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The 3 Best Chasers for Cognac

“Cognac is an underestimated liquor that has several distinct flavors,” says Victor Spivey of the Busted Oak Bourbon Society. “Most people choose a Coke or have their shots on the rocks, but you can surprise customers by offering them a pairing they might not have discovered.” So what are the three best chasers for cognac?

Pairings for cognac can be complicated if you are taking a step outside of your comfort zone. Many people lean on Coke as a chaser, which is the most used, but other options can increase appetite or clear the palette. So read on and learn the three best chasers for cognac.


The Three Best Chasers for Cognac

Cognac is a strong alcohol that most people would not want to shoot without a chaser. Chasers work differently depending on the alcohol you pair them with. Cognac’s strong taste differs from whiskey, and if you are new to cognac, you might be surprised at the sweet and fruity flavors some cognacs offer.

Coke is the Most Used Chaser for Cognac

When it comes to dark-colored liquors, it is hard to beat Coca-Cola as a chaser. It has sweet and sugary tones that work well with the cognac, allowing the burn associated with shots to ease away gently. Another great thing about Coke is that a few different flavorings could enhance the flavor of your cognac.

Some of the flavorings that can be used to chase your cognac are as follows:

  • Cherry Coke – An old-fashioned choice for chasing cognac is Cherry Coke. The cherry flavor works well with Hennessy of all types. Plus, if you have it chilled, the sugary taste disrupts the burn of the alcohol
  • Vanilla Coke – A unique taste for the spiciness of cognac is Vanilla Coke. The vanilla flavors amplify the sweet spice of alcohol and give it an easy taste on the backside. The comingling of the alcohol and sugar work to cancel each other out, but the vanilla taste is prominent.

Coke is also great because it is readily available. So whether you are out on the town with your family or pregaming for the Super Bowl, choosing Coke as your number one chaser for cognac is an easy and tasty decision.

Infused Water is an Adventurous Chaser for Cognac

Infused water with cucumber, lemon, lime and mint

If you want to taste something off the beaten path, infused water could be what you need. Normal sparkling or tonic water is infused with fruit flavors like blueberries or pineapple. Then, the water is passed through the fruit, combining the essence into a fruity hint of tonic water.

Some of the fruits that can be used to infuse your water are:

  • Strawberry – A popular choice for infused water is strawberry. The flavor jumps out of the tonic water and has hints of natural sugar. When paired with cognac, the strawberry infusion cuts the heat out of the shot and doubles down on the sweetness.
  • Lemon – Lemon is another excellent choice to add flavor to your cognac’s back end. Its infusion tastes like a weak Sprite. If you use it as a chaser, it refreshes your palette. Lemon has several other pairings, like lime, that should be tried alongside cognac.

Infused water is fun because the flavor combinations are endless. If you have a cognac with a deep spicy taste, pair it with pineapple or cranberry to enhance the spice and ease the pain on your tongue. If you want something more relaxed, you can have mint infused with lime.

Ginger Ale is an Unsung Hero for Cognac

Bunderberg Ginger Beer

Ginger is a unique flavor to pair with cognac. The spicy and sweet tones of the alcohol work well with the bitter taste of Ginger Ale or Ginger Beer. A bitter taste also helps to wrangle the fire on your tongue after the shot is taken.

Some of the types of ginger that make an excellent cognac chaser are:

  • Ginger Ale – Canada Dry Ginger Ale is a pairing that most people have yet to try. Ginger Ale adds notes of ginger and a bitter taste that helps to cleanse the palette. In addition, the sweet bitterness of the ginger erases the burning sensation in your mouth.
  • Ginger Beer – The beer and cognac mix to make a light taste that is easy on the throat and keeps the warmness of the cognac up front. Ginger beer as a chaser is a good idea as a before-dinner cocktail as it stimulates your appetite.

Ginger beer or ale is an old favorite chaser for cognac. While not as popular as Coke, they work to bring a bitter hint to the palette. One of the best things about using ginger as a chaser is that it can come in several flavors, like peach or cranberry.


Cognac is a sweet and spicy liquor with undertones of fruit and bitter flavors. It has intense heat after it is shot. But, by using a chaser, you can drink it without fearing the sharp taste. In addition, chasers can add different flavors to your cognac or reveal hidden ones.

Coke is one of the standard chasers for all dark-colored liquor. The sweetness of the soft drink and carbonation make the cognac flavors pop and beat back the heat. However, if you want to try something out of the ordinary, infused water or ginger ale will help to keep your palette clean.

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