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The 3 Best Chasers for Bourbon

Chasing bourbon is a fantastic way to cut down on the burn associated with shooting straight liquor and could produce some tastes in your drink that you didn’t expect. So what are the three best chasers for bourbon?

Bourbon is a fantastic whiskey that goes well as a shot or in your favorite cocktail. However, you might not know that the ingredients used in bourbon could be a bit different from whiskey and produce different tastes than your standard whiskey. So read on and learn the three best chasers for bourbon.

Glass of Bourbon

Chasers are an Experiment in Taste

The best thing about chasers is that they can give you a different taste than a cocktail. Chasers out there will take the flavors in your bourbon while keeping the heat associated with it on the back burner.

The three most common chasers for bourbon are as follows:

1. Cola

A glass of rum and coke with a can of coca cola next to it

The other half of the most popular beginner cocktail on the planet is a cola, like Coke or Pepsi. The sugar in the mixture increases the caramel and vanilla flavors and makes the burn slide away in sugary delight.

There are different kinds of Cola, and if you are looking for a particular additive, like peach, you can find them in your grocery store aisle.

2. Ginger Beer

Bunderberg Ginger Beer

Ginger-based beers are another great chaser for your bourbon. Ginger has a strong spicy aftertaste that enhances the sharp ginger flavoring of the beer. In addition, you can substitute Ginger Ale if you want more bubbles and less spice.

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3. Water

View From Inside a Fridge of a Man Grabbing Bottled Water

Water is bland and will be available wherever you choose to have a shot. The good thing about water as a chaser is that it doesn’t dilute the flavor in the bourbon but allows you to taste the liquor without having an acrid burn.

Water is the way to go if you want to taste your shot and keep the burn away.

Finding That Perfect Chaser for Bourbon

Bourbon is one of those drinks that can have several different flavors depending on who and where it was distilled. So choosing other chasers for your shot is an excellent way to keep yourself from the perils of a hangover and bring out some hidden tastes.

Some things to consider when choosing a chaser are:

  • Taste– One of the most obvious things to consider when choosing a chaser for your bourbon is what tastes you want. The bourbon will have strong vanilla and caramel taste with a much smoother drink than plain whiskey. Choose a chaser that will enhance the natural flavoring of the bourbon and not dilute it.
  • Burn– The burn associated with shooting straight alcohol keeps people from enjoying the taste of distilled liquor. Choosing a chaser that beats back this heat allows people to enjoy it with less anxiety and an enhanced flavor.

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Once you know what you want your chaser to do, you can select one that is readily available in your home or at your favorite bar. Remember that your bourbon could be a special brew with a unique taste, and there may be better options than a chaser with a bite. Always be open to trying new chasers that work to enhance the flavor of your chosen shot.

Chasers for bourbon are used to cut down on the sting of a shot and bring out hidden flavors in the whiskey. In addition, they can protect the drinker from the harmful effects of hangovers or open the doors for a new cocktail.

Shooting straight bourbon is not for everyone. However, if you are a shooter, choose a pairing that benefits the taste and extinguishes the heat. Bourbon is a classic drink that pairs well with several different chasers, and exploring to find which one works for you is essential to having a good time.

Final Sip

Chasers for your bourbon aren’t always needed, but by experimenting, you can find one that works for your palette and your wallet. Remember that soft drinks work well because of the sugar used to make them, and their reaction to bourbon is generally accepted. Don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone and try something like ginger beer.

“Bourbon is a drink that works well as a shot or in tasty cocktails,” says Victor Spivey from the Busted Oak Bourbon Society. “The biggest problem when choosing a chaser is what you want it to do for you. Some will cut down on the harsh burn, and others will enhance the flavors of your chosen bourbon.”

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