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5 Best Chasers for Jäger

Mitro liqueur in a glass

Jägermeister was explicitly made to be a digestive-enhancing, post-meal drink by a German hunting enthusiast, Curt Mast. He succeeded in this goal, and his impressive glass became an international phenomenon.

This “Master Hunter” drink has key notes of star anise, the key ingredient in black licorice. This means it’s best to be prepared with a good chaser since this drink is heavily flavored and ready to fight back. Keep reading for some of the best Jäger chasers that both complement and take out some of that bite.

1. Milk

Milk is one of those things that can either make biting booze back down or fight alongside it. This makes it a perfect chaser for the bold Jäger. Just about everyone has had milk at least once, and it’s pretty standard practice to chase back acidity with it to help coat the throat and cool the burn. Which is definitely something Jäger is going to do.

The milk’s natural creaminess helps remove some of that burning Jäger pain while also letting the key notes linger behind. Just be careful, as this combination doesn’t always play well with certain medical conditions.

2. Coffee

A glass of homemade coffee with instant coffee and white sugar spilled at the base

It’s a pretty common bit of advice to refrain from mixing uppers and downers. Don’t drink a stimulant like coffee and a depressant like alcohol. Otherwise, it can lead to some unwanted side effects. However, as long as it’s only on occasion and done responsibly, coffee and Jäger can be a top-notch combination, much like its forefather Irish Coffee. Especially if chasing it down with iced coffee.

Jäger is such a strong drink it’s typically meant to be on the rocks or at least extremely cold. Following that up with a hot beverage is usually awkward, but iced coffee is on the same level and helps pop out the flavors.

3. Juices

As with most spirits, Jäger is chased well with juices. It’s full of botanicals, 56, to be precise, and those on the more subtle side can be picked out of the barrel with a little help from fruit juices.

Here are some of the best juices to pair with Jäger, according to the master mixologists at Nose Dive in Greenville, South Carolina:

  • Citrus
  • Apple
  • Cranberry

Any citrus juice, from orange to lemonade, will yank out the more sour flavors, whereas the sweeter ones like apple and cranberry help accent the sweetness hiding behind that star anise. Depending on personal preference, a good mixologist can mix up different juices to pull out the best notes for the drinker to enjoy the spirit.

4. Sodas

Long story short, if it’s carbonated and full of sugary syrup, it’s probably good to mix or chase Jäger with. Depending on personal taste, any sort works well.

A clear soda like Sprite is perfect for simply cleansing the palate, whereas dark ones make for popular cocktail mixers. Then there’s always the ever-popular ginger ale, which can make the drink feel like a German Mule to drag out the botanicals successfully.

5. Beer or Stout


If there’s enough time to sit back with multiple drinks safely, there’s nothing like chasing the gut-punching Jäger with a hearty wheat beer or a thick, foamy stout. Especially if they are brewed in a German style, these drinks compliment the Jäger like nothing else. They’re both excellent German drinks, but the beer or stout isn’t going to be quite as much as the spirit, so it’s an excellent way to wind down in the end.


Jägermeister is a heavy drink packed full of botanicals that will make anyone’s insides feel like they’re being power washed with acid and doused in black licorice. To some, that might sound horrifying, but to others, a delicious challenge. Drinking Jäger all night is probably not the best idea, so you might as well plan a good chaser or two to let the spirit shine.

This can be anywhere from a glass of plain milk, to juices, sodas, and even all the way to beers and stouts. It all depends on personal preference. But, a good mixologist like the folks at Nose Dive in Greenville, South Carolina are all geared up and ready to help figure out if what’s needed is a coat of cream or more Germany in the bloodstream.

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