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7 Best Chasers For Remy Martin

Remy Martin is recognized worldwide as one of the top cognac distilleries in existence. Since its foundation in the heart of Cognac, France in 1724, this brand has been producing exceptional spirits featuring brilliant aromas, vibrant flavors, and a smooth finish.

While the ideal way to enjoy Remy Martin is neat or on the rocks, even the company itself recognizes that it can be combined with a variety of syrups, beverages, and spices for an elevated drinking experience. In this article, we’re going to list the top seven best chasers for Remy Martin that will ensure you can fully appreciate the cognac’s flavors without being overwhelmed by the alcohol’s harshness.

Ginger Ale

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Ginger ale is one of the most versatile chasers, capable of complementing a wide range of alcoholic beverages, including Remy Martin.

The sweet and spicy flavors of ginger ale serve as a perfect accompaniment to the smooth, fruit and honey-flavored cognac. The soda’s lightness and sugar-content help to balance the strong, rich taste of Remy Martin and reduce its residual bite.

Combined, these flavors are pleasing to the palate, with the ginger ale’s fizziness providing a nice contrast to the smoothness of the cognac. Ginger ale is also a common product in nearly any facility or environment where alcohol is served, making it the ideal chaser.

Ginger Beer

Those of you who enjoy the spice of ginger ale but would prefer to exchange this sugary soda out for a similar alternative will probably enjoy using ginger beer.

The drinking experience here is fairly comparable to ginger ale. The full-bodied taste and complex aroma of Remy Martin is enhanced by the punchy flavor and effervescence from the ginger beer.

However, ginger beer has a much stronger and spicier taste than its non-alcoholic twin since it contains significantly less syrup and other sweeteners.

Using ginger beer as your Remy Martin chaser is also ideal for parties and social settings where you want to drink steadily throughout the night, but need a beverage that will pair well with a variety of spirits you might sample intermittently.

Or, you can toss them both in a glass with some orgeat syrup and verjus to create The One Collins.


For the bold souls who enjoy chasing their liquor with more liquor, we recommend following your Remy Martin with some Cointreau.

Cointreau is a smooth and slightly sweet, orange-flavored triple sec liqueur, making it a perfect complement to the bolder flavors of Remy Martin.

Its citrus notes will pair nicely with nearly any of this brand’s products, from the XO, with its notes of plum, candied orange, and mature fig, to the 1738 Accord Royal, with its notes of plum, fig jam, and toasted bread.

Remy Martin highly recommends pairing these two liqueurs to create their classic Remy Sidecar cocktail, but you can have nearly the same experience using Cointreau as your chaser.

Pineapple Juice

Another chaser option that you’ll often see listed as an ingredient in Remy Martin cocktails is pineapple juice.

The natural sweetness of this tropical fruit helps to counteract the bitter flavor of alcohol while its tartness brightens up the cognac’s naturally dark, rich tones.

The combination creates an incredibly well-rounded and enjoyable experience which is sure to please any fan of Remy Martin.

Tonic water

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Tonic water is often an overlooked chaser to accompany spirits because it is usually restricted to mixed drinks.

Yet, when combined with Remy Martin, its effervescent sparkle and subtle sweetness can create a perfect balance of flavor.

The tangy taste of quinine in tonic water helps optimize the smoothness of Remy Martin by cutting its strong alcohol content. Besides that slight peak of flavor accompanied by some bitterness, tonic water is overtly bland, making it the perfect canvas for highlighting cognac.

If you’re trying to avoid a sugary juice or soda but don’t want to chase your cognac with another alcoholic beverage, tonic water might be the ideal choice.


Most people know that Remy Martin is far from a cheap cognac brand, which means you’ll likely see it enjoyed at some upscale events.

In an environment like this (or any time you feel like opting for a more elegant chaser) we recommend pairing your Remy Martin with a glass of champagne.

Champagne and Remy Martin are the perfect partners in flavor and luxury. The light, crisp taste of champagne is enhanced by the rich, complex flavors of Remy Martin.

Together, the two create an exquisite harmony of flavors. At any point that you’d rather switch to a singular drink, you could easily combine your champagne, Remy Martin, and a myriad of ingredients to create an exceptional cocktail, like The Fleurissimo or The Shoreline Fizz.

Maple Syrup

Maple syrup on a grocery store shelf

A spoonful of sugar might be a feasible chaser for Remy Martin when you’re low on options, but we recommend something a little more appropriate.

When you’re not in the mood to chase your Remy Martin with another drink, using a tablespoon of maple sugar is the best option.

This simple syrup harmonizes with the vanilla, caramel, and honey flavors in cognac perfectly while adding a depth of its own.

Its sweetness and thick, smooth texture will also help coat your tongue and ease any harsh aftertaste you might be experiencing so you can focus more on enjoying how this combination tastes.

Final Thoughts

The list of chaser options for Remy Martin are nearly endless, but we firmly believe that these are the top seven.

Determining which one is best for you will depend on your preference of flavor combination, alcohol content, and whether you want to sip your chaser throughout the night or prefer a one-and-done experience.

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