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16 Great Hunting License Plates Ideas

If you are thinking of proudly displaying your love of hunting for the world to see, there’s no better way than by getting a custom license plate.

Some great hunting license plate ideas include “BLDTRL1,” which stands for “blood trail,” “V3N1SON” for venison, and “WHTTA1L,” which refers to white-tailed deer. “BWHNTR” can also be used in reference to bowhunting. Note that every state has its own rules for personalized plates.

The rest of this article will list various options for license plates related to the sport of hunting. Let’s get started!


“BLDTRL1” could be a reference to a blood trail, a path left by a wounded animal that can be followed by a hunter. Blood trails can help track animals that have fled into dense or hard-to-navigate terrain. 

This license plate would be suitable for a hunting-themed car or vehicle owned by a hunting-related business or organization.


The hunting license plate “BAMBKILR” could be an acronym for the phrase “Be A Master of the Bow and Kill Intelligently and Legally Responsibly.” 

While it’s certainly a mouthful, the phrase can carry a lot of meaning. “BAMBKILR” epitomizes the following: 

  • Emphasizing the importance of being an experienced hunter and using responsible, legal, and ethical practices to pursue game. 
  • Encouraging hunters to take the time to learn the rules and regulations of hunting in the area they are visiting, as well as proper safety and hunting etiquette. 
  • Promoting the idea that hunting should be done with great care and respect for the animals, habitats, and the environment. 

Hunting is a privilege that should be taken seriously. This hunting license plate serves as a reminder to be a responsible and respectful hunter.

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3. V3N1SON

The “V3N1SON” hunting license plate is a play on the word “venison,” which refers to the meat of a deer. This license plate suggests that you are interested in hunting or are otherwise knowledgeable about game terminologies. 

In addition, this plate may be a way to express your interest in hunting or show that you are familiar with the terminology used in the sport. The number “3” could also potentially refer to the three points on a white-tailed deer’s antlers, which symbolize the animal’s strength and power.


“BWHNTR” can be interpreted in many different ways. The letters “BW” could stand for “Bow,” whereas “HNTR” could stand for “Hunter.” Alternatively, “BWH” can also mean “Bowhunter,” while “NTR” could be read as “Naturalist.” 

This license plate would likely be used by someone who is passionate about hunting by archery and is proud to show it off. This is a great license plate idea if you want to advertise your love of hunting while also helping to spread awareness about the importance of getting out in nature.

Smiling man shooting a bow


The hunting license plate “WHTTA1L” may reference the white-tailed deer, a species found in many parts of North and Central America. 

The use of the number “1” in place of the letter “I” is a common way to make a license plate more unique or personalized.


The letters “SNRT” may refer to the word “snort,” a sound that some animals make when they’re agitated or excited. “WHZ” could stand for the word “Whizzer,” another name for a hunting dog trained to track and tree game animals like squirrels and rabbits. 

If you enjoy hunting with your dog or appreciate the role dogs can play as hunting companions, this license plate could be a good choice for you.


The hunting license plate “BOHNTR” is a play on the phrase “bo hunter,” with “bo” potentially being short for “bow,” as in a bow and arrow, which is a common tool used for hunting.

The license plate may be intended to reference you as someone who enjoys hunting and is familiar with the slang and terminology associated with this activity. It could be a way to show your passion for hunting and your knowledge of the associated language and culture.

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This hunting license plate is intended to refer to “shed hunting,” which is searching for and collecting antlers that deer or other hoofed animals have shed. 

Shed hunting is a popular activity among hunters and outdoors enthusiasts, as antlers can be used for various purposes, such as making decorative items or as a source of calcium for some animals. 

It’s not uncommon for hunters to display slogans or phrases related to their hobbies or activities on their license plates, so “SHED EM” could be a way of showing your interest in shed hunting.


“IH8PETA” is a license plate meant to convey a strong dislike or opposition to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), an animal rights organization that advocates for veganism and vegetarianism. 

“IH8” is a shortened version of the phrase “I hate,” and the inclusion of “PETA” makes it clear that you have negative feelings towards the organization. This license plate may suit a hunter or an outdoors enthusiast who disagrees with PETA’s stance on hunting and the consumption of animal products. 

In fact, this license plate may reference a popular slogan by hunters and outdoors enthusiasts: “I Hunt Because I Hate PETA.” It is important to note that not all hunters or outdoors enthusiasts necessarily feel this way about PETA, and the use of this license plate is a personal choice that reflects the individual views of the owner.


The hunting license plate “H8ANTIS” is intended to convey the owner’s dislike or animosity towards people opposed to hunting. “H8” is often used as a shortened form of the word “hate,” and “ANTIS” could be a form of the word “anti,” as in “anti-hunting.” 

Hunting has often been a polarizing sport that pits hobbyists and enthusiasts sharply against passionate opposers. “H8ANTIS” is intended to express one’s feelings about those opposed to hunting.

Two hunters find their shot deer while ona hunt


If you’re a hunter who enjoys hunting bucks, you might consider using the license plate “BUKCZN.” This license plate acronym is a shortened term for “Buck Season,” which refers to the time of year when hunting for deer, specifically male deer, is allowed. 

The term “buck” is often used to refer to male deer, and “season” refers to the specific period when hunting them is permitted. Male deer are hunted for their antlers, meat, and, sometimes, for population control.

By using the “BUKCZN” hunting license plate, you can advertise your passion and skill in hunting male deer, as well as your appreciation for the outdoors.


If you are an avid archer and love hunting with a bow and arrow, the hunting license plate “RCHRY” might be a great choice for you. This plate design is a shortened form of the word “archery” and can reference your involvement in the sport or your dedication to this particular form of hunting.

Alternatively, you might choose the “RCHRY” license plate simply because you find it visually appealing or memorable and want to represent your interest in archery or hunting in this way.


If you are an avid hunter of antelopes and want to show off your love for the sport, you might want to consider using the license plate “ANTLPRN.” Antelope hunting seasons typically occur during the late summer and early fall when the weather starts to cool down. 

Antelopes can be found in various parts of the world, including Africa, Asia, and Europe. These hoofed mammals are known for their slender build, long legs, and distinctive horns. They are often hunted for their horns and meat.

If you are an antelope hunter and want to share your passion with others, the “ANTLPRN” license plate is a perfect way to do so.


“HUNT4ME” can be interpreted as a play on words, with “Hunt” referring to the activity of hunting and “4ME” standing for “for me.” 

You can use this hunting license plate idea to express your passion for hunting and potentially find other individuals who share your interest in hunting. Aside from being a fun and unique way to personalize your vehicle, “HUNT4ME” can help you identify yourself to others as part of the hunting community.

Male Hunter Holding a Rifle Over His Shoulder in a Prairie


The hunting license plate “DEER8ME” could mean that you are an avid deer hunter and that hunting deer is a personal hobby. 

The use of the number “8” in place of the word “for” in “DEER8ME” could be a play on the common phrase “4ME,” which is often used to indicate that something is intended for the person who possesses it. 

Alternatively, the number “8” could simply be used to separate the words “DEER” and “ME” as a way to make the license plate more visually appealing or memorable.

16. 1SHOT

The hunting license plate “1SHOT” could mean that you are confident in your shooting skills and consider yourself a proficient hunter. The number “1” in “1SHOT” could indicate that you only need one shot to successfully bring down your target, whether a deer, a bird, or some other type of game. 

Alternatively, the number “1” could be used to emphasize the importance of the shot, either because it represents the first shot of a hunt or because it is the shot that ultimately determines the success or failure of the hunt. 

In either case, the “1SHOT” license plate could be used as a declaration of your skill and proficiency as a hunter.

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