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What Is the Most Accurate Manufactured 5.56 Ammo Brand?

As everyone knows, 90% of accuracy when shooting comes from skills gained through experience. Even so, once adequate competency is reached, skilled shooters understand that ammo can make a big difference in obtaining the tightest shot groups. Weight and velocity can certainly have an impact on how your round leaves the gun.

Among the most consistently accurate 5.56 ammo is Black Hills. They are a reliable brand for accuracy, quality, and consistency. While Black Hills may not be the coolest or most popular ammo, they have certainly cemented themselves as a leader in accurate shooting.

If you can’t find Black Hills in stock anywhere (a common issue), another very accurate brand is Federal.

Let’s take a closer look at Black Hills 5.56 ammo and see what makes it so accurate.

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Does Ammo Make a Difference in Accuracy?

Ammo makes a big difference in accuracy as bullets have many different specifications, such as how heavy or light it is. Lighter ammo has better accuracy, while heavier ammo can deal more damage.

Most of your accuracy will come from learning about your gun and how it fires your ammo, but the ammo itself can make a big difference. 

There are certain aspects to shooting that are still a mystery. Like, why certain guns work better with specific ammo. Sometimes you just have to find the right ammo for you. Once you do, you may see some quick improvement in your accuracy. 

Factors That Contribute To Accuracy

When it comes to accuracy in shooting, there are a lot of factors to consider, including the gun itself. There can be many issues that affect accuracy like recoil, velocity, and even barrel length. Then, there are outside elements to consider, like wind and temperature. 

Both of these can affect how your bullet travels. So, even the most perfectly lined shot can suffer outside. 

1. Cheaper Ammo Might Not Be As Accurate

Ammo can also make a difference in the accuracy of your shot. There will be ammo that works better in your gun because it will be made better. There is a debate about whether cheap ammo is interchangeable with more expensive, but like in most other things, you get what you pay for. 

So, next time you start picking up that cheap ammo, think about how accurately you’re shooting with it. If you are struggling to be consistent with accuracy, then try a better brand of bullets. 

2. Heavier Ammo vs Lighter Ammo

Heavier ammo can also impact your accuracy. 

We know that heavier ammo is likely to deal more damage, but we often have to sacrifice accuracy when dealing with heavy ammo. Bullets that weigh more will not leave the barrel as fast as lighter ammo, and this has a big effect on accuracy. 

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3. Learn a Better Shooting Technique

Overall, there isn’t much that can’t be fixed with learning a better technique. How you handle the gun when shooting greatly affects your accuracy, no matter which bullets you use. But if you are comfortable with your gun but find yourself still struggling, try out some different ammo to see if that makes a difference. 

What Makes Black Hills 5.56 Ammo the Most Accurate?

Black Hills 5.56 ammo is the most accurate because it is a dependable brand that works well across a variety of firearms. People often use it because it is well known for its consistent quality.

Keep in mind that a lot of this is opinion, but based on anecdotal evidence, a lot of experienced shooters out there feel the same way.

Of course, everyone has their favorite ammo based on what they are trying to accomplish at the range or in the field, but many agree that this brand is one of the best. As discussed, your accuracy will depend on more than just the ammo type, but you never have to worry about quality with Black Hills.

Whether you choose Black Hills or another brand that stands out to you, make sure your ammo is made by a reputable and avoid the cheapest stuff. You don’t want anything that is made by cutting corners. 

Cheap ammo is great when you’re on a budget, but you could be sacrificing quality for the price. 

Good quality bullets will be a bit more expensive because they are made accurately and with higher standards. That’s what you get with a company like Black Hills, as the ammo you get will be made and scrutinized with higher standards than other, cheaper brands.

Black Hills is available in many different places, like Palmetto State Armory, and is so popular it’s hard to find it in stock.

Is 62 Grain or 55 Grain Better?

55 grain tends to be better than 62 grain at closer ranges since the lower grain has better fragmentation. Over mid to longer ranges, the 62 grain tends to perform better due to higher velocity and more accuracy.

Grain translates directly to the weight of the bullet. So, a 55-grain bullet is going to be lighter than a 62-grain bullet. Though this weight may seem minuscule, it makes a big difference in your accuracy. 

As the bullet leaves the gun when you fire, you need the energy to move it. The more a bullet weighs, the more energy is needed to move it. So, a 55-grain bullet will use less energy and therefore leave the gun at a faster velocity than the 62-grain bullet. So theoretically, to should be more accurate right?

In the real world, it just doesn’t work this way. Environmental factors such as wind, and the fact that shooters can account for bullet drop, makes higher grained ammo generally more accurate.

Also, because the 62-grain bullets are heavier, they will do more damage upon impact. Of course, it all matters which gun you are using and what your goals are when shooting.

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What Grain 5.56 Does the Military Use?

The military uses 62-grain bullets instead of the 55 grain that they used to. This is because 62-grain ammo gives them a better chance at piercing armor.

Rather than focusing on long-distance accuracy, the military chose 62-grain ammo as it does more damage. Ultimately, the military needs to be prepared for just about any situation, and having a heavier bullet can help them pierce objects and armor when necessary. 

The military is more likely to sacrifice some accuracy to get more power. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter where you shoot an enemy as much when the bullet is heavier and can do more damage. 

Just keep in mind that just because the military uses 62 grain doesn’t mean that it is the best option for you. When it comes to shooting outside of military situations, many factors contribute to which is the best grain to use. Often people find more success with the lower grain.

Final Thoughts

Keeping in mind that this is a matter of opinion, many people agree that some of the most accurately manufactured 5.56 ammo is Black Hills. It gives you the accuracy and reliability you need to shoot your best. 

Remember, ammo can affect your shot, just like many other things. If you aren’t using a good brand of ammo, then you may not be shooting to the best of your ability. So, I recommend trying out Black Hills and see how it performs for you.

I hope this article has been helpful. Thanks for reading!

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