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The 4 Best Mixers for Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan is a fantastic rum with a spicy taste that adds a kick to some of your favorite cocktail mixers. But, while Captain Morgan might be a familiar name, what it can be mixed with is another story. So what are the best mixers for Captain Morgan?

The iconic Spiced Rum by Captain Morgan is a favorite for millions worldwide. However, you might not know that Captain has a strong line of liquors that come in several varieties, not just spiced rum. These other options are delicious and could surprise you with how they taste and react with your favorite mixer. So read on and learn the best mixers for Captain Morgan.


Best Mixers for Captain Morgan

Mixing the Captain could be a complex pour, depending on what you want to make. However, if you choose the Spiced Rum, you can expect a solid bit of spice on the back end. Mixers for the Spiced Rum include Coca-Cola, but a few more choices can be made before you choose the old standard.

Knowing the Captain Morgan Products is Essential

If you want to know what to mix your Captain with, you should know which type of rum you are drinking. There are only four products in the Captain Morgan family; each is a delicious rum that makes a great cocktail or as a standalone. 

The different products that Captain Morgan has to offer are:

  • Original Spiced Gold Rum – The old standard for the Captain is their Original Spiced Gold Rum. It has a deep brown color which is part of the reason it has a dark and spicy taste. This is the Captain that everyone knows and loves. It is their oldest product and their most famous ad campaign to date. 
  • Captain Morgan Dark RumDark Rum is Captain Morgan’s take on Jamaican rum. It has a dense color, and the rum has an oaky taste from an extended time in aging barrels.
  • Captain Morgan White Rum – The line-up would not be complete without the White Rum that makes Mojitos and Cuba Libres come alive. It is a refreshing clear rum that has the potential to work great with any mixer.

Captain Morgan has an established name and is known for having delicious products mixed with various simple ingredients to make killer cocktails. In addition, they have a Premix for people who know what they want and don’t have time to waste.

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The Four Best Mixers for Captain Morgan

Two Glasses with Rum and Coke

Once you have your rum chosen, you can begin to think about what kind of cocktail you want to make. Several options range from a single ingredient to a few that change the taste of the rum. Whatever you choose, remember to drink responsibly.

If you think you have had too much to drink, call a ride-share service or a trusted friend.

The 4 best mixers for Captain Morgan Run are:

  • Coke – Sometimes standards get that way because they are good. Having a Captain Morgan rum and Coke is a quick and easy mixer that allows the intense spice of the rum to create a rich texture with the sugar and flavoring in the Coke.
  • Apple Cider – A favorite of people during the cold months is adding some Captain Original Spiced Gold Rum to their apple cider with a stick of cinnamon. It creates a warm, spicy drink that generates body heat and keeps you cozy.
  • Colada Mix – Another excellent option for a mixer is to use a Colada mix. Whether it is Pina Colada or a variation, what matters is that you use the Captain Morgan White Rum or Original Spiced Gold to get the best results.
  • More Captain – One of the most impressive things about Captain Morgan is that you can mix their Rums in a drink for fantastic results. For example, if you make a Long Island and add a hint of Original Spiced to the White Rum, you get an amazing spicy back-to-a-classic cocktail.
Apple cider in gallon jugs with apples in the background

“The best mixers for Captain are easy to make while unleashing the power of whichever rum you have chosen. In addition, some more complex tastes and flavors can be unlocked by talking with your local bartender,” Says Victor Spivey of the Busted Oak Bourbon Society.


Mixing with Captain Morgan is as easy as an island breeze. They make a strong lineup of rum spirits with unique tastes. This rum is the backbone of some industry favorite cocktails like the Cuba Libre and Mojito.

If you are looking for an old standard, it is hard to go wrong with the Original Spiced Gold Rum and Coke. It pairs well with the cola and sugar while having a solid hit of spice on the back end. No matter what you choose, drink responsibly and make the best of the night.

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