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6 Best Rum Brands For Awesome Rum And Coke

Whenever me and my friends go out, someone inevitably orders rum and coke. It’s that perfect go-to drink that always delivers. In fact, I am not sure I’ve ever met anyone that didn’t like the combination. So, if you are looking to make the “Cadillac” of rum and coke, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the top 6 brands that will satisfy even the most finicky taste buds.

1. Barcardi


Barcardi is a timeless alcohol brand mostly known for its white rum. However, its darker rums have quite the appeal as well.

Ideally, rum and coke should be made with darker rums because they are known to pair better. This is primarily because darker rums tend to have a combination of spices that really elevate whatever mixer is being used with it. Coca-cola has its bite of spice, and dark rums like Barcardi’s Black rum are a match made in heaven.

Barcardi Black is aged in charred oak barrels, which contributes to its rich depth of flavor. Barcardi’s black rum features a smooth molasses taste with just a hint of tropical fruit flavor (which is unique to the Barcardi brand). What makes this brand’s black rum unique is that it has a smoky aftertaste. When used to create rum and coke, this really sets Barcardi apart from other brands.

2. Kraken

Photo courtesy of Mike McCune

Kraken is a brand that has a very whimsical appearance to its logo. With a sea-faring creature crawling up its bottle, it certainly comes off as interesting before even cracking open the bottle. However, its unique appearance isn’t the only appeal to this brand. For those who enjoy rum and coke, Kraken is a top contender for being the rum of choice.

This brand has deliciously bold dark rum. Their two most popular choices are their dark-label spiced rum and black roast coffee rum. Their dark-label spiced rum has its own distinct flavor with vanilla, peppercorns, and ginger. This blend of spices makes Kraken a little different from other dark rums. Moreover, it has a toffee aroma which makes any rum and coke genuinely unique.

While Kraken’s black rum is undoubtedly an excellent choice for a rum and coke, its black roast coffee rum should not be discounted. The black roast coffee rum isn’t overly spiced like the black rum. In its simplest form, it has a strong coffee taste that makes rum and coke surprisingly tasty. While coffee rum might not be for everyone, it is a bold choice for those wanting a little bit different of a rum and coke. Dare to release the Kraken?

3. Captain Morgan


Captain Morgan is easily one of the most recognizable rum brands on the market. It’s no surprise that this famous brand has been a great choice for mixing with cola since the 1940s.

It has a wide variety of rum choices varying from white rums to spiced rums and even fruity rums. Out of all the varieties that Captain Morgan offers, its spiced and darker rums are an ideal choice. Just like other brands, darker rum and spiced rum smooth out coca-cola.

While Captain Morgan offers a line of rums with distinct flavors, the best one out of their line to use for a rum and coke is their original spiced rum. With hints of vanilla and caramel, rum and coke becomes elevated to a sweet, smooth finish. It’s a classic way to stick with traditional rum and coke flavors even if it’s not as “fancy” as some of the other darker rums.

4. Pusser’s Rum

Photo courtesy of Aneil Lutchman

Rum and coke is a cocktail that is best served with a rum that embodies spices, bold flavor, and a smooth finish. Pusser’s rum delivers all of this, especially its “Gunpowder Proof” label. This heavily spiced rum features vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger. But in my opinion, the toffee undertones make it an over-the-top good choice.

However, the spice isn’t the only reason this brand of rum is an excellent choice for rum and coke. It has to do with the higher alcohol content. It is suggested that alcohol contents under 35% aren’t suitable for a delicious tasting rum and coke. Anything above this really combines well with colas.

This Gunpowder Proof label is an impressive 54%, which is higher than the brands on this list thus far. So not only does its spice contribute to a delicious adult drink, but its alcohol level does as well. Because of this high alcohol content, the rum has a long, distinct finish to it. Brands with lower percentages can sometimes lack a strong aftertaste that lingers.

5. Plantation

Plantation Rum Bottle
Photo courtesy of Nicholas Brett

Plantation rum has been a top choice for rum for a long time. However, its XO rum is truly one-of-a-kind. It not only gives rum and coke a fruity backdrop of flavor, but it also is profound in its rich flavor. It is able to provide a depth of flavor due to its aging process. It is double-aged in oak barrels, which yields a remarkable taste.

The fruit flavors that come through in this rum include mango, banana, and coconut. Its rich amber color blends perfectly with dark cola. Moreover, it drops subtle flavors of chocolate and vanilla. While this may seem like a strange combination of tastes, this Plantation rum variation proves to be an exquisite choice for rum and coke.

6. Rhum Clement

Photo courtesy of Eric Fabet

Rhum Clement is one of the more pricey choices for making a rum and coke. While this list has shown both expensive and less expensive choices for a tasty rum and coke, Rhum Clement is a high-end choice. While it’ll hurt your bank account a bit, Rhum Clement really delivers.

There are a few choices from Rhum Clement that make a great mixer. These include the XO, Premiere Canne, and the Rhum Vieux.

  • The XO variety is a smokey orange taste with 44% alcohol content. It finishes strong and compliments cola in the best possible way.
  • Premiere Canne is a white rum that 40% alcohol content. While the darker rums are usually preferred, Premiere Canne is worth mentioning due to its exquisite flavor. It isn’t that white rum doesn’t pair well with cola; it is just that darker rums pair better. However, Premiere Canne is definitely worth giving a try.
  • The Rhum Vieux is a 15-year aged rum that is a dark mahogany color that is rich in flavor and simply divine.

Final Sip

I hope our journey down rum lane has been a prosperous one for you. Every single product mentioned on this list is top-notch. It all comes down to personal taste. Even so, if you are still unsure which to try, definitely go for Pusser’s. It has all the attributes of a perfect pairing with cola. It has that unique “bite” to it that you just can’t get with other brands. Happy drinking!

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