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The 6 Best Apple Ciroc Chasers

This article lists the best Apple Ciroc chasers, including the best chaser to reduce the chance of a hangover. I’ve also included some suggestions for cocktails to make with Apple Ciroc.

The best Apple Ciroc chaser is a clear soda, like Sprite or unflavored soda water. Knock-off lemon-lime soda and seltzers are good budget-friendly chasers, and fresh citrus fruits also nicely complement this vodka. Consider a sugar-free chaser for Apple Ciroc to reduce the chance of a hangover.

Here are the best Apple Ciroc chasers:

1. Clear Soda: The Best Apple Ciroc Chaser

Can of Soda and Glass With Soda Next to It With Carbonation Escaping

Apple Ciroc is supposed to mirror the taste of green apples, which are tart and sweet at the same time. For this reason, the best chaser for apple vodka allows you to detect the sweet notes of the green apple without making the vodka flavor unbearable. 

The best chasers for Apple Ciroc are clear sodas, soda waters, or seltzer water. The carbonation in these drinks helps to mask the strength of the vodka and tone down the liquor taste while still delivering a desirable flavor.

Sodas like Sprite work nicely if you’re on a budget, too, since you can get an entire litter for only a few bucks or as little as a dollar if you go the knock-off route.

It’s usually a good idea to pair light liquors with light chasers and dark liquors with dark chasers. Vodka typically pairs best with clear soda, so a Dr. Pepper or Diet Coke isn’t recommended. While these drinks might taste great with a hint of green apple, they’d go better with a green apple whiskey or rum.

You may be opening soft drinks cans. If so, check out my article on how to keep it fizzy in between sips: 2 Ways to Keep the Fizz in an Opened Carbonated Soft Drink.

2. Sugar-Free Lemonade: The Best Diet Apple Ciroc Chasers

If you have special diet restrictions or are counting calories and need a chaser to help keep you in line, consider something sugar-free. 

The best diet Apple Ciroc chaser is sugar-free lemonade or sugar-free all-natural seltzer water, as these cover up the taste of vodka without providing sugar or calories. Or, consider chasing with a bite of a green apple or a squeeze of lemon or lime juice, as these contain natural sugars. 

Crystal Light mixers make for a great chaser because you can carry them around with you everywhere. Plus, some are sugar-free, and you can even mix them into the water to save on calories. Or, you can opt for a cheap pineapple or cranberry juice – or just grab a can of pineapples with the juice in it so you can use the juice as a chaser and have a healthy snack waiting for later.

3. Your Favorite Juice: The Best Sweet Apple Ciroc Chaser


Most who don’t like the taste of liquor will opt for a sweet choice to mask the taste. High-sugar drinks with lots of flavors do a great job hiding the alcohol taste and leaving a longer-lasting satisfying taste in one’s mouth.

The best sweet Apple Ciroc chasers are fruity beverages, like juice or Schnapps. Chasing with Schnapps might seem counterintuitive since chasing with liquor won’t mask the taste of the vodka, but mixing a juice or soda with Schnapps gives you a deconstructed cocktail that tastes great. 

With Apple Ciroc, the type of juice or Schnapps will be up to a personal preference. Green apple and berry mix well, so a tart cranberry juice or mixed berry schnapps might go well. Or, to accent the apple taste, a Green Apple juice or cider might pair well.

4. Your Favorite Citrus: The Best Edible Apple Ciroc Chaser

Slices of Green Apple Lemon and Lime

Edible chasers are good in a pinch, but you might also consider them if you’re worried about consuming too many liquids (and having to pee every ten minutes). They can also make a fun addition to any other chasers on this list. 

The best edible chaser for Apple Ciroc is something citrusy and fresh, such as a green apple, lemon, or lime. These fruits compliment the flavor of the vodka and spare you sugars and other additives that sodas and juices provide. Jolly Ranchers are also a famous Apple Ciroc chaser. 

Keep in mind, a piece of candy won’t deliver the immediate relief that a bite of fruit would give you after a shot. If you want to go the candy route, picking something sweet and tart will complement the sour apple flavors. The Boozy Bartender will even add a handful of Green Apple Jolly Ranchers directly to his bottle, as seen here:

5. Sugar-Free Juice: The Best “No-Hangover” Apple Ciroc Chaser

Red Sugar Free Stamp

Apple Ciroc is a high-quality vodka that’s distilled five times, which means it’s less likely to give you a hangover than any vodka. Nonetheless, an impending hangover is a reason to seek out the best chasers that also give you a better chance of waking up without a headache. 

The best no-hangover chaser for Apple Ciroc is a sugar-free juice or soda or water. Unfortunately, nothing can truly guarantee no hangover, yet skipping out on sugar can be a massive relief for those more prone to hangovers. Drinking a lot of water and pacing yourself is essential, too. 

Water won’t cover up the taste of the vodka but dulls it down quite a bit and helps keep you hydrated. Dehydration is one of the primary causes of hangovers.  

Some people swear by chasing pickle juice to stop a hangover; while there’s little evidence to support this, you’d be surprised how the most potent liquors can become completely masked with a shot of pickle juice right afterward. Studies suggest that electrolytes might help cure a hangover.

6. Sour or Ginger Beer: The Best Beers to Chase Apple Ciroc With

Bunderberg Ginger Beer

If you chase your vodka with beer, we won’t judge. We admire your tenacity and dedication to the goal. 

The best beer to chase Apple Ciroc will be a sour or a ginger beer. Sours complement the tart flavors of Green Apple in the Ciroc very well. If you don’t like sours or want something less sweet, ginger beer is excellent at mellowing some sweetness. 

If you can find a sour with hints of green apple, or another citrus you think would pair well, these would probably go best. 

Other Cocktail Ideas for Apple Ciroc Vodka 

Apple Ciroc, at its foundations, is a high-quality vodka. If you’d instead make a cocktail than do a chaser, or you’re hosting, and someone wants something to sip on rather than a shot, you can replace regular vodka in just about any recipe to fit with Apple Ciroc, including:

  • Moscow Mule (vodka + lime juice + Moscow mules)
  • Bloody Mary (tomato juice + vodka)
  • Vodka Cranberry (vodka + cranberry juice) 
  • Screwdriver (orange juice + vodka)
  • Vodka Tonic (vodka + tonic water + lime squeeze + lemon squeeze) 
  • Vodka Sour (vodka + lemon juice + simple syrup + egg white +bitters)
  • Cosmo (vodka + cranberry juice + lemon juice)

It’ll all taste good, but you can also get creative by mixing flavors you think would complement the Green Apple. For example, the bartender at Splash Bar Xpress on YouTube makes an insane caramel apple drink with Apple Ciroc:

You can also look for shooter recipes rather than doing a shot-and-chaser deal if you’re hosting a party. 

Final Sip

The best Apple Ciroc chasers may be objective. Still, something that compliments the taste of the bright apple without completely hiding the taste of vodka is a good chaser, and why we name classic soda water as the best possible chaser. Keep in mind, sugary drinks always taste great, but they add extra calories and might give you a hangover the next day.

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