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8 Least Gassy Alcoholic Drinks | Avoiding the Bloat

Constipated Stomach Grab

Anyone who’s battled digestive woes understands the challenges of finding the right drink to raise in a toast. For those who suffer from gastritis, that celebratory glass of bubbly can quickly turn the night into a game of ‘Hide the Bloat.’ According to Medical News Today, any alcoholic beverage can trigger an attack by increasing the acid levels in the stomach. Those increased acid levels cause inflammation, making the stomach puff like a blowfish. I’ve been there too many times by simply sipping on a drink.

To minimize gas when choosing an alcoholic drink, try one of these eight beverages: neat brandy, gin with cucumber, dry red, and white wines, dark rum with water, pure agave tequila with lime, vodka (neat or with water), and whiskey on the rocks.

Through much trial, error, and a few awkward moments, I’ve zeroed in on eight alcoholic beverages that don’t wreak havoc on my sensitive system.

1. Brandy, Neat

Glass of Whisky in Front of Two Glasses of Brandy and a Glass of Water

During a cold winter’s evening, a bartender noticed my hesitation in choosing a drink. He recommended brandy, neat. Its warming properties and smooth texture were comforting. Best of all, it sat well without any gassy troubles.

2. Gin with Cucumber Slices

Attending a garden party, I encountered a mixologist who crafted a gin drink with muddled cucumber slices. The freshness of the cucumber, combined with the gin, was refreshing and light on my tummy. It has become a summer favorite.

3. Red Wine

I was nervous about my wine-tasting itinerary during a weekend getaway in wine country. To my surprise, red wine, especially the drier varieties, agreed with me. It’s low in sugar and lacks carbonation. Opt for wines like Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot and savor them without worrying about expanding waistlines.

4. Rum (Dark) with Still Water

A beach vacation made me wary of those tropical cocktails, with their combination of carbonation and sugary delights. On a local’s advice, I opted for dark rum with still water and a slice of lime. I got my beachside drink without the usual after-effects.

5. Tequila with Fresh Lime

I was recently introduced to the wonders of pure agave tequila. Mixed with just a squeeze of fresh lime and no sugary syrups or sodas, it allowed me to be part of the fiesta without scouting the nearest restroom.

6. Vodka, Neat or with Water

Glass of vodka and tequila on a table

When out one night, I once made the mistake of ordering a carbonated cocktail, leading to an evening I’d rather forget. The next time, I opted for vodka – neat. The simplicity of vodka, without any sugary mixers or carbonation, is a godsend. Diluting with still water is a safe bet for those who find it too strong.

7. Whiskey on the Rocks

After a particularly “gassy” work party, a colleague with a similar condition introduced me to whiskey on the rocks. The absence of mixers and the soothing effect of the ice made it a delightful, bloat-free experience. It’s been my go-to for office gatherings ever since.

8. White Wine (Dry Varieties)

While some white wines can be sugary, sticking to dry options has worked wonders for me. At a family get-together, armed with a glass of Chardonnay, I danced the night away sans the bloat.

Final Sip

The journey of navigating the world of drinks with a sensitive digestive system is fraught with missteps. But it’s also filled with delightful discoveries. Each drink came as a recommendation, an experiment, or a serendipitous find, proving that you don’t need to sacrifice enjoyment due to digestive concerns.

Always remember everyone’s system is unique. What works for one might be different from another. So, start slow, test the waters, and find your perfect drink. Cheers to many more bloat-free celebrations!

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