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The 7 Best Mixers for Jagermeister

In creating this list, I wanted to show how Jagermeister can give you a plethora of different flavors that all work amazingly well. In fact, mixing and matching Jagermeister with common drinks can offer many new unique recipes to enjoy. Will you discover the next great Jager drink?

Here are the best mixers for Jagermeister:

1. Citrus Juices

Oranges grapefruits limes and lemons lying on a blue wooden table

Citrus juices can be obtained from fresh-squeezing fruits such as orange, lemon, lime, and grapefruit, or can be store-bought. Any make an excellent addition to Jagermeister.

Jagermeister has fifty-six herbs and spices as its constituents. These spices allow it to pair nicely with citrus juices like lime, orange, lemon, and grapefruit. The zest of citrus added to the aromatic herbal tones of Jagermeister gives a mind-blowing cocktail best served on the rocks!

Be sure to use 100% grapefruit or orange juice when shaking Jagermeister into an iced cocktail. If you add a dash of reposado tequila, you get a new drink altogether – Fright Night in the Grove cocktail.

Lemon zest or a squeeze of lime alongside simple syrup makes a lot of difference in citrus-mixed cocktails. Lemon-lime flavored sodas can also be mixed with Jagermeister for a citrusy yet fizzy rendition of the German liquor.

2. Vodka

Several Bottles of Vodka

Vodka is a clear liquor that mixes well with Jagermeister to give it a strong, distinct taste appreciated by many. The vodka-Jager mix could be had as a cocktail with some drops of grenadine to taste.

Many may consider mixing Jagermeister and vodka to be rather bold, but everyone can enjoy it with proper restraint. The herbal flavors of Jagermeister may make it a tad harder to keep track of just how intoxicated you’ve become, so caution is advised.

Vodka, being so versatile, has a reputation for being in many mixes, bombs, and cocktails. It can accompany Jager to escort an energy drink, soda, or even cola. Several drinks have Jagermeister and vodka as their sole constituents as a result. Have you heard of the Jager Grenade or good old Jagermeister vodka cocktail? Both are incredibly easy to make and, most certainly, delicious.

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3. Red Bull

Hand Holding a Can of Red Bull Energy Drink

Red bull is a popular energy drink commonly paired with alcoholic beverages like Jagermeister. The combination of caffeine and alcohol will surely bring out the party animal in just about anyone.

Bombs and shots, with the duo or with an added drink like cola or vodka, are always a go at the bartenders’. The Red Bull and Jagermeister combo has been a favorite for a long time.

4. Ginger Ale

Canada Dry ginger ale mini packs

Ginger ale is a nonalcoholic drink strongly flavored with ginger. Ginger ale and Jagermeister are a match made in the stars. Where you can’t find ginger ale, ginger beer will always be a great substitute.

Ginger presents a zing wherever it turns up, and even in Jagermeister, it’s no different. The Jagermeister variant of the Moscow mule, the Jägermeister Mule, is basically nonexistent without an ample amount of ginger ale. Garnish with a wedge of lime and make sure to add enough ice to your mug– it tastes better that way!

5. Cranberry Juice


Cranberry juice mixed with Jagermeister gives a drink known as Fuzzy Jager Cranberry Shooter, an upscale from a former lewd name. The soft, fruity flavors of cranberry and peach schnapps do well to mask the herbal aroma of the Jagermeister.

Fuzzy Jager Cranberry Shooter owes its exquisite taste not to its well-needed name change but to the fantastic fusion of Jagermeister and cranberry juice. You can add a spritz of lemon juice to give it a zesty kick. This tasty beverage is best served after being shaken with ice.

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6. Coffee

Two shot glasses of espresso coffee

Coffee is an excellent mixer for Jagermeister. The dark notes of coffee go well with the dusky tones of Jagermeister. Jagermeister has complex flavors best enjoyed when cold, so when mixing with coffee, ensure you use cold brew.

Coffee might seem like an unlikely mixer for Jagermeister, but it does work quite well. It can even be substituted for tea – such is the versatility of the Jagermeister. The resulting drink would be refreshing, with hints of coffee teasing your tongue.

7. Apple Cider

Apple cider in gallon jugs with apples in the background

Apple cider is a nonalcoholic beverage that mixes well with Jagermeister. Apple cider can be substituted with apple juice when mixing with Jagermeister.

Apple cider or apple juice forms an almost unholy alliance with Jagermeister. Apple and pineapple give the digestif a playful tinge that is worth recreating. Medium dry apple cider, Jagermeister, and spiced pomegranate honey, over ice– sounds rather heavenly.

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