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The 3 Best Chasers for Jim Beam

Jim Beam Bottle With a Glass Nearby

Chasing whiskey has several benefits. The main reason is to fight the burning sensation. Knowing what chasers do gives you a better idea of what you want your chaser. So read and learn the three best Jim Beam chasers.

1. Cola is the Standard Chaser

Close up of a glass of cola

One of the most used chasers for Jim Beam is a cola, like Coke or Pepsi. The sweet flavors of Coca-Cola mix well with the oaky, vanilla taste of the whiskey, and if you choose one of the flavor variations that Coke uses, you could be in for a new world of flavor. However, remember that trying a new chaser does not mean you must keep using it.

Some of the Coke variations that are excellent with Jim Beam are as follows:

  • Vanilla Coke – One of the most popular flavors of Coke to mix with Jim Beam is Vanilla. It enhances the whiskey’s natural vanilla and caramel flavors, and Coke’s sugary bite makes the shot smooth with a minimal burn. Vanilla Coke might be something that isn’t available at the local bar but will be in the grocery store.
  • Coke Classic – Some folks might be too young to remember, but there was a time when there were two flavors of Coke. The Classic version is the original flavor that is the other half of the world-famous Jim Beam and Coke cocktail.

Coke is the standard chaser for Jim Beam. On top of the fact that they are components in one of the most famous cocktails on the planet, Coke comes in different flavors that can enhance the natural flavoring of whiskey. So choosing a Coke as your chaser for Jim Beam is always a good idea.

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2. Beer is Another Fantastic Chaser for Jim Beam

Beer and whiskey next to each on a bar ready to drink separately or as a boilermaker

Bartenders know what you mean; when you ask for a Shot with Beer back. The back is the name used to describe the chaser. A beer back is excellent at putting out the fire from a JB shot; if you choose a specialty or batch brew beer, things can get very interesting.

Some of the beers that can be excellent chasers for your Jim Beam are:

  • Big Company Beers – Budweiser is one of the most beloved beers in the United States, making a fantastic chaser for a shot of whiskey. In addition, if you are at the bar, they will have many other options, like Miller Lite or possibly a Corona.
  • Craft Beers – If you have a favorite locally brewed beer, it could also work as a chaser. Craft beers have distinct flavors and ingredients that can make exciting pairings with your shot. Beers brewed with fruit have a distinct edge in this fight.

Beer is readily available and works to cut down on the burn from a shot of Jim Beam. In addition, several different beer flavors can combine with whiskey to create new tastes and experiences.

3. Water is an Underrated Chaser for Jim Beam

Bottle of san pellegrino mineral water

One of the unsung heroes of the chaser family tree is water. It puts out the fire after a shot while keeping the flavoring of the whiskey alive on your tongue. Water will also prevent the hangover fairy from throwing a massive dump on you the following day. Water helps to keep you hydrated and the effects of hangovers in the distance.

Some of the types of water that are excellent chasers of Jim Beam are:

  • Soda Water – The soda fizz you enjoy in soda and soft drinks is a fine chaser for Jim Beam. It cuts back the heat but doesn’t skimp on flavor. In addition, it adds some carbonation to your palette and makes the shot bubbly.
  • Filtered Water – Plain water is not to be ignored as a chaser. It keeps you hydrated while allowing you to taste the artistry and history in every shot of Jim Beam. Water is not to be underestimated as a fantastic chaser for your JB.

Water isn’t something that people consider when shooting alcohol. What they might be missing is the impact that several glasses of water can have on your body after a night of drinking. Remember that water doesn’t sober you up. If you have been drinking, consider getting a ride before getting behind the wheel.

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Final Sip

A chaser is a drink that is taken immediately after taking a shot. It adds some additional flavoring to the Beam to decrease the burn associated with shooting straight Jim Beam. In addition, you can get new tastes out of chasing your Beam that you don’t get with an ordinary cocktail.

Chasing Jim Beam is an excellent way to enhance the flavor of the whiskey and cut down on the burn associated with shooting straight alcohol. “People often use Coke or Beer with a shot of Jim Beam,” says Victor Spivey of the Busted Oak Burbon Society. “You can have juice or sweet tea if you are feeling adventurous.”

Chasers for Jim Beam come in all shapes and sizes. However, a few have become standards across the industry that people know are go-to in a pinch. By choosing a chaser, the drinker protects themselves from a negative drinking experience like a sour taste or excessive heat.

No matter what you chase your Jim with, you should know that getting behind the wheel after drinking is not a good idea. There is never a reason why you should endanger others and drive after you have had shots of Jim Beam. The best chaser for Jim Beam is the one you can enjoy for years to come.

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