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9 Best Non-Carbonated Alcoholic Drinks When Not Feeling Fizzy

Sometimes you are looking for something different than the usual “Jack and Coke,” or whatever fizzy drink is being served. Personally, I prefer smooth beverages but don’t necessarily want just to pound shots. So, if you want something non-bubbly, then here are a few ideas to point you in the right direction.

1. Raspberry Mint Martini

Gin and vermouth have a long-standing tradition of enjoying each other’s company. Try a new twist on this old favorite by infusing raspberry liqueur and freshly crushed mint leaf. The mint arouses the palette with a bit of freshness while the sweet raspberry rounds out the experience with a fruity, colorful roundness.

Make sure you have a good cocktail shaker set, like these, if you are going to be making this type of mixed drink at home. They are found on Amazon and make a great gift!

2. Hochstadters – Slow and Low Rock and Rye

Photo courtesy of H. Michael Miley

This old-timey classic is the strongest on our list with an ABV of 43%, so sip slowly and drink responsibly. This cocktail-in-a-can is made with 4 simple ingredients; rock candy, naval orange, water, and rye whiskey. Its simplicity, potency, and small size (3.5 oz cans) make this the perfect non-carbonated drink for those that enjoy savoring their drinks at a snail’s pace.

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3. Canned Wine

Photo courtesy of Gnawme

Wine has long been a part of the human story. We’ve been consuming this fermented fruity drink for literally thousands of years. Modern canning techniques have created an alternative to casking and bottling. You can easily transport your favorite wine in an easily transportable aluminum can.

There are endless varieties, styles, and potencies of canned wine available on the market for every price range. Whether you enjoy sweet reds or dry whites, there is wine available for you ready to take to your next dinner party or sporting event in this convenient medium.

4. Spiked Iced Tea

Two Girls Drinking Twisted Iced Tea
Photo courtesy of Racky Salzman

Sweet tea is not only a southern tradition but a great way to quench your thirst on a hot summer day. What could make this a more enjoyable experience than a shot of your preferred liquor?

One or two shots of brown liquors like bourbon or whiskey make a great addition to this homebrewed classic. If you like a little tanginess with your tea, make a boozy Arnold Palmer by mixing your iced tea with lemonade.

Several companies make premixed spiked teas in cans or bottles. So even if you’re not feeling very crafty, you can enjoy this timeless tipsy classic.

5. Pura Still – Spiked Water

Glass of Water with Lemon

Are you tired of bubbly seltzers? Pura Still is spiked non-carbonated water with a splash of coconut and flavor. Yes, you heard correctly, this is booze-infused water. This no-frills beverage is perfect If you are a minimalist or just trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Pura Still is low in sugar and comes in a variety of flavors like raspberry or lemon.

6. Pabst Blue Ribbon – Hard Coffee

Glass of Cold Coffee next to a Sunflower

You probably drank a lot of PBR in college. I know I did. The company has been expanding its line in recent years and expanding their market base. Last year, they released an alcohol-infused non-carbonated coffee beverage brewed with arabica and robusta beans, cane sugar, and milk. This rich, creamy beverage packs a punch with a 5% ABV and satisfies coffee lovers’ cravings everywhere.

7. Cutwater – Fugu Spicy Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary in a Glass

Cutwater packs a punch with this super spicy bloody mary in a can. This canned cocktail gives you the buzz you’re seeking while tickling your tongue with a pleasant burn. If you need to cure your hangover of the night before or you’re looking to add a bit of nutrition to your drinking experience, you’re in luck. This drink isn’t for the faint of heart. Its spiciness is unexpectedly more than anticipated, but that might slow you down from drinking it too quickly.

8. Vodka Screwdriver

Screwdriver Chart Showing Recipe

This is another classic drink you can whip up with things you probably already have at home. This non-carbonated drink may seem like a bit of a cliche, but it maintains its place in the cocktail hall of fame for its simplicity and tastiness. Add a shot or two of your favorite vodka to 12 ounces of orange juice, shake, and serve over ice. This drink tastes like a sunshiney summer day and is best enjoyed outside enjoying the wonders of nature.

9. Mead

Wine Glass with Mead

Honey is delicious. It’s antimicrobial, floral, fruity, tangy, good for the bee population, and just all-around tasty. Mead is a wine that is made from fermenting honey. There are a few carbonated varieties out there, just as there are with fruit wines, but for the most part, this is a semi-sweet, tart, non-carbonated, boozy drink with an extremely high degree of complexity. Mead tastes drastically different depending on the type of honey it was produced from and its whereabouts in the world it was produced.

Final Sip

I hope this list has helped you decide on a non-fizzy option the next time you are looking for a buzz. Personally, I’m headed off on a quest for some spiked tea. I am writing this in the summer and it is dang hot.

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