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The 5 Best Chasers for Pink Whitney Vodka

Dirty Shirley Cocktail with Cherry Soda and Vodka

Pink Whitney Vodka has taken the drink scene by storm, captivating many with its vibrant hue and unique taste. But what truly elevates this drink to the next level? The perfect chaser.

This can be a challenge, considering the vodka practically contains its own chaser, which is why I’ve listed five of my top recommendations here.

1. Carbonated Water

A six pack of canada dry diet tonic water

Probably the easiest chaser you can pair with Pink Whitney vodka that will preserve its flavor profile best would be any carbonated water.

The combination will taste like a spiked lemonade soda without the extra sugar and calories. You have a decent number of options within this category alone, including:

  • Club soda
  • Seltzer
  • Sparkling water
  • Tonic water
  • Soda water

The overarching differences come down to their minerals and carbonation. They all provide a bubbly and essentially flavorless profile that will merely elevate the Pink Whitney, except for tonic water. This particular drink is made with quinine, which adds a hint of bitterness to the combination.

2. Grenadine With Whipped Cream Vodka

Listing two liquids mixed might be a bit more effort than you were hoping for in a quick chaser, but we guarantee that the extra step is well worth it.

Grenadine is a noticeably sweet and tart syrup commonly combined with various alcohols to create superb cocktails and other mixtures. In this case, we encourage you to combine it with a splash of Whipped Cream Vodka before chasing your Pink Whitney.

The result is dangerously close to eating a pink Starburst candy. Since the Pink Whitney is the perfect balance of sweet and sour on its own, you have to make sure that you add enough whipped cream vodka to tone down the sweetness of your grenadine for a smooth treat you’ll have to try at least twice.

3. Cranberry Juice

There’s a long list of tried-and-true fruit juices that you can use as chasers for your Pink Whitney shot, but the one we deem best is undoubtedly cranberry juice.

A swig of cranberry juice can do wonders in toning down the sweet and sour kick you get out of Pink Whitney. This drink is known for having a similar flavor profile but ends on a mildly bitter note that helps ease the harshness of the lemonade and the liquor.

The combination is reminiscent of a cocktail classic, the Cosmopolitan. So, if you’re a fan of this bright and refreshing staple, we highly recommend bringing cranberry juice to your next Pink Whitney drink session.

4. Prosecco

Anyone who’s ready to leave their college days behind them but struggling to leave their Pink Whitney behind can elevate this colorful vodka with a nice glass of prosecco.

Not only is prosecco one of the most elegant chaser options you can choose, but this white wine will also add a light and refreshing taste that can help balance the lemonade’s sweetness and the vodka’s bite.

Prosecco is usually a dry or off-dry wine, which means you aren’t adding more sweetness to what is already present in the Pink Whitney. Their flavor profiles also tend to be highly fruity with notes of citrus, pear, and green apple, all of which complement the vodka’s lemon beautifully.

5. Strawberry Juice


Cranberry juice is still my go-to suggestion as a non-alcoholic chaser for Pink Whitney. Still, it is closely followed by strawberry juice, particularly for anyone who can’t help their drinking sweet tooth.

Strawberry juice is the ideal way to combat the sourness of Pink Whitney’s lemonade and its vodka aftertaste with sweetness. As you might have already guessed, the two come together for a sweet and sour-match made in heaven that tastes just like strawberry lemonade.

If you’re having trouble finding strawberry juice at your local store, you can opt for some strawberry-infused water or a strawberry soda, like Fanta, instead.

Final Sip

The delicious, refreshing, and versatile spirit that is Pink Whitney can best be enjoyed sipping it neat or on the rocks, but it also works wonderfully when chased by the options listed here.

Because it has an ABV of 30% (which is relatively low compared to other vodkas), chasing it with another alcoholic beverage might be the way to go. Still, there’s no harm in pacing yourself by opting for juice or sparkling water.

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