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8 Cool Stand up Paddle Board Gifts for Her

So the Holidays are coming, or maybe your favorite paddler is having a birthday, and you want to get them a cool accessory for her stand-up paddleboard (SUP). Well, you have come to the right place. My kids asked me what they should get their mother for her birthday. I told them she would love something for her SUP.

They did a quick search and didn’t find anything that fits their budget. Well, I decided to help them in their search in the hopes that maybe I, too, could find a SUP gift for my wife. Here are some of the treasures my kids and I found on Amazon.


1. Stand-up Paddle Board Throw Pillow

My wife loves to make the house look nice. One way she mixes things up is to regularly change the pillows that we have on our couches. The kids have noticed this, and my daughter was really excited when she saw this throw pillow.

My daughter especially liked the pillow I chose because not only did it have a woman paddleboarder, but it also has pictures of flippers and a mask, which makes it the perfect pillow for my wife since she is also an avid snorkeler.

2. SUP Rack

With a quick look in the garage, we noticed her board leaned against the wall. Since she really dislikes clutter of any kind we thought that would make a great gift.

This cool-looking rack will remedy that for her.

3. Floating Keychain

On our search for the perfect gift that is not too expensive, we ran into a lot of keychains. But, we found the ideal keychain for mom.

Since reading about the sorting ceremony in The Sorcerer’s Stone, my wife has been a die-hard Hufflepuff. She says she must be a Hufflepuff because she is so patient with the kids and me. Patience is apparently a Hufflepuff trait.

If your paddleboarder wouldn’t choose the Hufflepuff house, there are many other choices on Amazon, including the other three Hogwarts Houses.

4. Water Proof Phone Case

A waterproof phone case is almost a necessity on a stand-up paddleboard. I’m actually surprised that she didn’t already have one. But, I have learned from my past mistakes, that one should not go overlooked as a gift.

I learned that lesson when my wife found a shiny new vacuum cleaner under the Christmas tree one year. It was a lesson that I will not repeat. So, we passed on the phone case for a gift.

I guess her double Zip-lock bags will have to do for now.

5. Battery Powered Safety Lights

We chose these lights as our 2nd of our three gifts. My wife has been talking about getting out on the water after dark. She wants to paddle into the river with me and watch the moon rise on a full moon this winter.

So, when I saw these easy to attach, battery-powered, water-resistant safety lights for her SUP, I chose them right away. I am looking forward to our date for the next full moon.

6. Tropical Print Water Shoes

These colorful water shoes caught all our eyes. As did the price, which is very affordable.

The problem we had with these shoes is that my wife always paddles barefooted in the summer. In the winter, she wears an old pair of surfing booties, so her feet stay warm. (she’ll be wearing those booties in a couple of weeks for our moonrise date.)

We passed, but someone you know might love them.

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7. Sup Window Decal

We found a lot of SUP stickers and window decals that we thought my wife would like for a gift. The problem is she doesn’t like to put things on her car. So, we passed, but you may have someone who doesn’t mind adding “style” to their vehicle.

8. SUP Yoga Socks

My son chose the third and last of our gifts. Just this summer, my wife tried SUP Yoga for the first time. So, when we saw the price for these socks, it was a match made in heaven.

Not only are they nice and bright, but she likes to wear long socks around the house during the holidays, so these are just perfect for her. Maybe they will be a beautiful gift for someone your know.

Well, there you go—8 perfect SUP gifts for her.

Thanks for reading, y’all!