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Typical White Gold Ring Cost (With 4 Examples)

The cost of a white gold ring depends on whether it’s 9k, 10k, 14k, or 18k. The lower the karat level, the lower the price of the ring. However, the weight of the ring also determines how much it costs. Some white gold rings may cost as little as $100, while others can cost well above $5,000.

The rest of this article will discuss the cost of a white gold ring in more detail. Keep reading to learn more!

Understanding Karats, Weight, and Diamonds

Several rings mostly white gold on display

Before getting into how much a white gold ring costs, it’s important to understand karats a little more. White gold rings generally come in four karat levels:

  • 9k
  • 10k
  • 14k
  • 18k

24k gold is the purest form of gold. Although you can buy 24k regular gold (which is pure, 100% gold), there is no 24k white gold; this is because white gold does not occur naturally, so it is mixed with other materials. As a result, it can’t be completely pure. 

So the highest level of purity in a white gold ring is 18k, or 75% gold. Since 18k white gold rings are the purest ones you can get, they’re more likely to be the most expensive option.

The Weight of a Ring Helps Determine Its Price

Although karats are an essential determining factor in white gold ring pricing, the carat weight also impacts the price. For example, if a ring is 14k but really light, and another 14k ring is heavy, the heavier ring will be more expensive.

It’s important to understand that karats and carats are different terms. Karat is the measurement of the fineness of gold, while carat is the weight measurement. However, it’s generally acceptable to use carats to measure fineness and weight.

When purchasing a white gold ring, paying attention to the weight is always a must. You may have to go for a lighter ring if you’re on a budget.

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If you want to buy a white gold ring with diamonds, you must factor them into the price. Not only do diamonds add value to the ring, but they also increase the overall carat weight. 

So, if you’re on a budget but want to buy a white gold ring, it might be a good idea to purchase one that doesn’t have a diamond on it.

Examples of White Gold Ring Costs

You now know more about the factors that determine the price of a white gold ring. So now, we can look at some of the costs. Although karats, weight, and diamonds are essential factors in pricing, the ring’s brand and how it was made will also determine the overall cost.

Below, I’ll discuss the prices of different white gold rings, depending on their karat levels and other factors. 

1. 9k White Gold Ring Cost

The cost of a 9k white gold ring generally starts at around $50, but you’ll likely have to pay more than this. A quick search on Amazon, eBay, or Etsy will show many 9k white gold rings in the price range of $40-$800, but you can expect to pay more than $800 if you buy a ring from a luxury brand.

You generally wouldn’t want to pay much more than $200 on an average 9k white gold ring.

Although some high-end brands like Angelic Diamonds sell expensive 9k white gold rings, it’s rare for most luxury brands to sell any 9k rings. For the most part, brands like Cartier and Harry Winston focus on 18k white gold rings.

9k white gold rings are the cheapest ones because they’re the least pure, so you might want to consider one of these if you don’t want to break the bank. However, 10k rings are generally more popular and easier to find in stores and online.

2. 10k White Gold Ring Cost

10k white gold rings tend to be similar in price to 9k ones. If you look on Amazon, you can find 10k white gold rings for as little as $90. However, some can cost more than this. You can expect to spend around $200-$300 on the average 10k ring, but there are more expensive options. 

Like with 9k white gold rings, it’s challenging to find 10k white gold rings from the most famous luxury brands because they simply don’t sell them (they usually only sell 14k and 18k white gold jewelry).

3. 14K White Gold Ring Cost

14k white gold is a good choice if you’re not on a tight budget and have some money to spare on a high-quality ring. You can expect to pay $1,000-$2,000 on a high-quality 14k white gold ring, but plenty of more expensive and cheaper options are available.

Generally speaking, the more expensive ones contain more diamonds and are heavier.

So if you don’t want to spend much more than $1,000 (or if you want to spend less), you can go for a basic 14k white gold ring that isn’t too heavy and doesn’t have a lot of diamonds. But if you can spend more, you can go for something more luxurious and flashy.

4. 18K White Gold Ring Cost

18k white gold rings are the most expensive, and all luxury brands sell them. The price of 18k white gold rings varies greatly, so it’s impossible to put a single price on them.

On the low end, an 18k white gold ring can cost $1,000; on the high end, it can cost $30,000 or more. The more expensive an 18k white gold ring is, the more likely it is to have high-quality diamonds.

Tiffany & Co. sells 18k white gold rings, ranging from around $1,000 for a basic ring to over $30,000 for diamond-encrusted white gold rings.

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White Gold Ring Costs Chart

Since there are many types of white gold rings that come at varying prices, displaying the approximate costs in a chart might make the comparison easier to understand. So below, you can look at the chart that details the four main types of white gold rings and their respective (approximate) prices.

Number of KaratsLowest Price (Approximate)Highest Price (Approximate)
9K White Gold$50$1,000
10K White Gold$90$1,000
14K White Gold$300$7,000
18K White Gold$1,000$30,000 or more

How Much Does a 14k White Gold Ring Cost?

A 14k white gold ring can cost anywhere from $300 to $7,000 or more, depending on the ring’s size, weight, and other materials (like diamonds). 14k rings cost more than 9k and 10k ones because they’re purer. You likely won’t find 14k rings from famous luxury brands like Tiffany & Co.

However, you can find some more affordable 14k white gold rings from places like Macy’s or Amazon that cost as little as $300.  

How Much Does a 10k White Gold Ring Cost?

A 10k white gold ring costs anywhere from $90 to $1,000. As with any other white gold ring, the price largely depends on its weight, how it was made, and the number/weight of diamonds on the ring. 

10k white gold rings are some of the lowest-priced ones you can buy, so they’re best when you’re on a tighter budget.

Do White Gold Rings Cost More Than Yellow Gold Rings?

White gold rings don’t cost more than yellow gold rings because the price always depends on the weight and karats. However, yellow gold rings can be 24k, whereas white gold rings can only go as high as 18k. So technically, yellow gold rings can be more expensive, but it’s not always the case.

If you have an 18k white gold ring and an 18k yellow gold ring that both weigh the same, they’re likely to be worth the same price. The same also goes for rose gold.  

How Much Should You Spend On a White Gold Engagement Ring?

A young couple holding up a white gold or silver ring in a jewelry store

Depending on your budget, you should spend at least $1,000 on a white gold engagement ring. The more money you earn, the more you should spend on a white gold engagement ring. 

Many people go by the two or three-month salary rule, meaning you should spend two to three times your monthly salary on a white gold engagement ring. However, of course, you don’t have to follow this rule. 

As you know from this article, plenty of white gold rings cost approximately $1,000, so you shouldn’t have any issues finding one to meet your budget.

Final Thoughts

The cost of a white gold ring varies. The main determining factors are:

  • Weight
  • Karats
  • Extra materials, especially diamonds
  • The brand

A ring that weighs more and is made from a purer material will naturally cost more. Diamonds (and their purity level) will also bring the cost of a white gold ring up. 9k white gold rings are the cheapest, but 10k ones are more common and easier to find.

Luckily, given the wide array of options on the market, you’re sure to find an option that fits your preferences and budget.

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