If you are still looking to achieve that pear flavor but cannot find pear juice, another excellent substation for pear brandy is apple juice. Apples come from the same fruit family as pears, also known as pome fruits, and will provide that same crisp fruit flavor for your recipe.  


Although alcohol-free, apple juice can still work well in many cocktail recipes if you mix it with another type of liquor instead of using pear brandy. You can also use it for baked goods recipes as a substitute and use the same measurement amount as pear brandy in the recipe.

Apple juice is typically easier to find and is a more common fruit juice, making it an effortless go-to substitution for pear brandy.

3. Whisky

The closest type of alcohol used as a substitution for pear brandy is whisky. Whisky has a similar color as brandy. It could have a vaguely different taste that some may notice, but it will not significantly influence the outcome of a recipe calling for pear brandy.

You may likely be looking to use pear brandy in a baking recipe. Whisky makes a decent replacement since it combines well with other ingredients.  

You can also get apple-flavored whisky in your local liquor store, which would be an excellent substitution for pear brandy, considering apples are in the same fruit family.

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4. Rum

Rum makes another excellent liquor type to use as a substitution for pear brandy. This liquor is a common replacement in recipes that call for pear brandy since it tends to be pretty similar in color and taste.

You can infuse the rum with fresh pear fruit to give it a more distinct flavor, which is what you may be aiming for with a particular recipe. This is whether you use it as a substitute for cocktails or in baking.  

Additionally, I discovered that a brilliant substitution is using spiced rum in place of pear brandy. This way, you will get a delicious aroma of the different spices (like vanilla and cinnamon) from the rum incorporated into your recipe.

5. Vodka

If you cannot get your hands on a dark liquor similar to brandy, then vodka is another great substation for pear brandy. Mix the vodka with fresh pear fruit to get an infused pear vodka that you can use as a terrific substitute.

Vodka is also an ideal substitution when baking a dish that entails pear brandy. If you use a small amount of vodka, it will not change the recipe entirely since the liquor is flavorless. Therefore, infusing vodka with pears is vital to get that desired fruit flavor you are looking to achieve.

I would recommend using vodka as a replacement for pear brandy in cocktails and baked goods since it makes it difficult for most people to tell the difference in taste.

6. Gin

Gin is yet another alternative liquor you can consider using as a substitute for pear brandy. If you want to utilize pear brandy for cocktails, gin makes an excellent alcohol replacement if you have fresh pears on hand to infuse the gin.

It is comparable to vodka in color. However, gin does have a distinct and more robust taste than vodka (even when infused with pear fruit). So, expect a slight difference in flavor when you use gin as a substitute for pear brandy.

Numerous types of liquors exist as viable options to use as brandy substitutes. However, if your focus is only on achieving the pear flavoring in a cocktail, gin is a prevalent option.

7. Brandy Extract

If you want to achieve a strong brandy flavor in a recipe, then brandy extract can be an excellent substitute for pear brandy.  

Brandy extract is similar to how you would use vanilla, almond, or even rum extracts in baking. So if you want to use pear brandy to attain the brandy flavor when baking a cake or cookies, you can use the extract and add fresh pear fruit to achieve the same result.

Since this is an extract, it will be stronger than the pear brandy alcohol. Measuring the corresponding amount for your recipe is essential to use it correctly as a substitute for pear brandy.

8. Pear Extract

Pear extract is another type of extract you can use as a substitute for pear brandy.

You will easily find pear extract at your local grocery store or online, as it is often used for making various types of sweets and sauces. If your recipe calls for pear brandy, using the extract for the pear flavor with your choice of brandy can be a good option.

If you are looking for a good brand of pear extract to have on hand, I recommend this 2 oz. bottle of the Silver Cloud Flavors Pear Extract (available on This extract is an excellent product for baked goods recipes and sports a natural flavor.

9. Homemade Pear Brandy

You can easily make pear brandy at home to use as a substitute for store-bought pear brandy. All you need is fresh pear fruit and your choice of brandy from your local liquor store.  

Follow these simple steps to make your home-made pear brandy:

  1. Cut your desired number of pears and place them in a cup.
  2. Use a tool, such as a muddler, to crush the pears.
  3. Add your choice of brandy (you can also use another type of liquor here if desired).
  4. Mix the pears and brandy gently.
  5. Strain the mixture several times to get the proper consistency for your final pear brandy product.

Additionally, here is a short video I found useful in explaining the steps for making homemade pear-infused vodka. 

You can easily apply these same steps to make pear brandy by replacing the vodka with brandy:

What Alcohol Is Most Similar to Pear Brandy?

The alcohol most similar to pear brandy is whisky. Whisky provides a very similar color and flavor to pear brandy when it is infused with pears. This is what makes it appropriate to use as a substitution for pear brandy.

Is Pear Liqueur the Same As Pear Brandy?

Pear liqueur is not the same as pear brandy. The difference is in their ingredients. Pear liqueur usually includes added sweeteners, such as simple syrup, whereas pear brandy is made by infusing only the fruit (pear) with brandy.

Can You Make Pear Brandy at Home?

You can make pear brandy in the comfort of your home. You can do this by using fresh pears and your choice of brandy. Simply chop the fresh pears into small pieces, mix the fruits with brandy, then strain the mixture a couple of times.

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