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The 14 Best Types of Steak for Kabobs

Several beef and vegetable kabobs

Before trying a new recipe for the first time, it can be challenging to know which ingredients work best for that specific recipe. When it comes to kabobs, the cut of meat can be a crucial part of whether or not the kabobs will turn out well.

There are many reasons why different cuts of steak work for kabobs, and there are also different reasons why an individual should choose a specific cut of steak for their kabobs. It can be overwhelming to find a cut of steak that makes great kabobs without spending a boatload of money. After conducting research, the following information pertaining to different cuts of steak that work for kabobs has been compiled below to help you make an educated decision on which cut of steak will be best.

1. Top Sirloin

Top sirloin is a fairly inexpensive cut of steak that works well for a large variety of kabob recipes. The cut of this steak makes it perfect for many different types of marinades that may be used to add flavor. The flavor of the marinade will pair well with the various vegetables included on the skewer.

Additionally, top sirloin is lean and can easily be cut into cubes for the skewers, allowing them to cook evenly and prevent burning.

This cut can be found at almost every grocery store and, compared to other cuts of steak, is fairly inexpensive.

2. Sirloin Tip

Similar to top sirloin, sirloin tip is easily accessible, inexpensive, and sold at nearly every grocery store.

It marinades well, also and gives a person some creative freedom with their kabobs. And, once again, it can be easily cubed for skewering.

3. Tri-Tip

Grilled tri tip steak with chimichurri sauce

The biggest reason that an individual decides to use a tri-tip cut of steak in their kabobs is that the amount of fat within this cut of steak allows for the kabobs to remain juicy and flavorful.

When cooking kabobs, the biggest concern is that the steak is going to dry out during the cooking process or that the flavors of the marinade won’t hold. However, tri-tip easily allows for the flavor of the marinade to be present even after the kababs are grilled.

Unlike other cuts of steak that result in juicy kabobs, tri-tip steak is quite affordable. It can also be easily purchased at any local grocery store, which makes it a convenient option when deciding to include kabobs in a meal plan.

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4. Flat Iron

Flat iron steak, also known as top-blade steak, is a great option for kabobs.

This cut holds flavor extremely well, which allows you the opportunity to grill flavorful kabobs. Rather than needing to marinate the steak for an extended period of time, flat iron steak is a cut that can maintain the flavor of a marinade after sitting for only 30 minutes.

Flat iron also has a strong beefy flavor that makes it great in kabobs without even having to marinade it. This can cut down on prep time significantly.

5. Strip Steak

2 pieces of raw strip beef steak meat on a wooden cutting board

Strip steak is a cut of steak that, like flat iron, holds a lot of flavors, which makes it great to use when making flavorful kabobs. The natural flavorful taste of strip steak also makes it great for kabobs with or without a marinade. This allows there to be flexibility when it comes to which vegetables are included on the kabobs.

In fact, it’s like strip steak was specifically designed for kabobs. It might very well be my favorite cut for grilling.

Unfortunately, strip steak is relatively expensive. But it can be found at nearly every grocery store.

6. Tenderloin

There are a few reasons why some people choose to use tenderloin for their kabobs. The biggest reason is this is a cut of steak that is traditionally used for marinades. It holds the flavor extremely well.

Similar to some of the other cuts of steaks discussed beforehand, tenderloin is a cut that can easily be cubed, which makes it easy for people to cook kabobs on the grill quickly.

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7. New York Strip

While New York strip steak is pricier than other cuts of steak, it is one that can be used to make some of the most delicious kabobs you’ll ever taste. Not only is it awesome on its own, but it is able to hold the flavor of a marinade extremely well.

However, cutting it can be a bit challenging. When cubing New York strip steak, it is extremely important to ensure that the steak is being cut against the grain. This means that you should cut the steak perpendicularly to the meat fiber. If you do it wrong, it can make the end result a bit too chewy or tough.

Sometimes New York strip might be out of stock in many groceries, so you might want to call ahead before going out to purchase it.

8. Filet Mignon

Filet mignon is arguably the best-tasting cut of steak. If you can afford it, it works very well with marinades and is ridiculously tender when grilled. steak that marinades really well.

As a result of being able to be placed in a large variety of marinades, filet mignon can be paired with just about any type of vegetable, allowing you to create different flavors to suit your own style or taste.

9. Porterhouse Steak

Grilled porterhouse steak with Fresh Rosemary

Porterhouse steak is similar to a T-bone steak. This cut provides juicy, flavorful meat to those who properly cook it. It is because of its flavor and chance to result in juicy kabobs that some people choose to use this cut of meat when making kabobs for dinner.

While porterhouse steak can be marinaded, many people prefer to skip that step and just taste it as is.

Like filets, porterhouse steak is an extremely expensive option. People only use this cut of meat in kabobs when they are being made for a special occasion only.

10. Ribeye Steak

Ribeye is usually associated with just keeping whole. But it is also extremely good on a kabob. If done right, you may never eat another type of steak again.

While ribeye is a bit on the expensive side, it’s not nearly as pricy as a filet. Not only does it have a flavorful taste, but it is versatile and able to be marinated to add other flavors to the kabobs (not that it needs it).

11. Chuck Eye Steak

Know as the “poor man’s ribeye,” chuck eye is a cut of beef that is flavorful and juicy on its own, if not just a bit tougher than some other cuts. However, with proper cooking, it can taste almost exactly like ribeyes.

Chuck eye pairs well with a variety of vegetables for a quick and easy dinner. Rather than having to marinade the steak to provide the kabobs with flavor, simply seasoning a chuck steak is pretty much all you need to do.

When cubing chuck eye, make sure to do it against the grain. If this cut of steak isn’t cut perpendicularly to the meat fibers, it will result in the steak being extremely chewy and tough.

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12. Flank Steak

Many people exclusively use flank steak for kabobs. It is highly versatile and sometimes know as the “blank slate” of steaks. It can be marinaded with almost anything to change the flavor to suit your preferences.

Maybe the best part of flank steak is the price. It is extremely affordable, especially when bought in bulk for parties. This is probably the best “bang for your buck” option.

13. Hanger Steak

Two raw hanger steaks

Hanger steak, also referred to as butcher’s steak, is best when marinated and grilled. This makes it a perfect option for steak when looking at different cuts for kabobs. Hanger steak holds the flavor of whatever marinade it’s been sitting in, and it pairs well with a large variety of vegetables.

Hanger steak is a cut of steak that is fairly inexpensive. However, it is a cut that can be challenging to find at local grocery stores. The easiest way to purchase this cut of steak is to make a trip to a local butcher.

14. Skirt Steak

Skirt steak is very similar to hanger steak in its uses, which makes it a good steak to use when making kabobs. However, unlike hanger steak, skirt steak can easily be found at local grocery stores, which makes it a commonly used steak for a large variety of meals.

I hope this list has been helpful and you make some amazing kabobs! Thanks for stoppin by!

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