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The 5 Best Stand up Paddle Board Shoes

I have been stand-up paddleboarding for several years now and have tried many different types of shoes. Even so, I still prefer to be barefoot when out on my board. However, I definitely feel there is a time and a place for covering your feet.

In fact, the type of shoes you wear when paddle boarding can make or break your paddling adventure. This is particularly true when paddling on cold water. The following are my recommended shoes you should consider wearing when stand-up paddleboarding.

The 5 best stand-up paddleboard shoes:

  1. UBFEN Men’s and Women’s Water Shoes
  2. L- Run Unisex Water Shoes
  3. Body Glove Men’s 3T Barefoot Max Shoe
  4. NRS Kinetic
  5. Body Glove Dynamo Ribcage

Now let’s go through the different brands so that you know what types to avoid and which to choose.

UBFEN Men’s and Women’s Water Shoes

The UBFEN unisex shoes are one of the top recommended shoes for paddleboarding. The shoes are designed with a smooth and stretchy upper material that makes them easier to put on and remove.

More importantly, their soles are made of sturdy rubber material as well as convex dots to provide the much-needed traction this gives the paddler comfort, confidence, and balance when walking on the shoes.

Still, on the soles, the shoes have small drainage holes to allow water to drain out of the interior of the shoe. It’s also important to keep in mind that the holes are small enough to prevent debris and other small rocks from entering inside. These shoes are suitable both for river paddling or the cold ocean.

L- Run Unisex Water Shoes

The L- Run Unisex Water Shoes are another great option for paddleboarding. The shoes are lightweight to help prevent fatigue. This enables the paddler to move around freely.

Again, the shoes are made with stretchy polyester on the upper side. This not only enhances fast drying but improves breathability as well. With this, your feet will always stay comfortable and free from irritation or fungal infections.

Additionally, these pair of water shoes provide the user with ultimate arch support, which provides additional comfort and longer use. Therefore, if you are willing to take on challenging water conditions, try this pair, and you won’t be disappointed.

Body Glove Men’s 3T Barefoot Max Shoe

These shoes are arguably among the best paddle-boarding shoes due to a variety of reasons. First, they come with a zero heel lift as well as an ultra-grip sole. This combination of features helps provide maximum traction as well as total ground feel.

The unique shoe design is also a factor worth talking about. It is made with three individual toe pockets that provide not only dexterity but also protection. Much more, the shoes are highly ventilated hence allowing free air circulation and good drainage. Water also moves out from the interior, easily making your feet dry off much faster.

More importantly, the shoes are designed with a Velcro strap that can be adjusted to provide a secure fit. The shoe strap and the outsole tread work together to stop water from getting in. At the same time, the height of the shoes is slightly reduced to improve grip and natural balance while paddling.

NRS Kinetic

The NRS Kinetic water shoes are known for their excellent functionality. The shoes come in a 3 mm neoprene body design that offers a unique and beautiful outlook. Also, the neoprene material provides warmth to your feet hence an excellent option for cold water paddling.

The NRS Kinetic shoes also provide the user with a snug, secure fit, thanks to their slip-on design and toe reinforcements. Additionally, the shoes are made with sturdy and long-lasting materials making them outstandingly durable.

Lastly, the shoes are unisex and hence can be used either by women or men. Plus, they are found in a variety of sizes and at an affordable price.

Body Glove Dynamo Ribcage

This hybrid water shoe is so versatile that it can be used either on water or off the water. The Body Glove Dynamo Ribcage resembles the traditional sneaker in appearance. However, they offer great protection when paddling over rough seas.

As if not enough, the bottom of these shoes contains an integrated drainage system (IDS) that improves airflow and breathability. Therefore, your feet will always dry faster and more comfortably.

The shoes come with a stretchy knit on the upper side to provide comfort to the user. Furthermore, the shoe rubber sole is designed to offer more traction and prevent the user from easy sliding. Therefore, if you are looking for a versatile shoe that can be worn on land and still provide excellent functionality when paddle boarding, then this option will serve you well.


I hope you have enjoyed reading this article as much as I had fun writing it. I’ll just say one last thing. Please, for the love of the paddling Gods, do not show up with street shoes to try and SUP. Your paddling partners will never let you live it down.

However, if you want a street show look, take a look at these. Also, if you are concerned about slipping on your board, here are some that I recommend that are the best anti-slip shoes I’ve found. They are also waterproof and great for cold weather conditions.

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