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The 7 Best Chasers For Fireball Whiskey

Although this is often dubbed an entry-level whisky that is typically knocked back in a shot glass, you don’t have to endure the aftermath alone. There are plenty of amazing chaser options you can enjoy with it.

Whether you’re looking for a mixer to spice up your typical Fireball shots, or you’re trying to find the perfect chaser to help ease the burn, I’ve got you covered. Here are 7 of the best chasers for Fireball whisky.

1. Cola

Close up of a glass of cola

Fireball and a Cola, like Coke or Pepsi, is the classic combination. This is probably the chaser option that most people start with (unless they prefer a similar but less complimentary competitor, like RC).

The sweetness of the cola is a great contrast to Fireball’s strong, spicy taste. Ensuring your fizzy cup of Cola is chilled with a few ice cubes can make the Fireball shot more palatable.

One of the benefits of this chaser is that it’s easily accessible in nearly any environment, from bars to dance clubs to the average party. You can also swap out the traditional Coke flavor for one of its many alternatives, like Vanilla, if you want to change things up a bit.

2. Apple Cider

Several raw apples with a pitcher of apple cider nearby

Another common choice that is often the leading chaser contender with Coke would be Apple Cider. Simply put, chasing your Fireball with apple cider is a refreshing match made in heaven.

The powerful cinnamon taste of the Fireball is perfectly balanced out by the sweet, yet tart flavors of this chaser.

Again, you can chill this chaser for some additional relief, but I know a few people who love to follow their spicy Fireball shot with a warm swig of Apple Cider instead.

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3. Hard Cider


There’s nothing like chasing alcohol with more alcohol, right? If standard sodas aren’t available and you have at your disposal beers, sours, and ciders, opting for a hard cider is always the superior choice.

Chasing a Fireball shot with hard cider is essentially the same palate-wise as apple cider, except you’ll have the additional fruity but dry tones the fermented apples provide along with the bonus of extra alcohol content.

I recommend keeping yourself steady throughout the night with your favorite hard cider while giving yourself the occasional Fireball boost every now and then for the perfect evening.

4. Ginger Beer

Bunderberg Ginger Beer

A nice alternative to hard cider if you aren’t a huge cider fan would be to chase your Fireball with a ginger beer (or ginger ale if you want a non-alcoholic option).

This is a nice change of flavor from the apple, cinnamon, and sugar combos listed above.

Ginger beer or ginger ale following Fireball will give you a spice-heavy mixture people often enjoy in the form of a Whiskey Ginger or Ginger mule.

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5. Orange Juice

Homemade orange juice cocktail with mint

When people think of orange juice and alcohol pairings, classics like screwdrivers, mimosas, and tequila sunrises usually come to mind, but don’t underestimate the flavor explosion you can experience by pairing this tart drink with Fireball.

Opting for an orange juice chaser will provide you with a bright, fresh drink to counteract the sharp, spiciness of the Fireball.

Its citric acidity leans more towards a sour taste, making a great alternative to sweeter chasers if you’re trying to avoid that sugary hangover.

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6. Tea

Small bottle of pure leaf sweet tea

Those of you who are taking a Fireball shot or two at a lowkey party or while relaxing at home probably don’t want to go all out with a cider or beer chaser. In these instances, I recommend a cozier option: tea.

Tea is a great way to balance Fireball’s strong whiskey and cinnamon taste. Depending on your choice, you can either enjoy a slightly bitter and aromatic flavor, or something a little sweeter and creamier.

Just like apple cider, you can go hot or cold with this beverage. You could try a warm, herbal chai latte for a mellow flavor or go for a classic black tea. I recommend adding a spoonful of honey for an extra bit of sweetness and relief for a smoother shot experience.

7. Coffee

Two shot glasses of espresso coffee

Continuing the trend of chasing Fireball with popular morning drinks, I have coffee as my final chaser. This is the ultimate choice for anyone who wants a bold, bitter flavor that will take center stage and leave their Fireball as a nice cinnamon note in the background.

Chasing your shot with a cup of hot, black coffee will definitely give you some energy and pep for whatever you have planned, but you can opt to tone things down with some milk or creamer too.

If you want to increase your alcohol intake a bit, you can mix your coffee chaser with some Bailey’s Irish Crème (or use this as your chaser instead).

Final Thoughts

Fireball cinnamon whiskey empty bottle thrown into a bush
I think someone didn’t use the right chaser.

A shot of Fireball on its own might be a bit much for some people, but when paired with the right chaser, it can be the ideal dose of cinnamon, spice, and whatever complimentary flavor you enjoy. However, it has a reputation for being a staple at college parties and tailgates and the cause of more than one regretful evening.

You can go bold and bitter with some coffee or tea, you can indulge your sweet and sour senses with orange juice, coke, or apple cider, or you can keep the party with an alcoholic chaser like hard cider or ginger beer. The options are endless and even go beyond this list here, so start searching for your perfect Fireball chaser!

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