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Can You Microwave Frozen Pizza? (Yes, and Here’s How)

The microwave is a godsend for those who don’t have the time to cook meals. However, microwaving frozen pizza isn’t as simple as it sounds, as you’ll discover in this article. 

You can microwave frozen pizza. The preliminary steps to microwaving frozen pizza involve taking it out of the package and brushing it with oil. Along with cooling, it may take ten to fifteen minutes before you can enjoy your microwaved pizza. 

How Do I Cook a Frozen Slice of Pizza in the Microwave?

Uncooked frozen small pizza placed into the microwave

Surprisingly, there are more ways than one to cook a frozen pizza slice in a microwave oven

There are six ways to cook a frozen slice of pizza using a microwave. The most recommended procedure is the paper towel method. A paper towel between the plate and the pizza allows for a more even cooking. It also absorbs moisture, avoiding soggy slices.  

Whichever method you choose, always refer to the pizza’s microwaving instructions if they are included. The attached procedures are designed to bring out the best of that dish, even when using a microwave oven. 

1. Standard Method

This is the most traditional way to microwave a frozen pizza: 

  1. Defrost and remove the plastic packaging. Defrosting your pizza may take up to 2 hours, depending on how frozen it is. Let it defrost entirely, or else you’ll end up with a soggy mess. 
  2. Brush with olive oil. Olive oil leads to a more crispy pizza. 
  3. Prepare a microwave-safe plate. Make sure the container is large enough for the pizza. You can also use heat-reflective trays that come with frozen pizza packages. 
  4. Microwave. If your pizza comes with directions for time and settings, follow those. However, if it doesn’t, you can set the time for around three to five minutes, depending on how thick and large the pizza is. 
  5. Stand and cool. Let your pizza stand for around three minutes to let it cool and for the excess heat to kill bacteria. 
  6. Enjoy. Eat your pizza!

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2. Paper Towel Method 

They say laying a paper towel between the plate and pizza leads to a more even cook. It also absorbs moisture, thus, avoiding soggy or wet pizza slices. 

  1. Prep the pizza. Ready your pizza as usual: defrost, remove packaging, and baste with olive oil.   
  2. Lay a paper towel. Before placing your pizza on the microwave-safe plate, put a paper towel on the plate first.
  3. Set the pizza on top of the towel and microwave. Input your time and settings and allow your pizza to cook.  

3. Microwave With Water 

Microwaves tend to excite water molecules better than anything. The cup of water in this recipe diverts some waves, leading to slower but more even cooking. 

  1. Prepare your pizza. Same procedures as the previous methods. 
  2. Place pizza on a plate with a paper towel. This is similar to the paper towel method. The paper towel ensures the pizza will not get too moist even with the steam produced. 
  3. Fill a cup with water. Make sure it is microwave oven-safe AND is only ⅔ full. The water also creates steam, which cooks the pizza and makes it moist and fluffy. Set it on the same plate as the pizza. 
  4. Microwave. Cook your pizza for as long as needed. 

If you have a minute, check out this YouTube video to get a better idea of the [rpcess: 

4. Microwave + Toaster Oven

The most significant issues with microwaved pizza are the loss of its crunchiness and how soggy it can be. You can avoid that with this method. 

  1. Microwave pizza. Follow the standard method but set the time for a few seconds only. You should also cook the pizza at medium heat. 
  2. Transfer to the toaster oven. Let the pizza cook and become crispier in the toaster oven. However, make sure to check that it doesn’t go over. 

5. Microwave + Pan

Using a pan to reheat pizza is recommended because it best preserves the crunch and flavor. Get that result (more or less) by using a pan and a microwave oven. 

  1. Microwave pizza. Prep and cook your pizza using the standard microwave method for a few seconds or minutes.
  2. Transfer to a pan. Let the pizza heat for a minute, then flip to cook the toppings. Make sure the pan is non-sticky; if it isn’t, add oil. 

6. Microwave + Oven

Heating or cooking pizza using an oven is the best way to go. However, the process can take time. This method provides a bit of a shortcut. 

  1. Preheat your oven. Don’t forget this instruction to ensure a well-cooked, crunchy pizza.
  2. Microwave using the standard method. Let the pizza heat for a few minutes. 
  3. Transfer to the oven. You can use the highest oven settings for cooking your pizza. Within a few seconds, it’s ready for consumption. 

The microwave and oven method is also a recommended way to cook Gino’s East Frozen Deep Dish Pizza. While it takes longer than most pizzas because of how deep dishes are structured, the essence of the method is there. 

How Long To Microwave a Frozen Pizza?

Slice of pizza on a plate in the microwave oven

Various accounts recommend different periods for microwaving a frozen pizza. Some say only a few seconds are needed, while others state it can take a few minutes. 

Microwaving a frozen pizza can take ten seconds to five minutes or even more. It depends on the specific pizza’s qualities – how big and thick it is, how frozen, and the type. For instance, large and deep-dish frozen pizzas may take longer than others to cook. 

Despite the variation, microwaving the pie is still one of the most convenient and quickest ways to prepare your frozen pizza (and most frozen foods, for that matter).

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Best Frozen Pizza Types/Brands for the Microwave

Most frozen pizzas are created to be cooked in ovens. However, there are a few that are explicitly intended for microwaves.

These are the best frozen pizza brands for microwaving:

  • Celeste Individual Microwavable Frozen Pizza (available on Amazon)- Within two minutes, you will have a steaming hot and delicious microwaved pizza just for you. You can expect a light and crunchy delight with gooey, creamy cheese with a thin crust. It comes in various flavors, including cheese, mushrooms, and pepperoni. 
  • Red Baron Pizza Singles– If you want a classic deep dish within a few minutes, grab some of these Red Baron pizza singles. You can use either a microwave or an oven. Each pack comes with different flavors, like four cheese and pepperoni. 
  • Totino’s Pizza Rolls– It’s not pizza in the conventional sense, but these rolls have the pizza flavors and essence down to the tee. Because they are bite-sized, they’re also more convenient to cook and eat. These particular ones are pepperoni-flavored.   
  • HOT POCKETS Pepperoni Frozen Sandwiches– Like Totino’s Pizza Rolls, these hot pockets aren’t the usual pizzas, but they taste and feel like one. Being in sandwich form, they are easy to hold and chomp on. They cook within three minutes. 
  • Red Baron Singles– This pizza is a beautiful complexity of flavors – mozzarella, cheddar, garlic, provolone, and parmesan. To cook, you’d need both a conventional oven and a microwave (see microwave + oven method above).

Most frozen pizza brands and types are made for baking or cooking in a conventional oven. They discourage using a microwave to avoid affecting quality (e.g., soggy and greasy pizza). 

Can You Cook a DiGiorno Pizza in the Microwave?

If you check, you’ll see that most DiGiorno pizzas are not made for microwave cooking. The customer FAQS even show that microwaving is discouraged. So do you need an oven for ALL DiGiorno pizzas? 

You can cook some DiGiorno pizzas in a microwave. A good example is the DiGiorno Four Cheese Pizza (Personal Size). It takes two to three minutes to cook, depending on the settings. For instance, it takes two minutes and thirty seconds to cook in a 1,100-watt microwave oven in a high setting.  

You can also prepare the Four Cheese pizza using the microwave + oven, or as they call it, the “microbake” method. 

Can You Microwave a Tombstone Pizza?

Tombstone is another pizza brand manufactured by Nestle. Its products consist of varieties of thin-crust pizza. 

You generally can’t microwave a Tombstone pizza. Based on their website, the only recommended way to cook their original crust pizzas is using a conventional oven. Depending on the type, it can take more than fifteen minutes to bake each pizza. 

However, just because it isn’t recommended doesn’t mean others haven’t attempted it. You can watch this YouTube video to witness such an attempt: 

Alternative Ways To Heat Your Pizza

Microwaving frozen pizzas isn’t the most recommended course of action. There are other methods to heat or cook frozen pizza: you can use a skillet, a conventional oven, or a toaster oven. 


Many swear by using a skillet to heat frozen or leftover pizza. They say it keeps it crunchy and warm, as good as it’s supposed to be. 

To heat your pizza using a skillet, follow these instructions

  1. Place the pizza on the skillet over low to medium heat. 
  2. Let it cook for a few minutes. Allow the bottom crust to become crispy. 
  3. Drop some water droplets into the pan surface that isn’t touching the pizza.
  4. Cover the skillet for one minute.
  5. Serve hot! 

In this procedure, we add drops of water to the pan to create steam. We then cover the skillet to keep the moisture from escaping, cook the pizza AND keep it moist. Does the concept sound familiar? 

Conventional Oven 

Pizzas are made for cooking in an oven. Thus, they are also best reheated using ovens. This method preserves the best crunch, flavor, and overall quality. 

These are the steps to heating your pizza using an oven: 

  1. Preheat the oven. 
  2. Prep the pizza as usual. That is, defrost and remove the plastic. You may also baste with oil.
  3. Use a pizza stone or baking sheet. Set the prepared pizza on these surfaces for baking.
  4. Position your pizza at the center rack for a more even cook. 
  5. Bake. The hotter your oven is, the less time it takes to bake the pizza. 
  6. Remove the pizza, let it cool, and then serve.
A pre-heated pizza stone is ideal

Toaster Oven

Toaster ovens are present in many homes, so they make for an extremely convenient way to heat up food. It’s possible to reheat frozen pizza using a toaster oven. 

The process works a bit similar to using a conventional oven, sans preheating. You prep the pizza and slide it into the center rack for better cooking. Baking time may exceed 15 minutes to finish. 

Should You Microwave Frozen Pizza?

The saying goes, “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” Thus, let’s address this question – should you even microwave frozen pizza first place? 

You should microwave frozen pizza if you’re looking for an easy and fast way to cook the dish. However, ensure it is appropriately done so all sides are cooked and safe for eating. However, quality may be sacrificed along the way (e.g., soggier pizza than usual). 

There’s nothing wrong with microwaving frozen pizza; you should do it if it’s the most practical option. 

However, for easier assessing and deciding, here are the pros and cons of using a microwave to heat frozen pizza. 


  • Quick. It takes a few minutes, even seconds, to cook a frozen pizza in the microwave. 
  • Easy. Microwaving frozen pizza does not involve complex procedures. 
  • Cheap and simple. You don’t need a lot of unique materials or equipment to microwave frozen pizza. 


  • Poor quality. Most state that microwaved pizzas are just inferior to the real deal, which is to be expected. Because of how they are cooked, these pizzas may feel soggier, greasy, and less tasty than usual. 

The con to using a microwave can be circumvented by using microwaves along with other appliances, like a toaster oven.

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Is It Safe To Microwave Pizza?

Heating pizza in a microwave oven

Over the years, microwaves and microwaved food have been a topic of health debates. Is it or is it not safe to consume foods cooked or heated in these machines? 

It is safe to microwave pizzas, especially when the proper procedures are followed correctly. Microwaves do not cause pizza components and nutrients to deteriorate or become radioactive. However, the process carries risks like burning when it is not handled correctly. 

For pizzas, it’s safe to microwave them in the sense that they are edible or safe to eat once they’re out of the microwave. However, like with any other food, there are risks to using the microwave.

These risks include physical ones, such as burning. Thus, you must exercise care when handling the microwave. Moreover, avoid touching it while it’s operating or when the food is just cooked. 

As for nutritional values, microwaves aren’t known to break down food molecules and vitamins. 

According to Harvard Health Publishing, food is exposed to microwaves in such a short period that it doesn’t damage or break down its nutrients, thus, making it, at the very least, not unhealthy. 

Moreover, microwaves don’t cause items to become radioactive, which has been a concern among concerned users.

How To Make Sure Microwaved Pizza Is Safe 

As I’ve said, microwaved pizza is generally safe. However, there are ways to ensure such safety: 

  • Remove plastic packaging. At high heat, plastic and foam materials can disintegrate and mix in your food, so avoid microwaving those. Use microwave-safe dishes and wraps instead.  
  • Make sure the pizza is evenly cooked. The biggest problem with microwaved food is uneven heating. Uneven heating can lead to cold spots where bacteria didn’t die or could thrive; thus, they must be avoided. 
  • Let your pizza “stand” in the microwave. Let your pizza rest for a few minutes after removing it or turning off the microwave. The excess heat may help kill more bacteria. 
  • Avoid partially cooking your pizza. Once you pop your pizza in the microwave, intend for it to cook all the way through. Letting your pizza cook underdone and be continued later might allow bacteria to thrive. 
  • Don’t wrap or cover your pizza with aluminum foil. Covering your pizza with foil keeps it from absorbing the microwaves. This could lead to oven damage or other incidents that may hurt you. 
  • Make sure the microwave oven is not leaking or damaged. Do not use damaged ovens because microwaves could leak through them. Exposure to microwaves may harm or injure you. 

Final Thoughts 

Frozen pizza makes for a convenient and cheap meal option, especially when you can’t make one from scratch. Usually, you’ll have to use an oven to cook a frozen pizza, but if you don’t have one, a microwave will do just fine.

There are several ways to cook frozen pizza using a microwave. You can use paper towels, a glass of water, or other equipment like a pan, conventional oven, or toaster oven.

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