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The 9 Best Types of Steak for Salad

Whether it is for a fancy date, a delicious meal with the family, or as a healthy protein-packed meal option, eating a steak salad is a real treat. But there are so many different cuts of steak to try that it can be hard to know which ones would actually be worth pairing with a salad. After all, steaks vary so widely in texture, flavor, and price.

This article will list what we feel are some of the most worth-trying steak cuts the next time you are craving a steak salad. Some of them are quite common, and some you may have never considered before. Either way, the hope is that you can find something for yourself and your loved ones to enjoy as part of a delicious, healthy, and indulgent steak and salad meal!

Salad with steak in it

1. Ribeye

Ribeye is an extremely delicious and juicy cut of steak, usually sold bone-in, although, of course, it is easily removed. It is also exceptionally tender, making a great pick as a salad steak. This tends to be a very pricy cut of meat though, so you’ll want to save this kind of steak for special occasions. Since ribeye is such an extremely flavorful and well-marbled meat, consider using it in a salad with balsamic vinegar.

This steak doesn’t typically require marinating, although a compound butter is never a bad option if you are looking for things to top it with. Feta cheese, sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, and blue cheese are also great in combination with this kind of steak.

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2. Flank Steak

Although not as tender as a ribeye steak, flank steak still comes packed full of intense flavor that packs a real punch to the tastebuds. It also is a bit of a healthier option, which is something to consider when making a salad. Make sure to either cook this as part of a stir-fry salad or marinate it and then slice it for addition to your greens. It is a tough but flavorful cut of meat that will make for a great meal.

3. Flat Iron

Similar to the ribeye, a flat iron steak can be a really tender and juicy steak when it is cooked properly. For best results both in general and for inclusion in a sala, cook to medium-rare.

This will insure that it doesn’t become too tough. After all, nobody wants to have to gnaw at a steak the consistency of a leather shoe in the middle of eating a salad. One benefit of using this steak in a salad is that it is a lot less expensive than ribeye. This steak is well-marbled and well worth considering including in a healthy lunch.

Flat iron steak with corn on the cob and cherry tomatoes nearby

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4. Sirloin

This cut is another one of the tougher ones, as it comes from a part of the steer that gets more exercise than some of the more tender cuts. However, despite being relatively lean, it is still a flavorful cut of steak, and very economical compared to some of the pricier cuts on both this list and elsewhere.

For the salad, you will probably want top sirloin and not bottom sirloin, as bottom sirloin is better for stews, whereas the top sirloin is somewhat similar to a New York strip steak.

5. New York Strip

One of the fancier cuts of steak out there, strip steak, or New York strip steak, is considered a very choice cut of meat. The New York version is usually sold boneless, making it more convenient for including in a salad.

Strip steaks have some of the best marbling out of any kind of steak, meaning that they are one of the juiciest and most flavorful kinds out there. When cut into smaller strips, a new york strip steak will make a great addition to any salad, although it is particularly great on Cobb salad.

Bone in strip steak

6. Skirt Steak

Skirt steak is one of the least tender out of all the different cuts on this list, but it merits mentioning because it is inexpensive and very easy to cook. It is best after being marinated, although you can also grill it fajita style, which takes very little time and makes this a great option for a salad steak. Cut into thin strips, it will improve virtually any kind of salad. Skirt steak pairs well with some vinaigrette and romaine.

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7. Prime Rib

Prime rib is a very tender type of meat, and also is considerably flavorful. Prime rib is a huge cut of meat though, so you’ll only really want to use this type of meat in your salad if you’re meal-prepping for a whole week or making a salad for a whole family.

Prime rib is great marinated or made with just delicious seasonings alone, and will make for a great addition to any kind of salad you like. Prime rib goes extremely well with either vinaigrette or blue cheese dressing.

8. Filet Mignon

Part of the tenderloin cut, filet mignon is an extremely priced cut of steak that will pair with even the fanciest of salad ingredients. It is expensive but will do extremely nicely as part of a romantic/fancy dinner, or just as a very indulgent meal.

Filet mignon’s more mild flavor will make it pair well with a more robust salad, and its tenderness makes it very great to eat with a fork. Filet mignon pairs really great with an arugula salad with some lemon juice. It also is really good with some vinaigrette.

9. Hanger Steak

Hanger steak is a bit juicy but is also relatively tender and extremely flavorful. It is also a cut most people have rarely ever heard of, let alone tried. However, it is an extremely nice cut and is traditionally known as a “butcher’s cut” because there is only one to take from each steer. This makes it a little rarer, but an extremely nice steak cut to try. It is more hearty than some of the other steaks on this list, and this characteristic makes it excellent in a salad.

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