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Do Solar Powered Car Fans Really Work? | Pros and Cons

Solar-powered fans are excellent because they’re an environmentally friendly way to cool down your car when it gets warm outside. In this article, we’ll be discussing solar-powered car fans and examining their effectiveness in cooling your vehicle.

Solar-powered car fans do actually work. However, they’re not as powerful as traditional electric fans and can’t cool down your car as quickly, by comparison. Still, solar-powered car fans will provide some relief from the heat, especially if you’re parked in direct sunlight.

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What Exactly Is a Solar-Powered Car Fan?

A solar-powered car fan uses a solar panel to collect energy from the sun and convert it into electricity, which powers the fan. Many prefer using the power of the sun over the car’s battery to operate the fan to cool the interior. Such fans can be used in cars, trucks, or any other type of vehicle.

There are a variety of solar-powered car fans on the market, and they vary in terms of size, price, and features.

Does a Solar Powered Fan Actually Cool a Car?

A solar-powered fan does actually cool a car, yet it takes longer and may not get as cool as what you’re accustomed to. These fans aren’t as strong as traditional AC units and are intended to circulate air, not cool it down. Still, solar-powered fans can help to keep a car cool without using energy.

While they have their benefits, there are a few drawbacks or cons of solar-powered car fans to keep in mind before you go out and buy one:

  • Solar-powered car fans need direct sunlight to work. If parked in the shade, the fan will not be as effective. This means that you may need to park in a sunny spot to get the most benefit from the fan.
  • Solar-powered car fans aren’t always reliable. If there’s a cloudy day or you are parked under trees, the fan may not work at all. This is why it is crucial to have a backup plan (such as an electric fan) in case the solar fan does not work.
  • Solar-powered fans don’t work at night or in very cold weather. If you live in an area with lots of sun and warm weather, a solar-powered car fan can be a great way to keep cool in your car. Just be sure you know how they work and where to install them properly.

How Long Do Solar-Powered Car Fans Hold a Charge?

Most solar-powered car fans hold a charge for as long as 2 hours after being fully charged. This is enough to last for most work commutes and still keep things cool running errands afterward. Factors affecting how long a charge is held include the sun, shade, and type of solar panel. 

  • Angle of the sun: If the sun is low in the sky, it will take longer to charge the fan. 
  • Shade: The amount of shade around the fan can also affect its charging time. Notably, if the fan is in a shady spot, it takes longer to charge.
  • Type of solar panel: Some solar panels are more efficient than others and will charge the fan faster. 

What’s the Best Fan To Buy?

The best solar-powered car fan to buy is one that’s multifunctional to help cool and ventilate the interior air as well as detoxify and lengthen the lifespan of the car’s inner electrical components. The best fans will also have a backup battery to allow for use at night or in poor weather.

Here are some options available on to consider:

STYLOOC Newest USB Solar Powered Car Fan

This solar-powered car fan from STYLOOC is, as the name says, the newest available model from the brand. The three-vortex fan is incredibly efficient, and the solar panels come with a ten-year guarantee. Plus, it’s easily installed with adhesive strips.


  • Very large solar panels with a greater surface area
  • Powerful cooling and venting
  • Affordable price tag


  • Some complaints about the battery

MACHSWON Solar Powered Car Fan 

If you’re considering trying a solar-powered car fan, this an excellent option. It’s easy to install and comes with all the necessary hardware. It’s also among the most affordable options and suitable for all types of vehicles.


  • Auto-cooling system
  • Affordable Price
  • Rechargeable solar backup battery for use during the night
  • Aesthetic design


  • A bit too small
  • Lack of power

STYLOOC Solar Powered Car Fan

The STYLOOC solar-powered car fan is a small, compact fan that can be attached to your car’s window. It has two suction cups that keep it securely in place, and it comes with a built-in battery that can be recharged via USB. The fan has three speeds, and the blades are made from a soft, flexible material.


  • Easy to install
  • Among the most powerful solar-powered car fans on the market
  • Very durable


  • Consumes a lot of charges quickly
  • Hit-or-miss reviews

Alternative Ways To Keep the Car Cooler

If you’re not sure if a solar fan will work for you, there are other options for keeping your car cool. 

  • Park in the shade or use a sunshade for your windshield. These simple ways are very effective in keeping the interior temperature of your vehicle down.
  • Use the air conditioning. Well, duh right? We all know air conditioning is a popular option for cooling a car, and you may be reading this article because you don’t have access to it. However, just in case, I thought I’d mention that if you have the option, firing up the car every 20 minutes or so for a quick cooldown is much better than just suffering and will limit the amount of fuel you are using if that is your concern.
  • Open the windows. This is probably the oldest trick in the book when it comes to cooling down a hot car. It works by letting hot air out and cooler air in. However, this can also let in outside noise and dust, so it’s not always the best option.
Woman with hand fan suffering from heat in car
Being stuck in a hot car is miserable


As we can see, solar-powered car fans do work and can be a great way to keep your car cool. Keep in mind that these fans are not meant to replace your air conditioner but rather to supplement it. By following these tips, you can ensure that your solar-powered car fan will work great and keep your car cool all summer long!

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