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Top 20 Mixers For Alcoholic Beverages

There are many ways to drink alcohol, and if you are new to drinking or want to spice up your drinks, you should find some new mixers. Mixing your drinks adds a bit of flavor and makes drinking more enjoyable. I have listened to the advice of some of the best professionals and can answer what the best drinks to mix with your alcohol are.

There are many mixers, and each mixer pairs best with a specific alcoholic beverage. It is essential to know what goes with what to get the best drink combination. Continue reading to figure out how to mix your alcoholic beverages.

1. Iced tea

Two mason jars with peach tea

Iced tea is an excellent mixer for something like vodka for those that like a stronger-tasting drink. Since iced tea does not have a strong flavor, it does little to mask the taste of the vodka.

I do recommend using sweet tea, however. Unsweet tea doesn’t mix well with alcohol and can even taste bitter.

Of course, if you do not have sweetened iced tea, you can mix in some grenadine or a little simple syrup, adding a sugary flavor.

If you prefer to mask the taste of the alcohol, you will probably want to choose a different option.

2. Tonic Water

Tonic water is excellent for both vodka and gin. It is typically carbonated with some level of quinine and sweeteners.

Most tonic water is more bitter than sweet, which also gives you the same effect as iced tea, where you can taste the alcohol while enjoying your drink.

3. Tomato Juice

Fresh tomato juice in a jug on a wooden background

If you have never tried a Bloody Mary, don’t knock it. Adding tomato juice is considered a delicious drink by millions of people.

Be aware, though, that tomato juice helps your body metabolize alcohol faster. You may need to drink more to get the same level of buzz you usually get.

4. Club Soda

This is the perfect solution if your drink is just too strong. Club soda can make the more potent varieties of alcohol more palatable.

Club soda is just carbonated water that contains minerals. This drink can be mixed with most alcoholic beverages. The carbonation and water dilute the alcohol, which makes it easier to drink if it is too strong for you.

5. Cola

Cola has been used with alcohol for years. Coca-Cola originally had cocaine in it, and that extra kick drew people to use it with alcohol. But even after they removed the cocaine from Coca-Cola’s recipe, it is still used in mixing alcoholic beverages. The sweet carbonated drink can mask the strong flavor of any alcohol, especially vodka, bourbon, and rum.

Many people swear the best Coca-Cola to have with your drinks is cherry-flavored Coke. This makes it extra sweet and a beautiful drink when mixed with vodka.

6. Lemonade

Tom Collins Cocktail with Lemon Wedge

Lemonade is another excellent mixer that pairs well with many alcohol options. The best options, however, are gin, vodka, and bourbon. Lemonade adds a little sugar to your drink while the citrus tones down the fiery alcohol taste, making it much more enjoyable.

If you like fruity drinks, you can go with pink lemonade that will add a fruitier undertone.

7. Ginger Beer

Even though the name has beer in it, ginger beer is not an alcoholic beverage but can be used as a mixer. Ginger beer is fermented ginger soda. It pairs well with brown liquors such as dark rum and bourbon. They go well because it is both sweet and intensely flavored. Some of the cocktails that contain ginger beer are Dark ‘n’ Stormy or Moscow Mule cocktails.

You can also use ginger ale, but ginger beer has a more complex taste that is much sweeter. It also contains less ginger and even, in some cases, no ginger. This is why you will want to choose ginger beer over ginger ale. Trust me; it is the best of the two to add.

8. Red Bull

Red Bull is excellent with vodka. It is often served in clubs to keep people awake for a long night out. Red Bull is an energy drink filled with caffeine. The caffeine keeps your body awake so you can have more fun at night. If you hate the taste of vodka, red bull is a great mixer. Red Bull will be the primary flavor you taste instead of the vodka.

9. Grapefruit Juice

If you like sour drinks, mixing your vodka with grapefruit juice is a fantastic option. A grapefruit juice drink is a nice middle-ground cocktail for those who want a balance of sour and sweet flavors.

A well-known cocktail made with vodka and grapefruit juice is called the Greyhound. The Greyhound is much tarter than vodka and orange juice, which is why many people like it. However, others find the Greyhound too sour and struggle to get it down. But if you like sour things, the Greyhound is your drink.

10. Blood Orange Soda

Another great citrus-based drink is one mixed with blood orange soda. This soda delivers a citrus flavor that has sweet and sour notes. Citrus drinks go well with vodka, gin, and other clear liquors. They also look pretty. You can make any drink look spectacular by adding fruit and small flowers to decorate the edge of your glass.

When picking your blood orange soda, you want to go with higher-end brands. The better brands will not contain corn syrup. They use fresh fruit juices that contain pulp to take your drink from good to great.

11. Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juice is an excellent tropical mixer to put into your alcoholic beverages. Of the many alcoholic drinks made with pineapple juice, one of the more popular ones is the classic piña colada. The piña colada is made from pineapple juice, aged rum, and cream of coconut. Tropical mixes will make you feel as if you are on vacation.

12. Cold Brew

Another popular choice is putting cold brew into your drinks. It’s important to realize that each cold brew has its particular flavor. So do a little research to find out which drink your cold brew will pair with. A typical cold brew alcohol mix, though, is the cold brew martini.

To make a cold brew martini, start with cold brew coffee, your choice of coffee creamer, and some good old vodka. To make it a show-stopper, float some coffee beans on the top, and everyone at your party will think you are a creative host.

13. Apple Cider

Nothing feels more like fall than having a nice apple cider. Mixing it with alcohol can give it the kick you need to warm yourself up after raking leaves or other outdoor chores. Apple cider pairs well with dark spirits like rum, whiskey, brandy, and bourbon. Yet, if you have vodka, mezcal, or tequila at home, you can pair it with those with only a small sacrifice in taste. A familiar favorite pairing is apple cider and spiced rum. It gives off the fall vibes and tastes fantastic.

14. Orange Juice

Orange juice is delicious on its own and is a great way to start your day. Yet, combining it with alcohol for some nighttime drinking is also a great idea. Orange juice pairs well with tequila.

One of the most famous orange juice cocktails is the tequila sunrise. It is known for having a layered effect due to the nature of the mixed liquids. All you need is a freshly squeezed orange, grenadine, and tequila. Put it all together, and you have a beautiful cocktail that will make you look like an expert drink mixologist.

15. Ginger Kombuchathe

Ginger kombucha is another exceptional ingredient to mix with your alcohol. Your drink will be sweet, gingery, and sparkling.

Kombucha also is known for its healing properties. While the alcohol will somewhat cancel out those healing properties, you can still feel better using a healthy mixer instead of a sugary one. A recipe for a ginger kombucha cocktail is crushed ice, vodka, ginger kombucha, mint, and lemon. This will make a well-rounded and delicious drink.

16. Lime Juice

Lime juice is a perfect mixer for almost any drink. It simply adds a hint of flavor that makes the taste of your drink pop. It also is not so strong that it will mask the taste of the alcohol.

A typical lime juice drink is the classic margarita. This recipe combines lime juice, tequila, and orange liqueur over ice to create a refreshing drink. And, let’s remember the Gin Rickey that pairs gin with lime juice. But, if you are a vodka lover, then by all means, mix vodka with lime juice and ginger beer to make a mean Moscow Mule that is sure to be a huge hit.

17. Coconut Water

Two fresh coconuts with a straw ready to serve

Coconut water has many health benefits. Yet, of course, occasionally, we may want to forget about those health benefits, add some alcohol to the mix, and drink and have fun. One great thing about coconut water is that it helps with hangovers. It prevents them and allows you to have a fun night without feeling hungover in the morning.

A popular coconut water drink is the coconut margarita. All you need is tequila, mint leaf, lime juice, ice, salt, and coconut water. This makes a delicious drink that everyone should try.

18. Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is another excellent mixer to have on hand. Make sure, however, that you have cranberry juice and not cranberry cocktail. There is a difference. Cranberry juice has less sugar which allows you to customize your sweetness. It also makes naturally sweet drinks without adding sugar. The color of cranberry juice is also brighter, making it a more attractive drink.

Overall, you can mix cranberry juice with clear drinks such as vodka. A well-known alcoholic beverage made with cranberry juice is the Cosmopolitan cocktail. This drink contains vodka, cranberry juice, Cointreau, and lime.

19. Lemon-Lime Sports Drink

A lemon-lime sports drink is the most popular drink the college crowd enjoys. If you have any leftover Gatorade from a tailgate party, you can use the lemon-lime Gatorade to make a delicious drink. You are probably going to want to use clear alcohol. Otherwise, it will not pair well. The best alcohol would be vodka or tequila. Both can create a nice cocktail.

20. Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is a fantastic drink that makes me warm and cozy. And I just recently learned that alcohol and hot chocolate could be mixed. My favorite version of alcoholic hot chocolate is called naughty hot chocolate.

To make this hot chocolate treat, make your hot chocolate as you usually do and pour in some vodka and chocolate liqueur, like Godiva. Add some marshmallows on top, and enjoy your treat!

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